Scam letter(s) from Olga Giorgieva to David (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi my loved David!!!!!
It is surprising to receive your letter again!!! Grieve without you awfully, honey!!! I love you so much. I can not be with anybody except for you, it is so firm. You my life, I want to embrace you so much to feel your heat, to study your eyes, to feel me safe about you. I will be sure that all well, and the destiny will work for us and we shall be happy together. I frequently think of us and try to imagine our life together. Sometimes I feel you so close about me. I even feel you on distance. I feel, when you are in high spirit and when you are sad. I am happy when you are happy. I want to be with you so much and much though about ways for us to be together. So I tried to do that for us and descended in travel agency. There to me have explained that to visit in your country I should do some documents and receive the visa. It will not hurry up, certainly, and to get many documents from my party. But I shall do all which depends on me. As to the visa, there is a visa of the Bride, but it not the best variant for us as we have not met nevertheless, and we have no documents and pictures to improve our meeting. They will not allow me to go there as the visitor, but it is possible to receive Work or the visa to Work there. I can receive this kind of the visa very easily and quickly now. But there is one thing which upsets me very much. You see, I should pay reception of the visa. And you know, that my earnings too small for this purpose. I do not want to complain, but much to our regret it is the truth. I have the big desire to arrive to you to see you at last and only money began between us a barrier. I love you so many honey, and I do not want to lose you. Nobody may help me with it. I am fair also sincere with you. I hope, that you understand me and that you will do it for me. I need to receive the visa, the international passport, the insurance both medical survey and all this costs 480 American money .If you want to me to help, my love I have found out, that you should send money the Western Union. You should me send me your full name, the address, quantity of money and numbers of the control. You demand in my full against the name and The address so here it Full name: Olga Giorgieva Mail Box 67 city: Yoshkar-Ola state/province: Mari-El country: Russia zip code: 424007 I really hope, that you understand my situation. I want you to see very much, but without your help, I can not do it only because I have no such money. Money only they help to overcome all difficulties on our way with you. It is a pity road if it upsets you. I only think, that we should trust each other and divide all. I hope that you agree with me. Only imagine, that in short time we might be together. Also there is only one problem now, may be decided with your help, road. I love you so much, you the best in my life and our meeting might be the happiest case for us. I expect with impatience of your fast reply.
With the best regards yours forever Olga!!!
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