Letter(s) from Natalia Tsareva to Michael (USA)

Letter 1

I feel really glad myself since you have responded to my message:))...
Each your letter brings pleasure to me and I am starting with impatience wait your letters already...
I am very glad to hear answers to some of my questions also... when I read them I have understood that at us much more the same in the ideas than it seemed to me in the beginning.. I agree with you in your opinion..
I want that you know everything about me too, each letter makes us are more and more closer to each other:))...
Do you know, I am not such as all another girls. It is very hard to estimate itself objectively but my girlfriends say that I'm caring, tender, emotional but at the same time is very purposeful and hard-working...
I just repeat I want to be loved and like to give love in return...
The love is very important thing and I see we both understand it.
I enjoy of simple things in life: family, loving husband and a nice job but to find good man is hard now. As I understanding you tired too to search the good women in your country and I think you chosen right way to find your love in any way....
I'm romantic girl, tender and caring. I search for love too.I love children and I'll open you my little secret, they love me very much. What do you think about children?
I can discuss with you in friendly spirit different subjects. I can discuss with you issues of our time and political situations between our countries. I want to find in you the adherent and friend. By the kindness and tenderness I can make life of my man is fine.I do not like enthusiastic phrases, I do not like flattery, false people. I abhor egoism. The people using an any kind of lies invoke in me a strong irritation. I want that all people in their lives live happy. Sometimes I think that I'm too modest, sometimes not, it depends on my mood.Personal relationships are very important to me. I hate being alone and hurting other people.
I work as the secretary now, I can not tell that it very much a tough job..... My duties of the secretary as well as at all - the most usual - to answer phone calls,to accept visitors and to report on their arrival to the chief.I work here about one year, basically my work is pleasant to me...Some time before I worked as the seller:).... There the salary was less and troubles was more.
I want to tell you about my relations before too, it's nothing very good. I will tell you soon....
I do not see my life here, as I search for the husband, I shall follow him, where he will wish.I told about this in my previous letter.I want to meet serious man for relation. . I hope that you have serious intentions.. I want you answer to this my question..It's very matter for me. I am in that age when I should find the person for all my life.
Michael,I want to know more about you.....then I will tell about me....
I would like to know also what do you like the most of all...?
Do you frequently have really bad mood and what is the main reasons....?........ at me the bad mood is not present....and the main thing - What are irritates you most strongly??
I hope, that our fine dialogue will be continue. I with steep respect am referred to you and I want to learn about you more and more.It is very easy and good to communicate with you, did anybody tell it to you already?
Michael,I very want to get your latest photos. Can you sent me it? And this is my photos. How I to you?

You have impressed....
and it is pleasant..))


Letter 2

I am...:).
Michael,I present again and again a meeting with you.
To live expectation of this meeting. To live you. To live with you.
Now both of us very much experience that are very far from each other.
And this sweet, pulling feeling when you understand, that you will be near, we on the present shall be close, when even air starts to pulse from force of an attraction.
This strange confidence of what, when beside love to which it is possible to touch, stroke, kiss.
It will be simply possible to feel pleasant weight on a shoulder.
But while only only air, ready to weave your gentle image before me.
And hands can while to print these words only.
Words which in any way will not transfer all charm of our meeting.
All beauty, softness, sensuality. All force of desire of your hot heart.
Distance does not let off of the authority yet.
That there was no passion inside that each impulse of your soul found an exit and pleasure.
For isn't the bright paints of feelings not used in a life.
That you felt every minute, every second is warm the person close to you, felt, that you are necessary, that without you there is no life and all light.
And each your kiss, each touch will give a cordial welcome to reciprocal tenderness and passion penetrating through all your essence....
Forgive for such small letter today..
Michael,I do everything to arrive somewhat quicker...:))...
I spoke on work.... To me holiday will give for a month, then, if by this time not come back, me temporarily will replace......may be I never come back..
All between us will be good.... I do not think, I know it.
Michael,do you know, between us is not a lot of distance... like day of a way if by plane to fly...day - this is not so long.

With all my love.

P.S. Please, try to call tomorrow again by this number +380978236785 in between 7-9 a.m my time (my time is GMT+02.00) . I am will be waiting for your call...