Letter(s) from Galina Fesler to Alain (France)

Letter 1

Hello my new Friend ALAIN!!!!
I looked yours profile on http://www.teamo.com and I wanted to write to you the letter. I looked much profile, but have written only to you. It seems to me, that you are surprised to receive
my letter.
I want, that you knew, that I have only good intentions, and I have no anybody secret.
The thing - that I shall work in your country within three months or and would like to meet the kind person to fall in love or only to have a free time together.
It - mine for the first time I shall be abroad, and I think, that I need To meet the person who can be so it is kind to enter the new country for me!
I do not want to live in Russia because I have no any opportunities here, it - hardly possible to
Explain from the first, but I want, that you knew my plans. I shall work in any shop, a bar or restaurant.
So I shall have simple work while I do not improve my English language.
And I can Choose any city Your area, agency only helps me To receive the visa and all documents of travel.
My best friend (I shall send the picture of her later) the last year has met the man from the USA
when she worked There within three months also. She had two workplaces. Since morning till 16:00
She worked in an amusement park and the ambassador It she worked as the waitress in some bar till the midnight. She was very much tired certainly But made very good money there.
It - the special program (work and travel) for young people who Wants to work abroad, and I think, that it - my chance, I am lost here, and I Think that I Look there is rather enough to find, that the best place. I want to repeat her way, it Is only My chance to meet good the man.
I am full of plans and various dreams And I want to divide time with good the man because I also am full of love and tenderness, I Know, that I - not so Beautiful similarly to Princess of Hollywood, but I really hope to meet my Prince and I am sure, that he will not be disappoined to meet me in real life!
Well, I shall close this letter, and I really hope to receive your answer.
I shall leave Russia approximately in 2 weeks, or so (I cannot tell to you all precisely right now) And I would like to be convinced that I Have the person who waits for me there. I shall work all the day long, and I want to Would find the man what to have my free time together, to reach
To know each other it is better.
You have any interest to meet me, I shall be more than happy to meet you also.
I shall tell to you to all a detail about me and my life if you love mine
Pictures also have interest to meet me!
Kiss you.

Letter 2

Hello Alain !!! How are you? I hope that at you all well!!!! I am glad that I have an opportunity to write to you the letter. You Should know That I am not so good author in English, please to be patient to read mine Messages also see I was a lot of mistakes and am new in cyber a place, I am not sure, that I know as to Use many things here in the Internet world! To be fair, I think, that it is very difficult for second to describe me and one real metting it is better than one thousand word! Basically I am a usual girl. I think, that I should tell To you about me, my interests, and a hobby. My real name- Tamara Sokolova. To me - 29 years, my birthday - on September, 24. I so do not want to become more senior, when I can see old Women I begin lunatics to think it It - my future. I, try to hold my youth, and I hold my body well. Despite of all difficultes here I try to be in good condititon And I do many exercises to be in the good form! I approximately 172 sm in height (5.7), and my weight - approximately 54 kg. I was Told I well look enough, And I think, that all women have their own beaty. you, cannot imagine that means to be given birth in small city in Russia, there - not any opportunities to live well to have well paid work. All young people leave in Cities to search for the big good luck in the big cities but who does not wait for them there. I want to leave Russia, I know, that it sounds ugly, but I know, that I shall be lost here Similarly to many young girls before me. It - not a correct place to bring up children Also have the steady future. To be fair, I am not sure, that I am capable to explain all in the first messages I only want, that you knew, that I - not afriad to work, I - was fair Purposeful and I the sure woman You will be not disappoined to meet me in real life. I am going to have three months Abroad, to work in any shop or hotel, the agency will help me because it - only a way which I can leave Russia. I shall have all documents what to travel In some days and I shall travel to Moscow then. From Moscow I shall be travel to you and theyWill ask me about the name of city where I am going to work if you do not object to meet me please Tell to me the name of your closest international airport! I shall order mine Flight from Moscow! I think, that would be so wonderful to meet, mine the man. I know, that it - not so easy is similar I think, but I think, that is possible, if I meet the man of my dreams and we obstinate enough together. I want to love, and to be like I I want to build our own happiness, only and mine the man there. I do not smoke, In cases or with The good company I can sometimes drink red wine. I try to to care of my body and the person. I know, that it- everything, that I have. My soul, can have anyone itnterst For you later, I think so. I - not the little girl, and I know it in First almost all men Sight at a body, breast, foots and the person. The god created men such people. Well, I think, that I am lost in mine The letter, I am not sure You understand my purposes, please do not hesitate to ask. My address: Russia. The Chuvash republic, the city of Cheboksary. It - near big city Kazan. Our city is so small (I do not know, whether you can find it on a map, It should be very much detailed), they have made submarines here before and all People had good Work, but now there - not any orders of a hand, and almost all people have Not any work, many of them travels to Kazan every day to work, it Is approximately 40 minutes by the bus! I want, that you have answered, whether you understand my opinion, my intentions, my soul, if No, please answer Also, I shall continue my search. Well, I shall close this letter, I think You are tired to Read it. And If you think, that I should write more shorter letters Please tell to me. I write from the Internet cafe here because there is no opportunity to Use the Internet in my city, we have 4 digital telephone numbers, and we cannot Inquiry abroad. Even, to call in any big city here in Russia I should order to call advance.and I would like to tell Please do not worry, whether I hold silence, sometimes I have no any time to travel to cafe! Please tell to me more about you, your tastes, likes and I do not like .also have a little impotant Questions??????? You love strong drinks too much? You can be very drunk? Very much ofthen? You can be rough with women? Well, I should stop, or I shall write without the ending. A kiss you! See. You Later. If I have overlooked to write to you That - be, please to which I it was a pity will write to you the following time. It was so good to meet you, the KISS! Tamara

