Scam letter(s) from Oksana Volkova to Dominic (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my new friend Dominic.
I am glad, that you have paid attention to my structure. To me also it is very pleasant, that you have decided to write to me. If it is fair, it is my first experience of acquaintance in the Internet. I also do not know how correctly to write letters. I still badly print:) but I hope you understand that I write to you. And so... What to write first of all??? I think to you it will be interesting to learn about me little bit more. My name is Oksana, this very rare name at us in Russia. I was born on August, 21st, 1982. Studied Cheboksary institute . I studied as the psychologist. And now I have a higher education and I am very glad to it. But after study I could not find work of the psychologist. And now I work as the seller, in sports shop. My city to be approximately in 800 km from Moscow, if you will want to look it, where it is. I live with mum in a two-room apartment. The father at me is not present, is more precisely, but my parents have divorced, when to me was only 9 years. I was absolutely small. And me mum, for what to it brought up many thanks. I very much love mum and I help it. Tell to me, something about your family.

Likely it is interesting to you, why I have decided to find to myself the husband in the Internet? :) Well, I shall answer... I little bit modest girl also cannot so simply to get acquainted with the guy. And to communicate through the Internet to me is easier. I wish to find here the man of the dream if it is possible. To me have told, that on the Internet it is a lot of people who simply wish to communicate. But I search here for serious attitudes, probably if I shall find the man which I can grow fond in the Internet it will be very fine!!! And who is searched by you? And with what purpose? It is very interesting to me :)

Well, it is time to me to go...

But if you not against I shall set to you some questions that I could learn you little bit more. You not against?

1) tell to me about the family
2) tell about the city
3) that you like to do at leisure?

I need to go... I shall wait for your letter, my new friend Dominic.
Send the regards to the family :)

Your new friend Oksana.
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