Scam letter(s) from Bernice Amorni to Scott (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Mr Scott
Thanks For Your concern about our travel agency and i am glad to hear from you because Bernice mom cam here and garantee for the $600 and now waithing for the rest of the payment from you that is $600 and as soon as we get the payment i am going to get Bernice flight booking,s for her to get to you as soon as possible and i am glad that you have e mail me and reminded me and this is the infor you can use to send me through WWW.WESTERNUNION.COM!!!! Kind Regards,
Managing Director
5th Cresent Link,
Asylum Down - Accra
Ghana - West Africa.
00233 So Mr Scott i will hope to hear from you as soon as you ge the money becuase waithing on you to get the flight bokings, for Bernice to be with you soon, have a nice day and thanks for you concern.
Letter 2

Attorney at Law and Legal Consultant
mailing address:
Barrister off Mensah.
Koffi Chambers and Associates
P.O. Box CT422 Cantonment Accra
Located at 1st Floor, Swanky Arcade, and Former Kingsway Building...
1232 Ring Road Central
Accra Ghana.
Tel/fax: +233-214-099514
Mobile : +233-243-044390
E-Mail Address: My name is Barr Koffi Mensah member, of International bar Association, International Law Association, American Foreign Law Association, American Society of International Law, the Commonwealth bar Association and The Ghana Bar Association. I have been a legal practitioner for over twenty years now, And I am presently Adviser to the President of the Republic of Ghana on Political Matters,That is why i am a very Busy man, I am very happy for your acceptance to work with this family.Firstly,Before we can proceed you have to pay a consultation fee of $150 for me to take up the task to help you.The transaction is 100% risk Free Based on the people involved and necessary documents that will prove you as the bonfire Owner of the Funds. As Bernice and Her mother has visited my office and told me about you.That you are the one who want to get married To her Daugther, And I believe that Betty love You So Much, as They Talk Well About You. Well it is true that his She and Her Mother Came To My office to talk about some loan with me which because of this late Father was Good to me I will be able to help out, so now everything have been send in order ,should have time to call you to inform you as soon as you receive this cheuqe you can inform me so that I will let you know that way you will send down the money so that we will used it to finish up her full papers for her to leave and come over there soon. The Total Amount Send will almost be to 74,500 dollars.
I will send To You all The Necessary Document for Your Fill Out, As Soon As You Pay the Consultation Fee. Please You May Feel Free To Call Me Anytime For More Details And Ask On Whatever You Did Not understand.
Barr.Koffi Mensah. NB. You Can Send The Consultation Fee Through Your My Secarity Name Leslie Ofori fiancee Bernice Amorni So That She May Bring To My office.
Letter 3

Hello love
How are you doing and i hope everything is working allright my dear and we have had the other package and we will be going for it tommrow my dear love you and my mom said you will be reciving another generator ok my dear so that you will sell that onne too ok my dear and some other package too hope y ou recive it ok my dear love you.
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