Scam letter(s) from Julia Alimova to Krzysztof (Germany)

Letter 1

Hello my honey Krzysztof I am very happy to receive your letter. Thank for your sincere and warm letters. It is very good, when know, that in the world there is a man, Which trusts me. My dear certainly I shall send you a copy of my passport in fact I to you I I trust also know, that you will not use my passport in bad The purposes. My address: 117279 Vvedenskogo 26/2, kv45. My lovely I hope to see you already on To the next week, my lovely when you will go to branch Western Union You should fill in the form in which you should specify My data:
Name: Yuliya
Surname: Alimova
The country: Russia
Do not make a mistake in my data if you will be mistaken though in one To the letter I cannot receive money. It is more anything to write it is not necessary, To not admit mistakes and that I without problems could receive money And to pay for trip. Each time when I read your letter I feel, that it brings me Closer to you. I much think and I dream of our future. I can not wait that day when we can meet each other. I can not wait day, when we can have the first conversation, ours first Embrace, and our first kiss together. This day we shall remember all The life. I want to inform you honourly, that I never felt so much a lot of by love in my life. I know, that I can trust you, respect you and that you Always will be with me. You that which man the god has created for me. That I have divided with you the life. I love you my prince. Your bride in Russia.
Letter 2

Hello my dearest Krzysztof! I too very strongly love you and too very strongly I want to be with you! I want to tell to you thanks for that that help me with money, without Your help I could not arrive to you. Unfortunately I do not have bank account. Therefore today I went to bank To open the account. I thought that the bank account can be opened for Some minutes, but appear all not so simply. In Russia bank System very bad and me have told that I can open the account only In some weeks. In bank should check up all my documents, and It can occupy a lot of time. I have asked the manager of bank as it is possible It is fast and reliable to transfer money from other country and to me have told that It is possible to take advantage of services of company Western Union. You know this The company? Managers of bank assured me, that this American company The world leader in the market transfer money. With the help of this company it is possible Quickly and reliably transfer money. What do you think in this occasion? To send me of money to you it is necessary to specify only my full Name (Yuliya Alimova) and the country (Russia), and then to send me Money Transfer Control Number (10 Figures which are necessary for me to receive money). So to me the manager has told Bank.Write to me as soon as possible! I shall wait very much for your letter!!! I very much love you and very much I wait for that time when we can To meet! Your Russian princess Yuliya!
Letter 3

Hello my love! Yesterday I thought about our relations and about feelings. I already become attached to you so much; therefore I miss every day without your letters. I always think about you. I can?t do anything with myself. I think I fall in love. Yes, I love you!!! I spoke about it to my mother. And she told me that it is very good. She considers that I would be happy. She told me that you are the best man and that I completely trust you. My mother told me that I mustn?t make mistakes. She told we must know each other better. She loves me. Today I had time to know about trip to you. At first I went to the cash department for flying tickets. But there I have told that I can?t buy tickets if I don?t have visa. Then I have gone to travel agency about which my girlfriend Elena has told. I know that to get in your country it is necessary to fill a heap of documents, to go in many places to collect the necessary documents. But in travel agency I have told that they will collect very quickly necessary documents, and I would need to put only my signatures on them. I found out that the tickets to your country cost 500 euros. Except for that I need passport, visa and the insurance. Official registration of paper will occupies 4-7 days from the moment of payment of the permit. The permit to your country costs 1000 euros; it is price with cost of tickets, visa, foreigner passport, insurance and services of agency. My dear Krzysztof I have difficulties with my trip to you because material charges. My dear I?ll get my holydays very soon. So our meeting becomes closer and more really. At last I would like to hold and kiss you. I can touch my dream in hands. I looked for perfect man all my life and I didn?t know how he will look, but now his person is precisely determined! It is you my man! I shall try to write the letter for you soon. Your Yuliya.
Letter 4

