Scam letter(s) from Veronica Ivaikova to Frank (Ireland)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Frank!!!! Thanks for your understanding and sincerity, I am happy, that you have understood my feelings and have not rejected them, you have made my today one of the most light days in my life. Lovely mine Frank, I as never waited for your letter earlier, I till the morning could not close eyes my dear, I thought of you and you for one minute did not leave my ideas. Even when I am closer to I shall wipe have fallen asleep you have dreamed me in dream, and dream was surprising. To me has dreamed, that you Frank the profit to me on a visit. My dream began that I meet you at the airport in Moscow. I waited for you in a waiting room of the airport, expectation was very long and I very strongly worried, I wanted more likely you to see but the plane was late also I did not find to itself a place. When nevertheless the plane has landed also I has seen you, I for excitement have lost gift of speech, you came to me with the big bouquet of colors, those flowers were scarlet roses, these are my favourite flowers, you have embraced me and have kissed in a cheek, the kiss was very gentle and warm. We with you a little having had a talk have gone to hotel where I have already prepared for us with you for number, you were very much tired and you needed to have a rest after tiresome flight. You have taken a bath, then we with you for a long time sat and spoke, we held each other for hands and it was so lovely Frank, that I even now having closed eyes recollect this moment, we spoke about everything, on the most different themes, we looked each other in the face and I was happy as never. Having thought we with you have decided to remain in Moscow for some days and only then to go to Kazan. After long conversation we with you have got hungry and have gone to restaurant, I now do not remember as he referred to, the restaurant appeared very lovely and cosy, we have sat down a little table, for us with you have put candles, in a hall alive music played, and the last, that to me has dreamed Frank, there was that as you have invited me to slow dance, we were slowly turned in dance under a rhythm of music strong having nestled to each other, you whispered in me ear by whisper many pleasant words, unfortunately then my dream has interrupted as was morning and has rung out an alarm clock, me was necessary to rise for work, is a pity that I not could see that was further. After that dream I would like to meet you even more, my heart is torn to you to you and wants to be near to you, I cannot make anything, and I shall go on that that prompts me my heart. Frank as I also wrote in last my letter I much has has found out about that as I can arrive to you. I have addressed in travel agency, they have in detail explained all to me. With the visa at me problems should not be, as I already have the passport to me only it is necessary to go to Moscow and to address in embassy of your country in Moscow and me should issue the visa within 4-5 days, only it is necessary for me to give all documents and to pay 250 dollars. I to you can arrive only as the tourist, the maximal term of my arrival in your country of 60 days. Fly to you I can only from Moscow, we do not have international airport and the nearest international airport from Kazan is in Moscow, but in any case it is necessary for me to go to Moscow to receive the visa. Certainly to travel now it is not cheap, I have have found out cost of tickets, the one way ticket costs 790 dollars, and it is necessary for me to buy tickets at once in two parties, plus gathering of the airport and it again is necessary to pay 1600 dollars for two tickets, the ticket in the return side I should buy for that time when I plan to come back back, but it is no more than 60 days. I spoke with director of the organization where I work, to me can give holiday in a week, I one and a half year did not take holiday and now I can have a rest all the long, I will have time to collect all necessary documents for reception of the visa. I so am glad lovely mine Frank, that all this occurs in a reality, it is possible already absolutely soon we with you we can meet and already then I can understand what feeling my heart tests to you, certainly I know that I feel to you, but I should check up and strengthen my feelings to you in a reality, whether only when we shall meet and there will be together we with you can understand our destinies and our hearts each other belong. Lovely mine Frank, I am sure, that our meeting will be not vain. I shall make all that from me depends to arrive to you, I hope, that we very soon shall meet you, and until then I hope we shall continue to write each other, I shall hold you informed concerning my travel to you and I shall prepare. Dear Frank, I with impatience shall wait for your letter. With all heart yours Veronica!!!!!
