Scam letter(s) from Julia Pesotskaya to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Wayne!

I believe that it is possible to find a real love through the Internet. And I am searching for my second half. I feel very lonely at this world and I am searching for serious relations, and feel a strong desire to create my own family where will be love, mutual understanding and honesty. If you are not looking for serious relations, please, don't bother yourself even with reading this
letter. My dream is to have a big family with lots of children and pets, and hope you want the same. Maybe you are interested why I search a man through the Internet... I am disappointed in our men.
Most of them don't want to work and drink alcohol, sometimes even use drugs. And I want to find a man of my dreams: generous, kind, loving and caring.

If you are interested in our further communication please, write me to

I am waiting for your answer, maybe we will find what we are searching for in each other.

Your Yulia.
Letter 2

hello dear Wayne, I was very glad to get a letter from you. I would like to show my pleasure for giving me the opportunity to write you once more. I would like our correspondence to continue on and on. Now I'm just obsessed with the idea that one day our communication with you will overgrow into some bright, strong and wonderful feeling.
It seems that we have much in common. I would like to tell you more information about me. My name is Yulia Pesotskaya. I am from Ukraine, Troitsk, Lugansk region. I am a young lady of 28 years old. More statistic data about me: I am 169 cm in height, 50 kg in weight. I have graduated from Lugansk pedagogical college. I am working as a teacher at the local kindergarten. I was born in Troitsk, it is 54 km from Lugansk. It is in the eastern part of Ukraine. My town is very small, people who live there know each other well. They are very friendly to each other. I like my town very much especially in spring when everything is blooming. Though, we live rather poor, because
there is not much work in our city. Some more things about me: I'm a dark-haired, black eyed lady with a slender figure. I'm rather pretty and curious. I like jokes very much, maybe because of my optimistic nature. I am keen on sports and try to keep my body fit. I go to the gym, also like to visit swimming pool.
So far I live alone, only with my cat Borka, but I hope that soon my dreams will come true and I will have a happy family with my beloved man. I like plants and there are lots of them in my room. I like pets a lot. I like dogs very much, but, unfortunately, I can't afford to have a dog, because my flat is very small. I have a God-daughter, Katya of 4 years old. Oh, she is so nice! When I play with her, I want to have my own children more and more! I enjoy communicating with you. Please, tell me more about yourself, I want to learn about your life, your hobbies, your likes and dislikes.
Do you like children? What kind of music do you like to listen to?
Please, write me back as soon as possible. I will be looking forward to getting your letter. With affection,
Letter 3

Hello dear Wayne, Thank you for your answer and warm words. I reread your letters and I know that you are very much alike with me, my dreams and my expectations. I am searching for a total committed love, a man to
share my dreams, my life; to turn to you in sadness and happiness, and just be able to hold on to someone who loves me as much as I love him.
I'm almost sure that you are that person.
I am not against that you correspond with another ladies. I hope that you would chouse me as your favorite one. It's pity I can not tell you about my family, I live alone and I barely remember my parents. My mother died when giving birth to me.
And my father died when fighting at Afghanistan War. I have a granny, but she is rather old and lives far from me. I'm physically, mentally and emotionally strong. I'm an optimist, and never give up. I have a lot of friends. We support each other and like to spend time together. I'm truthful, honest, devoted. Don't like lie.
I want relations without any lie and faithlessness. I'm strong and tender at the same time, life experienced, very wise, who can really appreciate everything that life gives me, especially relationship with a man. Also, I'm romantic, and believe in fortune and love. I am different, and my man will read me like an endless book.
About books, by the way! I am a very big fan of reading! I like love stories, ****** novels, classical and psychological literature. I enjoy reading your letters a lot though I read them translated into Russian as I do not know English well enough. I'm planning to start courses of English. It is my dream to learn a foreign language. So far I speak only Russian and Ukrainian. That is why I use the service of a translation firm to write my letters to you and read yours, that is rather expensive. But I don't want to stop our correspondence because of that.
You know, I enjoy communicating with you more and more. I feel that we are the same and you understand me. What would you like to learn about me? Good-bye my dear.
Please, write me back soon!
Your Yulia.
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