Hello my pleasure!!! Now I?m at work and I can write to you the letter again. I?m completing the project and I shall soon finish it. Also I need to show the apartment made out by me to the customer, I hope all will pass successfully. I always worry to show work to the client, but I should be confident and cheerful in order to my work has liked. Today my girlfriend Elena calls me from Italy. I am very glad for her; everything has passed successfully. She has perfectly reached; also she was met at the airport. Her friend appeared the excellent guy, she is very pleased and speaks that there is wonderful in Europe. Krzysztof, I want to visit you too. I never was abroad earlier. And to appear in unfamiliar conditions with the love person will be very interesting for me. My friend seems very happy, I don?t want to lag behind my friend, and I would like to see your country together with you!!! I shall try to know how I can arrive to you. My friend uses the travel agency services. I shall know the address of travel agency from my friend. And probably if I?ll be in time I would go to travel agency and know all information about traveling. When you far I feel lonely, you are necessary for me. Ideas about our fast meeting heat my soul, they support me when I have bad mood and it makes me happy. I am happy that I have you. My love boils as a volcano; it tries to escape outside, but does not find an exit in absence of you. I wait for our meeting as the young schoolgirl wait for the first appointment in a life. I think that I am similar on Juliet which waits for a meeting with beloved Romeo. But I hope that our love story wouldn?t be as sad as their. I hope I?ll see you soon. Your love Yuliya.
Letter 5

Hello my pleasure Krzysztof! Everything is excellent with me. And I can write the letter for you again. I`m beginning to understand that my love haven`t meaning without you because I love you. I think we went through a lot in time that we have writing between us. I consider we need each other. I think about you all the time. I can`t do anything with myself. It is love. Love is singing an my heart like a bird in spring sky. I think that the destiny can be dangerous. But I`m crazy falling in love.Your letters are filled care and warmth. And sometimes I have tears of pleasure and happiness. I think: ? Oh my God? Thank you? That you help me to find my only person; and I hope we`ll unit with him in one day and we`ll happy?. I dream about our meeting. I dream that we will go for a walk, hold to hads, look after of each other, and make love. My dear Krzysztof, I`m sure I want to see you. I ask you to meet!!! Let`s meet! I`d like to see as soon as possible. How I already told you my holidays will begin very soon! This meeting can change my life steeply and therefore I`m worried. My friend already gone to Italy. She must call me and tell how is she soon. I`m worried a little bit about her, because the trip to other country is very exciting. So I want to know about her new friend. How turn he out? Good-bye Krzysztof, tomorrow I`ll write you again. Hot kiss for you my handsome man.
Letter 6

Hello my sweet Krzysztof. Thanks a lot for your letter. I?m doing excellent today. And how are you doing today?
Now I have a lot of work. I?ll seat at the computer and draw my projects again. So call me please my dear, it would be pleasant to distract and to speak to you by phone.
Last night I looked comedy film on the TV. The movie is called ?Diamond hand ". This film already has more than 40 years but it is still favourite by all in our country. I have with all the heart laughed. Film has ended late at night and consequently I slept today only 6 hours. I would like to sleep a little bit. My dear Krzysztof you fill in my life new colors and I feel that I live not vainly. I have you now in my life, where I would be you are always in my mind. I think all people notice changes in my person, my eyes is shining and I?m smiling. Probably they consider that I?m silly. =)) But I?m only fall in love! Please write still more many warm words, it will be so pleasantly to look on them. Krzysztof I?m already 29 years old, and all this time I?m looking for the man who would love and respect me, with whom would be very interesting for me. I can?t find the same man for all this time. I give a lot of time to work and probably therefore I could not find the love. But I feel that it is you, my female intuition is prompted for me that it is you. I spend a lot of time behind a computer probably it fairly that I have found love on work too. You seem the ideal and perfect man for me, and I do not want to lose you. I want that you began even more real in my life... Your Yuliya.
Letter 7

Hello my brilliant Krzysztof! I love you! I want to start my letter with those beautiful words again! Today I was very busy on my work. I have a lot of work. When I?m concentrated at work I forget everything. But I can?t forget about you my love. I sat at my computer all day; I drew the project of an apartment. In this project I shall enclose a particle of my love to you. You know work of the designer directly depends on his private world. It will be interesting for me if my project will manage. Krzysztof, I?d like to meet you still! Because the person can really fall in love only after meeting! I would like to know what you will do at our meeting! At me holiday in August and me by all means is you to be seen. And how at you affairs in due course are? Have you got a free time in this summer? I hope you have. I want to see you and I hope my dream will be carrying out. By the way do you remember how I told you about my girlfriend Elena? We live in one flat. She is going to arrive to Italy to her friend in few days. She goes there for 7 days. It is very interesting how will develop their relations. I wish the best for you, I?ll write you very soon. Your Yuliya.
Letter 8

