Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Cherepanova to Greg (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Greg
I m glad to know that you like our correspondence, as I enjoy it myself. Every time I receive a new letter from you, I have a smile on my face. You are so far away, and it warms my heart that you spend your time to write me a few lines. Sometimes I wish this distance would disappear.
I want to talk to you fairly, and I want to speak you that I am tired to be lonely. You cannot understand me. I the young and beautiful girl, but I cannot be happy, because near to me there is no man to which I can trust my life and mine future child. I want to have stability. If you are ready to give to me we can make a new step in our relations.
I promised you to tell about what we talked to my sister. She promised me, that if our relations will be really serious and we shall decide to meet each other my sister Alena and her husband will help me to prepare this travel. Certainly I do not want to hurry event, but I think that you should know about it.
My life is ordinary, but I m trying to use every possibility to make it more interesting. I think that one shouldn t lose time in boring routine, as every day is special. Sometimes I think that I will not have enough time to do everything that I want. Now I feel that I m ready to create a family, and I want it with all my heart. I like children very much, and I can t wait to have my own. I think that a child is the greatest miracle in the world.
I hope that you are alright. I m waiting for your reply impatiently.
Take care,
Letter 2

Hello Greg!!!
I very much waited for your letter. Every day I understand more and more, that I cannot leave without you. I need you very much. I am always madly glad to your letters. I am grateful to the God that i has got acquainted with you. I want to tell you so much , but I can not find suitable words to transfer everything, that I feel to you. I very much want to meet you to tell you all i feel. I want to see you, to speak with you, to feel you, to smile you. I want to walk with you, joining our hands, to laugh with you, to kiss you. May be my ideas will seem to you too impudent, but it is so. I would lik? to meet you. It makes me sad, when I think, that you are so far from me.
But in fact distance is nothing? isn't it? Perhaps you are more serious, than I, but I you have simply fascinated me from the very beginning. I can do nothing with me. Write me please, what you think of it, what you think about our meetings. I think of it more and more frequency. I would like to see you.
I shall be the happiest person when I meet you. Let me see you!
Remember, that the love connects people all over the world. I believe that are you my second half, and very much I want that you thing the same way. Please, do not break my heart. I think, on it I shall finish the letter. Write me, what you think in this case.
With all my love.
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