Letter 2

Hi my most dear Frank!!!! You for me on the present Are very close and irreplaceable, you became for me which man I Has grown fond more than the friend and now for me to understand my feelings To you completely, me the meeting with you Frank.Certainly we is necessary with You are far from each other, but I think that if the love lives in heart That distance for this purpose not a barrier, I hope, that you Frank with Me agree. I many times read all letters which you to me have written, I Saw as our feelings, certainly we with you not so in due course have grown Are for a long time familiar, but in fact it happens and so to grow fond It is enough person and one sight. I cannot transfer all in the letter That to me is necessary to tell to you at a meeting, for me our meeting Will decide it is a lot of, and who knows, it is possible we with you are created the friend for The friend, the destiny has reduced us with you that we have created family and were Are happy together. As I already spoke you at me in some days Vacation begin, a vacation will be prolonged almost three months and me Whether it would be desirable to meet for this time you and to understand really we We belong each other. I today all the day go with an idea on that as though Somewhat quicker to organize an our meeting. I as already spoke you about That I today all the day think only of arriving to you, I have concerning it small idea. But I will need yours The help, I hope that you will not refuse the help to me as you also Are interested in an our meeting Frank, I think that for you also will be Pleasantly the help to me. And the plan my following. You only Frank please attentively read my letter to understand everything, that I have written. I For a long time thought of that to sell my apartment in which I I live, me not It is pleasant to live in an apartment, there is no court yard, there is no garden where I could To plant vegetation. In Kazan now apartments are much more dear than houses, Certainly I have in a kind small houses with small sites of the ground, but For me and that I could plant vegetation of it There is quite enough, and such houses they are in a city boundaries. I for a long time began to think of selling an apartment, but that To sell an apartment I should receive it in my full property, and for It I was necessary to pay me all sum of money which has remained Owe to the state, and I should 4700 dollars more. If I shall pay 4700 dollars that I can use an apartment on the right of the full owner and I can sell an apartment, I found out provisional cost, I can sell an apartment for 60000 dollars, cost of a house approximately 35-40000 dollars. I have to you following offer, I certainly am not sure that you agree, but I think that you reasonable the man and make the correct decision if you agree to me the help I highly shall estimate it and your help to me, will be as the proof of your sincerity. Unfortunately I now have no 4700 dollars to pay for an apartment, all money which I now I have it only 1000 dollars, I and so very strongly saved in time to pay for an apartment. To me now not one bank the credit will not give, as I still do not have credit history and I have not paid my credit for an apartment. Friends at me rich too are not present, I have talked to my friends, they can give me only 900 dollars, but it is not enough. All that I now have it only 1900 dollars. The offer at me to you the following Frank, I certainly did not want to ask your help but as I have not found other variant I nevertheless the man not another's has dared to ask the help for you, you for me, and I have dared to address to you. I want to ask for you money Frank if you can the help to me, you could give me 2800 dollars. I understand certainly Frank, that for you it also the big money as well as for me, but it is possible to receive more easy now to you this money, I ask you this money not on for a long time, only for a week. If you will help me I can pay for an apartment and sell it. As soon as I shall sell an apartment I can travel to you and give you all your money certainly if you will help me, even when I shall arrive to you to me it is not necessary to spend your money, I will have own money, I with gratitude shall take part your help and I can even give you of money with interests. I shall take with myself the necessary sum of money when I shall go to you to repay you and that to me money counting upon two months and other money the apartments received from sale I has sufficed shall leave in Kazan in bank and when I shall come back to Kazan that I shall buy the house. And even if we with you nevertheless shall stay together that at me will be money initially to live in your country. Even if I shall be late with my arrival to you I can send you of money through Western Union, probably you heard. I had to send money to France to my girlfriend, she has left for Paris and at her have ended money and I sent her of money through Western Union. I know, that this system works worldwide and many banks use to her as Western Union the most reliable system of remittances. If you Frank will help me that you also can send me of money through Western Union. As I sent already money and I know this system and I shall tell to you as she works. When Frank you will send me of money you should send them for my full name Veronica Ivaikova. When you will already send money to you will give out a code of this translation MTCN, this code will consist of ten figures that I could receive your money you should inform this code to me. To you the address of bank in Kazan where you can send me 2800 dollars:Russia, city of Kazan, street Korolenko 58A, AK BARS BANK.Lovely mine Frank, I hope that all that I have written to you you will understand correctly and will help me, to me any more for whom to hope, only you and anybody except for you will not help me. I feel as my heart only about one idea is beaten that we shall meet you, I hope, that I very soon you shall see also our hearts with you will beat together. With impatience I shall wait for your letter. With kisses and the best regards yours Veronica!!!!