Hello my lovely Krzysztof. I love you. It is the most important that I want to tell you. Every day I understand it more and more. Yesterday I did nothing, I decided to relax. And we went to out of city with my friends. We go away from Moscow in 150 kilometers. We went to the lake! I didn?t see so wonderful nature for a long time. When we went I admired the beauty of Russia. On the present beautiful Russia begins for 150 kilometers from Moscow. Here very clean air, beautiful landscapes, and the remarkable nature. It would be grateful if you were yesterday with us! You?d like it a lot. But I?d like it more than you! =) In such places where anybody is not present and near to you one nature, it is possible to understand with the feelings. In such places persons who falling in love feel so well! Because they are alone! Do you understand me? My love Krzysztof, yes I want to see you! I would like to embrace and kiss you at our meeting! I shall necessarily think how it is possible to make. Please write me your ideas about it? I want to tell you so much but I cannot express all feelings in English. Ok Krzysztof, have a good day, I?ll write you tomorrow too.
Letter 9

Hello my lovely Krzysztof. I'm happy that I can write the letter to you. I can't forget my last letter; I was waiting for your letter with trembling! I was very glad to see your letter. Thanks a lot for your letter! How did you spend time with the moment of our communication? Everything is all right? My dear Krzysztof, I'm doing wonderful. I have very good cheerful mood. And it is very good on my heart. I have leaded last day in ideas about my last letter to you. I was worried and guessed that you write me or not? I want your reciprocity and understanding. For this day I have understood that I become attached rather strongly to you. I'm ready to speak to you about everything. I want to answer on your questions. Please ask me about everything what is interesting for you! But please write me truth ideas about me!!! I'd like to touch you, but we are not together. I hope my dreams will come true and we could see each other. Today I can recollect and think about you. I wish success to you Krzysztof, I'll write you soon!!! Your Yuliya!

Letter 10

Hello Krzysztof! Today I have excellent day! But now I?m boring a little bit! I?m stay alone at work. All workers from our room already go home earlier. And I was need to finish my job today without fail. I already safely finished it. I asked you to be sincere with me, it is actually very important for me. Yesterday I thought for a long time about our relations. And I want to tell you that I like you. And ? I love you. Yes! Yes! You haven?t misheard; I really told you that I love you! It?s new for me to admit to someone in love by the Internet? I always write you the truth about myself and my feelings. Therefore I?m asking the same from you. Well, I have admitted to you my feelings. =) I?m worried. But I must to tell you about it! Now it would much easier on my heart. I?ve never communicate with somebody by Internet. And it?s really disturbingly for me. I decided to start writing trying the success like many of us. And I find you. I?m really carried! I feel as 200 years ago when the love novels started from the letters. In those days there was no communication facility except for letters. It?s so romantic! But now we can speak by phone and hear the voice of each other. Please, call me! I will wait for your letter with especial impatience my lovely Krzysztof.
Letter 11

Hello my dear Krzysztof How are you? I'm Ok. Yesterday I had a very good day. Yesterday I worked on an apartment all the evening long. I have had time to be tidied up in at home. I have cooked a pie and much a lot of tasty. I like sweet and consequently I know many recipes of tasty dishes. And what's your favorite food? Now cleanliness and the order are in my flat. =) Now will the turn of my girlfriend to cleaned and prepare to eat at home. We have divided these duties. By the way my girlfriend communicates with the guy from other country too. He lives in Italy. They know each other a little bit more than ours. But my girlfriend as well as me was grasped with this dialogue. She seems has grown fond it Italian. She speaks that he is a nice guy. I like you very much too and also I want to ask you to be fair and sincere with me. You seem very good man in your letters. But there are no ideal people! I hope you speak the truth about yourself. Please don't disappoint me. You seem to me the cheerful person with whom is interestingly to spend time. I hope that I am attractive and interesting to you too. We are so far apart but you is always with me in my mind. And it seems to me that you somewhere near of me. I till now can't reconcile that I didn't see you in person and didn't hear really from you. You already like me but nevertheless keep an atmosphere of mystery. It's very interesting! Please try to call me again. Your Yuliya
Letter 12

