Letter(s) from Ekaterina Baulina to Rory (USA)

Letter 1

Thank you very much for your letter. I'm greatly impressed by it. You seem to me a very open-minded and honest man that touch me very much. And I tell you more about myself and my family. I am 26 y.o.I am divorced and have son 6 y.o.His name is Vasyl.I like to spend time with my son.I am not against to have more children.I think in future this my dream will be fulfilled.This year Vasyl will go to school. I was born in a small and friendly family which consist of mother, father and older brother (he is married )Earlier we spent all the time together but unfortunately our life doesn't allow to do it more often (only on a big holidays). The most favourite holiday is the New Year, when our family gather at our house around the table. My parents have their small business. They like to work at the garden, growing vegetables and fruit. My brother is an engineer and now he makes, the projects in the building company the furniture. I like to travel as well but I have no such opportunity last time. I have never been to abroad. The most beautiful city I have ever seen-Petersburg. I'd like to see more places with great pleasure. I have two things in my life. This is my job and sport. A lot of my free time I do all the best to keep fit (running, shaping, in summer - swimming in the sea, I'd like to swim in close swimming-pool in winter, but unfortunately no one swimming-pool in the city doesn't work). I like a sport kind of the rest, camping to the mountain, nature, the lake. I like romantic supper in the cosy restaurant at the table on two person at the candles. As it seems to me these conditions are very romantic and they promote to the appearance between the man and the woman the feeling. Background to this is pleasant, lovely musik, such as E.Inglesias, Sting, E.Romazotti. I like to listen to the classical music as well. Rachmaninov is a very special, soul composerI told about myself a little, I think I will have the time to tell you more about myself . Rory, I would like to know more about you,where you live, your likes and dislikes.Write me. I'm waiting for your reply. Sincerely, Katia

Letter 2

Excuse me for the delay answering.I have no my own computer therefore I have to use my neighbours computer.Rory,I am interested in you as you seem to me a very interesting person.I liked your poemsThey touched me very much.I like you are a sexual man.I accept everything you have written me.I have sewn this dress myself.I send you more photos in this dress.i have a dream about the creation of a friendly family. These are very important things in my life. I think, that a family is possible between a man and woman, who have same mode of life and they must be fell in love with each other, have full mutual understanding and common direction of life.we must meet each other to learn more ,if we are compatible.I invite you to Sevastopol,toCrimea.You wont be disappointed i will be your guide.Now it is beautiful around.It is wonderful season-summer.. I love the sea and stars. I love to go to the sea in the evening. I enjoy when I see magic stars and I hear a noise of a surf. I love flowers very much. I love all flowers, which have a pleasant and thin smell. I dream to meet a good, honest, generous, intelligent, I want him has happy family life affectionate and beloved husband he will be the best friend,. I feel my life is not complete now because there is no one to share my life with. To share happiness, warmth, passion and love with. I have traditional family values. I think the happy family full of love, care, understanding, is most important thing in the life. I would very like to have a family and make a home cozy with a man who needs the same someone, who is kind, honest, sincere, loyal and tender. The biggest dream of my life is to create a happy family with that man who will be my only love for all my life. I have a beautiful dream. I dream to have a husband whom I shall be respect and love. I dream to have cheerful and nice children. I hope that my dream will be a beautiful reality. My hope is that we can meet and find out more about each other. I would like the relationship to have the following features: Harmony, trust, love, understanding, joy, happiness. The most impotent thing is what we feel and love for each other and it is last forever i would be great if I have the opportunity to come to your town.or you will come to my town or we can meet on neitrial territory Now I tell you Good night.My best wishes,Katia.I send you my photos.

Letter 3

Dear Rory.I have not lost the interest attitude to you.I am very interested in the correspondence to you as I consider you a very interesting person.I like to read your warm letters.They warm my heart.I like your way of thoughts.We have a lot of common on our view on the life.I want our correspondence to be continued.But,my dear Rorry,I have no opportunity to write you very often as I have no my own computer and have to use the computer of my neighbour.i have to pay her for our correspondence and scanning photos.Therefore can you share my little expenses on our correspondence a little?It cost 30-50 dol.If you agree I will lead the correspondence constantly. and will send you my new photos.I am ashame to ask you about it. My warmest wishes,Thinking of you,dreaming of our meeting.Your Katia.