Letter(s) from Stella Brusentsova to Chris (USA)

Letter 1

My darling,
Thank you very much for warm words. I'm happy that we are on the same wave in our thinking, aims and dreams. It became important for me to feel your presence in my life. It brought me a kind of insight to review my ordinary everyday life here in Rivne.
As I need you so much, and you need me the same way strong, I believe, we should not lose any minute staying divided anymore. We just have to meet each other in person and start our relationship in real life.
Earlier I have found out how we could meet. But now I believe, the right time has came for us to become more than virtual partners. I can fly to you with the help of travel agency. Several agencies offer tourist trips to America.
The fastest and most reliable service is at "Intertourist" - they can prepare my travel documents, flight tickets and travel insuarance in one week. My mother told me they are very reliable, because several her friends used this service to come to America. They charge 3700 dollars for complete service including opening an international travel passport and three-months US visa plus tickets and hotel reservation in America (which I do not need but it is impossible to obtain US tourist visa without hotel reservation). And they are fast because it will take only one week till we'll be together.
I could spend for this trip 1500 US$, that I have.
Do you think you could find the rest 2200 US$?
That is my proposition.
Actually, it is more normal for my country that the man pays for everything himself. But I'm not agree with that. I have some money myself and my profession is also very usefull and popular in any country. I'm not rich but I'm able to earn the money and I'd like to spend them as I want.
We don't need to be in hurry. We have time to get know each other better.
But as for me, I'm sure that one minute of real meeting gives us much correct impression that one year writing each other. Any how, I think I know you enough via letters and I'm ready to meet.
Let me know what do you think about my proposition.
I guess we are enough grown up persons to do what we feel to do.
If you feel the same as I do, of course.
But if no, I don't think we should meet at all.
Yours Stella
You may send the money using Western Union Their Internet site is at http://www.westernunion.com and their phone number in the States is 800-325-6000. You will need my street address and probably the address of Western Union office in Rivne. These data are:
RIVNE, 33000
My postal address is:
Stella Brusentsova
Sovetskaya str.177, app.39
33001 Rivne,
P.S. Any how, I want you to keep my another foto, which I'm sending specially for you, dear Chris