Hello my dear Krzysztof. Hurrah! I?m happy that I hear your voice!!! You call me. I was very glad that it?s happen. I?m worried. It was hard to express my feelings on English. We understood each other. It was grate!!! I was really happy! Thanks a lot! I hope it is not expensive. If is not very expensive I ask you to call me. I?m always pleasant to hear from you. Now I feel you more strongly. Now you seem more really for me. Your voice is very nice. I?m in delight from our conversation. To communicate with person by Internet is very interesting for me. You make friends with him, but you don?t know him alive. It?s new for me. How I already told you I?ve never been married. Of course I had boy-friends. But I feel sorry that I?ve never been married. My mother worries about it. She has married in 21 year. And she considers that the joint life needs to be begun as soon as possible. But in a modern society so it is a lot of girls which devote much time to work. And consequently they cannot adjust home life. Earlier was considered that it is a problem of men but now it is a problem of women too. It?s including my problem too. In our room 4 girls and from them only 2 are betrothed. I envy them a little. But at heart I always know that I deserve happiness and necessarily I meet the prince! =) Ok Krzysztof, on this optimistic note I finish my letter and I hope to receive from you the letter or it is even better to hear your voice. Your Yuliya. PS: There is no I do not smoke and I do not have children, but I very much would like, my growth About 170 sm, and weight of 56 kg.
Letter 13

Hello my dear friend Krzysztof. Today I?ve read all your and my letters. Thanks that you continue to write me. Today I was so glad that you write me. I?m sad a few today. I haven?t causing to be sad, but I?m sad. If you live in Moscow, you need only to call me and finishes speak about meeting? I am so sorry that you so far? How I already told you it would be very interesting to speak with you. I haven?t mobile phone, because I needn?t. But I have work phone. My working phone number is +7-960-097-58-29 (and 5084). When you?ll call me, the operator takes a handset. You need to tell him digits 5084 and he?ll connect you with me. 5084 is number of inside network. Please call this digit correctly and then we can speak. Now, when I told you my phone number I?m waiting for your calling with impatience. It?s my work number. Call me please from 10 until 19 o?clock by Moscow time (from 8 until 17 by Greenville). I hope I can hear your voice soon. I always glad to your speaking!!! Now I don?t know what about to write you, all my thinks about telephone conversation. Krzysztof call me please without fail!!!
Letter 14

Dear Krzysztof. Excuse me, that I could not to you so for a long time to write, but at me There was a trouble with my computer, I for some reason could not in any way To send you letters and to receive yours, I do not know that has taken place, but It is good, that my girlfriend has helped me to make all in a new fashion so I now can write to you with New box also I ask you to write to me on this new E-mail. We already communicate more than two weeks. It's wonderful! At alive dialogue two weeks are such big time for which is possible to know much practically all about the person. I have already written much about myself and I know much about you. But all the same I would like to know you even better. You write about yourselves so well that you seems the fine person to me. I would like to hear your voice. Let's speak by phone!!! I think it would be delightful!!! I didn't communicate yet with foreigners by phone. It will be interesting to know your opinion about my English! Ok Krzysztof. I shall wait with impatience for your letter and your answer to a question on telephone conversation.
Letter 15

Hello Krzysztof. Hurrah! I did my work. I finished putting into shape the next in turn flat. It's so grate. When you finished your work to the end and your clients like your work you experience shocking feelings. I promise to send you the pictures of flats Today the weather is hot as before. Yesterday I bathed at first time in this year. The water is really warm. And you don't want to go out from water. I decided to go to the beach more often. I admire to bask in the sun on the beach!!! I don't think the water is so warm already. Now I shall go more often to bathe on a beach. Now I well swim, I have learned to float in 18 years. The matter is that Safonovo is in the north of Russia and there practically always cold weather. I bathed very seldom till 17 years. After I have arrived to Moscow I began to go to swimming pool. And now I swim well later more than 10 years =). I was engaged in navigation only 5 years while I studied in institute. Then I didn't have enough time for it. Now I am engaged in fitness. I go to a sports hall 3 or 4 times a week. It helps me to relax after the working day. Now a lot of people work at office all the day and go to a sports hall in the evening after work. I go to a sports hall with my girlfriends who are working with me. As I already spoke we are very amicable collective on work. And are you frequently go in for sports? Also I am engaged in drawing. I'm professional designer and I should draw much. Today I have made a few pictures and beautifully have issued them for you. I hope my work is pleasant to you. Sometimes I do my work at home. I actually draw much. I should make sketches of ideas which come to my mind. The designer is creative work which occupies a lot of time. But it is pleasant to me and consequently I am happy to be engaged in this business. Good luck Krzysztof. Take care!
Letter 16