Letter 3

Hello Alain!
I am so pleased to see your letter again, I think, that I am a successful girl to meet such the man!
Now we shall try to meet in a real life!
You know, that I can work in any city of your area, because it - a free choice and the agency only helps me to receive all documents of travel and
The ticket. And I really hope
That we shall like each other, and now I have applicability.
I really hope, that I have met my correct the man!
I think, whether we have many general interests we could
Think of our future together.
If not I shall work, have only free
Time with you and returning back when time, to travel back.
You know, that I know nothing here in the Internet and I am afraid to
do anyone
Mistake. I have one big lack, I - very impatient
And I can sometimes operate without reflection. Sometimes I think that
The dream gets real and so awfully to be disappoined later.
I want, that you knew all small things about me because it there should
not be a misunderstanding between us.
I want, that you knew, that I - not an angel, and I can sometimes show
Character. And I do not do
Wait, that you - an angel also, I only want to meet kind the man.
I am very kind, and I can forgive almost everything, that I only cannot
forgive if mine
Men will oversleep with
Another the woman, or he doesn, t want to make love to me! It - very
It is difficult to explain I think, that I test the extremely
unpleasant feeling to feel, that he another
The woman! I think, that I - only his woman, and he - only mine the
man, I think you
Can think, that I - jeaulose the person, and more likely I - only one
woman of the man!
Well, it is little bit more about my slef!
I like pink and blue color and also red.
My favourite number 7 and 24.
My favourite season - Summer.
Mine favourite car - BMW, I think that it very much expensive car.
My favourite movie is " Carried away by a wind ". You looked it?
My favourite kind of sports Navigation. I like to float in the Swimming
Very much. We have that here, but
Too many people visit it, and it is impossible to float freely.
Sometimes I think, that I was a fish in the last life. (I really hope,
that I was a dolphin not a shark).
I want to tell to you about things which I love:
I like to do barbeku, and I so want to have my own house about a
Usually I do very tasty, and basically I like to prepare and it
- Not a problem for
Me to prepare for something tasty and I do not like to visit cafe and
restorauns, all over again it is usual they
Cannot prepare weel (probably only here) and the second the reason for
too high prices.
I love warm weather. And my big dream should live somewhere on
Tropical island. (dream of the little girl)
Also I want, speak you about my hostility: I hate our long winters it
It seems to me, they never stop.
I hate a deceit and infidelity. I hate malicious people and politicans
Think, that they like to
Wars of game, I hate any wars and terrorism! They kill children, and I
They wish to be only dead also.
That I like in the man: fidelity, honesty. He it should be open - it is
And frank, also quiet.
And much more important he should be kind, kindness does our world!
Whether it is valid you are kind?
I think, that I the man should be kind, it - the big feeling after
love, only the kind the person can be
Happy, all rough people are unfortunate or should be.
What your favourite film? The book? The writer? Tell mine more about
your free
Time and hobbits!
When I arrive to you and if we like each other whether be valid it can,
is possible to live together?
I think, what we shall enjoy a life together.have you a wide bed?
To be fair, I have so many plans. I shall know all details of travel
About my flight this week.
I shall leave my city today in some hours, I ordered my flight which I
shall use
The plane, because I cannot wait to meet you!
I think, that I have enough money to comlete my trip to you. And I
think I
It will be not capable to write to you within day or about it. When I
am in Moscow, I shall send you
The short letter to allow
You know, that I in the order, and they speak, that is required
approximately two days
Receive all nesseary papers in MOSCOW, and much more important, please
do not make a sight various girls. I the
best (joke).
Well, I shall close this letter.
To see you soon! Kiss for you!
Your Tamara