Letter 3

Hello my dear Frank!!! Lovely mine, thanks for your fast letter to me, I with the big impatience waited for your letter. My pleasure Frank, I certainly understand that I ask you very big sum of money, 2800 dollars are huge money and not everyone is capable to receive such sum of money. I also understand your anxiety concerning that that you cannot so simply to send money to whom that of whom you never met, I too would reflect to send money to that whom I never met. I can assure only you in that that I never to a deceit of you, you for me the expensive person and I never shall cause to you a pain. I ask you money in a duty and if you will send to me of money I I shall give you your money back in 5-6 days, you will lose nothing also I even I can give you your money with small percent as a token of gratitude. I understand that everyone will speak you that you did not send money, but you should make that that prompts you your heart if you really feel to me what or feelings and you want to meet me that I think will help me if you of anything to me do not feel that I I shall not insist on our meeting. All depends on you if you will take the first step to a meeting with me that I I shall make all as soon as possible to arrive to you. It is not very a pity to me that you can write to me within 12 days, I shall strongly miss on you. If you really want that I have arrived to you that send to me of money today before you will leave, when you will return on June, 26 I by this time already I shall be on a way to you. Lovely mine, I hope that you make the correct decision. It is time to me to work and I with impatience shall wait for your letter. With love yours Veronica!!!!
Letter 4

Hi my most dear Frank!!! Lovely mine, I again with the big pleasure have received your letter.Lovely mine, I the person really believing in the God, I respect people which devote myself to service to the God, but I do not understand those people which create sects. My pleasure Frank, I understand, that you do not have money to help me, 2800 dollars are very big money, but I today have good news both to me and to you Frank.With me together on work one woman her name Daria works, it recently has married and at them the child 9 months ago was born. I have found out that they want to buy an apartment, and has offered them the apartment. We together with them dwent also I it has shown my apartment and it has liked them. But there is a small nuance. They are ready to pay now all sum of the credit which I should for my apartment, I have already agreed to sell it an apartment and they tomorrow completely will extinguish my credit on account of that sum which I at them has requested for an apartment, but they now do not have money to give money to me. The matter is that they take from the state bank the hypothecary credit for purchase of an apartment for the term of 10 years, but to them will give this money only then when to their child year, and year to their child will be executed will be executed in 3 months and then they will receive money and can pay off completely with me. As they completely repay my credit at me there is that money which I should pay for this month for an apartment, but I nevertheless have enough money to arrive to you. Lovely mine Frank if you can send me 700 dollars that I I can arrive to you, I should not be late at all to sell an apartment if you will send to me of money of 700 dollars I at once I shall go to Moscow to receive the visa and to buy tickets. I very much hope that you can send me 700 dollars. I would not like to wait three months when to me will give money for an apartment that I could arrive to you, at me now a vacation and I only within a summer can leave to you, in three months when they will give me of money at me already a vacation will end and I cannot leave from Kazan. If I could arrive to you and to be with you this vacation would be my best vacation in a life. My pleasure Frank, I very much hope for you if we with you could find each other in this huge world that give on it we shall not stop, it is possible we with you on applicability of destiny should be happy together. I with impatience shall wait for your letter. With kisses yours Veronica!!!
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