Letter(s) from Ekaterina Shirmanova to Russell (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Russ It is very pleasant for me see your letter today. I am very glad this. Today in our city very good weather as shines the sun and in the street it is very good and is warm. And how you? I think that all well?. You imagine when I went in the Internet of cafe there were very strong rains. It was the thunder-storm. I do not know why but recently at us is constant it is raining. And it occurs very unexpectedly. I want tell you that today I looked very interesting film. I very much liked it. I looked film with participation of very known foreign actors. This film refers " Severe games ". You looked this film? I want to tell you that I very much liked it because I was delighted really simply. But if that is fairly to me it was not pleasant as this film comes to an end. Because there the main actor perishes under machine. I as want tell you that I very much like films where there is a love, relations, pride, and romanticism. I shall tell that this film rather youth. Also all feelings of people are there very strongly expressed. This film I looked on one breath. After we have looked film. I and my girlfriend have gone her and have made many photos on a videocamera. It was very interesting and attractive. We with my girlfriend have made very frank photos. But I think that you understand me. To me like be photographed. I very much love make a photo. Because it is memory and it is possible when I shall be old. I shall recollect it with the great pleasure and I shall show it the grandsons and children. But I think that while it simply in dreams. I as want tell you that of these photos I have brought many in the Internet of cafe and I shall necessarily show you them. I think that you too will like these photos. As I want tell you that today I spoke with my mum about you. Mum has told me that she is glad that we are familiar with you. her like that that you write. I have told all my mum. I always consult with her because I very much like her. I think that you understand me. My mum me as the girlfriend and always helps me in all. But I think that you will understand about what I speak you. On it I shall finish my letter because it is time me go home. I shall wait your letter with impatience. With sincere respect Ekaterina. Thanks for a photo. As many thanks. Yes at me birthday

Letter 2

Hello Russ.
It is very pleasant me see your letter I is glad that you liked my photo it very important for me. Your photo as very much was pleasant me you look very interestingly and harmonously. To like me your body. I spoke with my mum about a meeting. Yes she it agree release me you because I always spoke her about you Russ only good things and she trusts me. Certainly she doubts a little but I think that in other as any mum. I as shall be glad to meet you if it occur. But Russ I cannot present that that we shall meet you because we far apart. Russ I as want too you that I shall tell is glad spend with you time together because it will be healthy. Thanks that you understand me. Our meeting it will be simple as in a fairy tale because it happens not so often. And I hope that we shall find general language with you. Russ I wish tell you that if we have decided meet you that to us it is necessary think about this in the near future. You understand it? We need to worry about this already now. To me have informed in travel agency that than earlier we shall pay for travel and documents those more quickly all there will be also we shall meet you more likely. I very much want that it occured as soon as possible Russ.
What you about this think? And then I wish to ask you that you have explained me as you gather help to me with charges? I do not know about this not that because you are very far from me.
Tell me as you wish make it?. I shall wait your letter as soon as possible. I shall come in the Internet of cafe today once again. To see your letter.
Yours faithfully and sympathy your Ekaterina.

Letter 3

Russ the matter is that I cannot meet you in Samara. My parents found out about that that you arrive me and they have told what not the good person. Mums has told me that she heard about many American men which come Russia only use girls and throw them. Mum has told that such cases much and consequently me want send in village mine the grandmother and not release from there. You understand it? I spoke you that it will be better if I shall come you but you did not want it now we shall not meet at all you in mine the country not in your country of it will not take place. My parents very strict people and they do not want that with me that that has taken place. I not when was not in serious communication with the man and consequently my parents worry about it. Russ I did not want that happened so. But it and now not that to not correct. For ever your Ekaterina

Letter 4

Hello my dear Russ It is very pleasant me see your letter. I wish tell you that I went travel agency and there I asked about a trip you. To me have shown a photo yours the countries and have shown than there people are engaged. It was very interesting me know it. As it was pleasant to me a photo because at you in the country very cleanly and it is beautiful. I not when saw that similar. I very much would wish visit your country because it is my dream. But I shall be fair with you as always. To me have informed that a trip you costs many money to me have told that cost of the ticket you with all documents costs approximately 1137 $ it very much big money for me it much. I have no such money so I wish to inform you that ours with you a meeting is not possible. I very much was upset in this occasion because I very much wished visit your country. To me was your culture is very interesting. And I very much wished meet you. To look you in the face and to speak with you. But I cannot make it and from this to me it would be desirable to cry. Understand that my family always was well off. Always all sufficed us. For example my wages for one month make approximately 250 $ in a month and this suffice me. But I did not think that travel to you will cost so expensively. What you about this think? Tell to me. I am valid in a shock from that that to me have told. I do not know that to me make because I even spoke with my mum. Mum has told to me that she as cannot to me help. I am very upset. On this I shall finish my letter because it is time me go home. I shall wait your letter soon. With sincere respect and understanding Ekaterina.

Letter 5

Hello my dear Russ.
It is very pleasant for me see your letter today. I am very glad to this. That you do not forget thanks about me. I want tell you that I went to agency as you and asked me. To me informed the bank account of agency pay money. To me have told that gave this account only us and we can use him some time. As soon as money arrive them they inform me about it. I think that you understand it??? This account:
Beneficiary bank:
Address: 8, Efremova Str., Moscow, Russia, 119048
Correspondent bank:
Bank name: Bank of New York, New York
Account within correspondent bank: 890-0060-689
Account: 42301840500690601953
To me informed that this account belongs travel agency on which they receive money for documents.
As I want tell you that informed me as soon as they will receive money they at once will begin make documents for travel.
As I was interested where still I can make the air ticket with all documents. To me informed that I go abroad for the first time and it is necessary for me make documents and the ticket in what or one agency because they will be make it through Moscow.
So to me informed that before trip you I shall stay 3 days in Moscow to go in embassy behind the sanction. Then I shall depart to you.
I think that you understand all?? I hope that you will understand that that I have written you. I want tell that this agency very reliable in him as all enters insurance. A lot of my familiar used this agency and very much it was pleasant all. So I think that problems with it will not be.
Russ I have made all that I could. I all found out about travel.
As I want to ask you that you transferred Hello to your brother from me.
I shall wait your letter with impatience.
Yours faithfully and sympathy your Ekaterina.