Letter(s) from Lubov Lotik to Arne (Sweden)

Letter 1

Hello Arne, How are you? First of all, I'd like to thank you for your compliments, I really appreciate. No, I don't yet try to seduce you:-)
No, I know something more about you and that's that you smoke. I don't smoke and have never even tried:-)
Yes, you are right, I buy everything with my own money that's why I work on two jobs: I have a daughter to take care of.
The company I work for is dealing with agricultural products and machinery. I take care of all the documents and account balances, settle down everything connected with mistakes, payments, tax office. You know, , Arne, I like to keep everything in an ideal order and I really like my job. As to my second, official job, I quitted from the tax office and I now I work in the Financial Department of the Police. I also like it. But as you can understand, it's not easy to work on two jobs. But I have to.:-) Please, don't think that I am complain, Ok?
You are right, Arne, it's great when our children don't forget about us and contact us and when we have good time together. I am sure that you'll do the bowling very good:-)
I am glad to hear that you liked Odessa. Arne, I can't invite you to live in my apartment, I live with my daughter. But we can find an alternative and instead of living in a hotel you can rent an apartment here. My apartment is not big and I don't live in the center of the city.
Yes, I have summer holidays, but I've no plans yet.
How are you going to spend your weekend?
Arne, as you know, I am using the translation services and according to their rules, we have an option of only 5 letters free of charge. In fact, I think that it's very fair for having exchanged 5 letters we can understand whether we wish to come to know each other better or if it's better for us to stop at this stage. I just wanted to tell you that I'd love to carry our relations on. I feel that we got attached to each other , we've become more than just friends. I cherish it. Do you? After the 5th letter, I have to take the entire financial burden for our correspondence on myself, which will not be that easy for me(, a single Mom). But if we share it, it'll be much more fair and at the same time, we'll show that we are serious about each other.
Thanks for your pictures,