Hi Krzysztof. How are you doing today? I hope everything is all right. I'm Ok. Today the weather is really hot. It is hot and stuffy weather so I want to go to the work quickly. Why on the work? Because there are we have cooler (refreshing system). And our room is cool fresh. I have no refreshing system at home. And it is very hard to be at home all day. Have you got refreshing system? Our countries are so different. There are various temperatures in various places. Now in Moscow is +30, and in my native land Safonovo is +10. Probably there are is identical weather in all your cities. I don't yet bathe in this year. Today in the evening I'll go to swim to the pond with my friends. We already arranged. There are 12 ponds adapted for bathing in Moscow. Water is ***** in other places and don't adapted for bathing. Which places for bathing have you got? Are you already bathing in this year? How often do you go to the sea? Do you see ocean? Ok Krzysztof, I must to do work hard today. I'm going to finish one project. So I have to work hard. Tomorrow I need to show the flat to the client. I hope everything will be remarkable. I'm sending you few my photos. Tell me please what do you think about it? Bye-bye.
Letter 17

Hi Krzysztof. Now I'm on the work and I can write letter for you. I work on the 12th floor of building with 20 levels. I work in design section. We are four in one room. Do you remember I tell you that I really like my job? Our company is very good. Everybody has a computer. I know computer sufficiently good. Many of my projects are made on computer. Unfortunately my computer isn't connected to Internet. I need to write letters and copy them on floppy drive. Then I need to go in other room, where I can send letters for you. My English is not very ideal. I have friend on my work. She knows English not bad. She helps me to write letters. My English becomes bad without her help. Some day I'll write letter without her help. I think you'll laugh on me. =) I would like to know your opinion about my English. Now I'm engaged in the interior of flat with 78 meters square. Some day I'll send you the photos of flats, which was put into shape by me. I think you'll like them. I live with my friend, who, by the way, works with me in one room. Now she with me! She sends greetings to you!!! We live in not big but very comfortable flat. My life is very interesting and happy. And I can tell that I never feel sorry. Why I need to feel sorry about things which I already done? I'm optimist. And I want to take from life everything what I need and want?Of course I can't permit me everything what I want. But I exactly know that money is not the most important thing in the life. I live in the beautiful city Moscow. Moscow is considered one of the most expensive cities of Europe. There is very expensive immovable. But in others our city is the same with Russian cities. I tell you that I've been in many Russian cities. Yes. But I've been there only by passage when I came back from Safonovo. Train from Safonovo to Moscow goes for 3 days, and I need to travel with transplantations. Other cities of my native land seem calm and still. But Moscow is not the same. Here is everything flies, makes a noise and turns up in drive. Moscow is really Mega polis. More over I've been to the culturing capital St. Petersburg. It is completely other city. Have you ever heard about Ermitage. Ermitage is enormous museum. To look all the exhibits in Ermitage spending one minute for one exhibit you need 100 years!!! You have asked Krzysztof, what can you tell me about your life? Is your life happy and interesting? I have been finishing my letter. With the best regards yours Yuliya.
Letter 18