Letter 4

Lovely hi Alain!!!!!!!!!!!!
It - I.
You can imagine, that I am in Moscow. I cannot trust, it was
Remarkable flight and they gave a red grapevine in the plane, anything
to themselves, I never tried
Such tasty!!!!!
I shall be visit office of travel tomorrow, and I shall receive the
information on my Trip then.
My friend has helped me so I am not sure, that I could make it without
Her, it - so the big city
Also some hours are required to travel from one end of city to another.
They have met me in the airport and I had no any problems.
They have the good automobile, it - Toyota (from a place of the driver
and Japan
On the right, it is so amusing, but I think, that it is not convenient
The driver) - not new (1993) it was so good trip from the airport
To their apartment.
So the convenient automobile, I never was in such automobile! I
Do not remember, whether I have told about her,
She is Tatyana, and we worked together when that, she has met men from
Moscow and they married, he - from Moscow, and they like each other
very much
Very much!
They live poor enough because of so high prices here in Moscow and them
They should rent an apartment,
Do not want to live with his parents, I do not know the reason, and I
It - should not concern me!
And I think, whether they work hard, they will have enough money later
It is possible to earn here in Moscow!
NOW they have money that is only, it is strange for
Me as she has written in letters, that they live well, amusing is
You cannot imagine, how the big Moscow to be fair, I would not like to
Live here, it is a lot of from
Automobiles, people, voice and pollution. Ugly movement and people with
a lunatic
When I leave from the plane at the airport, MOSCOW policemen has asked
The passport and they looked at me
I am similar is any enemy for them, do not love foreign visitors whom I
mean from small
City they think, that they are so important to live here, I heard
About it many times and now I can see it. I am not sure as, but they
Can see, that I - not from Moscow!
Tatyana speaks me, that it is the big risk to travel abroad without the
knowelege and it resembles any adventure.
She speaks, that I can find good work here in Moscow with her help
The husband and she speaks, that I am not the rights to travel to you,
because all
Not so easy I am similar think,
They have much more information here about the world life, and she
speaks me ugly
Histories about young women
Who wanted to receive new life, and now they should work as the
I think, that people living in Moscow - very much caution, I think so.
And a sight
In their life I would not like to remain here, because it - almost
The same, only the big city, but same people and the same problems.
And I think, that I have made my choice.
You know, that I - not the coward, I am not afraid, that I know, that
it - my chance to meet
Kind the man. I really hope, that I
It is really right.
And I think, that you are too kind to do any bad things, I feel it. I
All and I confidence that she
Is not correct.
To be fair, I think, that she - small envy, that I leave abroad, you
Know, that all women envy everyone
Well, I shall close this letter! We shall meet soon! The KISS. The big
kiss from
Moscow!!!!!!!!!! Tamara!!!! It is a lot of kisses for my beloved the
I think of our meeting only!!!! I am so excited, and I cannot think
My head is full of various ideas!
P.S.Important A thing, please confirm the name of the airport, and your
Where I can cause and ask you because I think, whether there will be
all all
I will be right to travel to you in some days!

Letter 5

Hello my Dearest Alain!!! How are you? I hope that at you all well!!! I am glad to speak you that I'm fine!!! You know, that it is difficultly enough to be in another's city. So many various emotions. I have the information of my flight to you. You cannot imagine how many a lunatic MOSCOW. It - the big fear to live, here I think so! Our small city more friendly. I have checked up my blood, such rule for the foreign visitors, wishing to visit your country! Thank God I have good health, all my tastes in the order, I only need in some vitamins, I think it is bad foodstuff and a long problem of winters. I should eat with much more fruits and vegetables. The doctor has told! Well, - the information, I really hope, that we shall be together in some days:

AF-2545 Air France Moscow - SVO, 27 September 2006, 07:15
Econom A 320
Paris - CDG 27 September 2006, 09:10

AF-5140 Air France Paris - CDG, 27 September 2006, 10:50
Econom A 340
Sint Maarten - SXM, 27 September 2006, 13:35

Time in a way : 14:20

Cost of the ticket : 832,00USD + 128,15USD (Gathering of the airport) = 960,15USD

Dear I really was very happy that we can together in some days!!!! I think, that I call you from the airport, and I shall wait for you there so for a long time as you require, I mean, whether you require any time to arrive to the airport. I think, that all will be in the order. More likely I am sure, that all will be be in the order! My lovely Alain, they have told at office of travel, that I should show the ticket when I shall visit embassy before my flight. People from embassy it should be convinced, that I am not going to remain illegally in your country and I have tickets with returning data.it very strong rule. I have bad news. I had many payments for all documents and for trip up to Moscow from my city. I did not think that tickets cost so expensive. But it is necessary for me to order my tickets before my interview in embassy. Now I have 320 USD and it is necessary for me 640 USD. I tried to borrow money my girlfriend and unfortunately she could not help me. She spoke that now has no such money. I sad that the girlfriend could not help me. Probably you can help me? And when I arrive to you and I shall work also I can give you this money. It is necessary for me to go in embassy on September, 26 and my flight already on September, 27. So there is not enough time!!!! If all will be in the order between us, I can stay with you longer than three months, a maximum I can approximately remain 6 months for first time! We should change only date of my flight of returning. On it I shall finish my letter!!!! I shall go in the Internet of cafe tomorrow and I hope that I shall see your letter with good news. You know, that it is difficultly enough to be in another's city. So many various emotions. It is a lot of kisses and strong embraces for you! Your Tamara!