Letter(s) from Pauline Kone to Wollch (Israel)

Letter 1

Dear one
It is a great pleasure and interest I have on you that made me to contact you though we haven't meet neither seeing each other for the first time but before I decided and pick up your address to write this letter to you I prayed over it and committed every thing to the almighty God hand for him to direct me to a well trust Worthy and God fearing person who will be my gaurdian as I am orphan.

I am leonine kouassi i am 19 years old , the only daughter of late Chief Pascal kouassi of kouassi royal Family who is the Chief Kindred of our community and a wealthy Cocoa Merchant here in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire being the highest Cocoa producer in the World. My Father is doing Exportation of the Cocoa Crushed Seed to Abroad which he harvested from his Cocoa plantation Farm areas here in our town called (Soubre in Sub-Ouest of Cote D'Ivoire) before he was poisoned to death on the last 29th December 2005 by some of our Family relatives during the end of Year Family meeting celebration as a result of envy because he inherited the Chief tittle with the Cocoa plantation Farm from his Father being the Ex-Chief of our community (Soubre) before he died on the 17th June 1987 , while my Mother died during delivering of pregnancy which could have been her second child When I was a baby according to what my Father told me and after then my Father took me so special because I am his only begotten daughter and he cannot remarry again because it is against our traditional rules as he is the Chief he cannot break the laws Before the death of my late Father on the 29th December 2005 in a private hospital here in Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire. He secretly called me on his hospital bed and reveled to me about the Huge Fund at ($6,910,000 United States Dollars) which he deposited in the bank abidjan capital of the country in a suspense account which will be accesible to me on the agreed age between my father and the bank and also gave me the documents warning me to be very careful with it.
In his sick bed he also explained to me that it is because of his position in the kindred with the wealth of his inherited Cocoa Plantation Farm from his Father that he was being poisoned by some of our Family relatives and should he not survive with this illness that I should quickly seek for a foreign person who will be my gaurdian in any of my Country choice where the Money will be transfer for my future living and the person that I may choose will make use of the Money to take care of me by establishing a good investment with the Money on my name over there he also directed me where the document of money was kept so it is in my possession.
Now, I am into living in one Christian Pentecostal Church in one interior village here where none of our Late Father's Family relatives will locate me because they are trying to wipe away my Late Father's name in existence in other for them to have claim his wealth that is why I took advised from one of my school mate and went into hiding in the Church which she is a member and seek your help as my spirit has directed me to look for a guardian for my life with the Money as my
Father advised me in his hospital bed before he died that morning I am seeking for your Godly assistance to me in the following ways.
1) To provide a Bank account information where the money will be transfer.
2) To serve as my guardian and also take care of my and also my money
3) To make an arrangement for me to come over there in your Country to further my Educations and continue my life with your assistance.
4)I will give you 15 % for your help

I plead for your honesty to me that I will be well and save in your hand after the money get transferred to your own bank account.On your reply i will send you the documents of the fund to see.Please let us keep it between us until you recieve the money in your account

God bless you

leonine kouassi