Hello Krzysztof. Thanks for your letter. It was really interesting to read. Really my English is not very ideal. I was honours pupil at school. And I finished school for golden medal. I learnt English at school. Then I continued English lessons at The Moscow State University (it is university where I learnt). But I must to recognize that I learnt badly. =( Now I feeling sorry about it. When I write you letters on English I can to be concentrative and I can recall every word and set them correctly. But when I?m speaking I can?t do it very well. I never have practice of personal contact. But I think it is problem for everybody. How I already told you I had born in Safonovo. It is placed in 2000 kilometers from Moscow. Safonovo is town with 50000 inhabitants. My mother is 53 years old. Her name is Avgustina. My father is 55 years old. His name is Vitalii. They have been living together for 32 years. They had born in Safonovo. And my parents consider this place is the best on the world. I?m not only child in our family. I have oldest sister called Veronika. She is older than me on 18 months. My family is very good. And I left my home very hard and difficult when I was 17 years old. I studied at school number 7 of Safonovo town. I?m remembering this time very good. I wanted to be adult and started independent life. But now I understand that school?s years are the happiest years in my life? We always were together with my sister Veronika. We were the best friends. And told everything to each other, we hadn?t secrets. I was honours pupil at school. And after school I was invited to study to Moscow. I think for a long time. However I decided to go. Two my friends Elena and Tatyana go with me. We have been living in one room of The Moscow State University?s hostel for 5 years. It was very cheerful years. I didn?t study very hard. And I had possibility to help my friends. Do you know The Moscow State University is the most celebrated university in Russia? I?m sending you his photo. I think you?ll know this building without fail. Let?s image you on my place. 17 years old girl arrived to Moscow and started to go this huge building. It is wonderful impressions. I felt clearly that I?m becoming adult. We learnt in enormous auditoriums. And we were learnt by famous, well-known teachers. I?m happy that I learnt at this university. And I am not feeling sorry that I left Safonovo. I can tell very interesting stories from my student life. If it is interesting for you, I?ll tell you without fail. Now my friend Elena is living in Moscow, and Tatyana left from Russia. I wrote you about my past completely not much, but these happy recollections were enough for raise my mood!! Bye Krzysztof, I will wait for your answer and then I will write you. Good luck Krzysztof!
Letter 19

Hello Krzysztof.
How are you? I'm very good. Today I have excellent day, but it was my habitual working day. Now I'm working as designer in building company. I have diploma (degree) of designer of buildings. But now I'm working as designer of flats. I put into shape the interior of flats, arrange furniture rightly, play with light and colour in the flat. I really like my work. Earlier I worked on myself speciality, I sat at the table and calculated and built drafts. It's very hard work. I ought to be strong and concentrating. I projected only one part of building, not all. One project occupied time until 3 months. One day I took possibility to put into shape the apartments. I tried and clients like this. At first I need to combine this two positions, but soon I understand that designer of flats is my vocation. And now I have favorite occupation. I really enjoy my job. It's excellently. Do you understand me? Please, tell in details about your work. Do you like your work? What education do you have? There are many people have the highest education in Russia. And what's education in your country? On the whole I did not born in Moscow. I arrived here 10 years ago in 1996. Before that I lived in Safonovo. It is typical Russian provincial town placed in 1500 kilometers from Moscow. Our country is very big and has interesting culture. Every day TV informed us that Russia is fall behind Europe in development. But I do not understand it very well. I cannot tell you that we live badly here. On the contrary here is super!!! In my opinion, main property of our country is people. Our population is excellent. They are very cheerful!!! Of course there are falling people, they are drinks alcohol beverages and use drugs. But I have not such acquaintances. Probably they have not aim in life. I do not similar with this people. I achieved a lot in this life. I arrived to Moscow from Safonovo and achieved everything myself. Tell me please more information about your country. What is good in your country? Why do people consider that your country better than our? I cannot understand ? Ok, Krzysztof. I have been finishing my letter. Although I do not receive the answer, but our conversation was very fascinating. I put a questions and I hope to get answers from you. Good luck Krzysztof.

Hello my friend Krzysztof.
I already for long time did not receive from you the letter.
Why you to me do not write? What with you happened? I so for long time waited your letter and have not waited! I ask you to inform me that with you happened. I am afraid of you to lose you to me are very dear. I wait for fast your answer.
Your Yuliya.

Hello Krzysztof!!! I was waiting for your letter and I am very glad that you replied me. It?s wonderful. How I promised I send you my photo. I hope you?ll like me. It?s very important for me. Many my acquaintances consider that I?m very nice and beautiful woman. I hope your opinion about me will be such. =)
I am sending you some 1 photos. Soon I?ll select and scan few photos.
Then I?ll send them for you. You are interesting in me. =) If it is not very hard for you, please send me more your pictures.
It?ll be very interesting to look. Yes, I?m in Russia, in Moscow. Have you ever been here? I?ve been to many Russian cities, but I never have been to abroad. More correctly, in 1985, when I was 9 years old, I?ve been to Latvia. It was time when Latvia was in the composition of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (U.S.S.R.) And all our family travel there. Although I was very small girl, I?m remembering this time very well. I was in Riga. How many places you visited? Now I?m 29 years old and I?ll be 30 years old in August. My birthday will be at 23rd of August. My symbol of zodiac is Leo. And when is your birthday? Good - bye Krzysztof. I hope success will accompany you and you?ll have nice day.
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