Scam letter(s) from Natalia Kantseva to B?rje (Sweden)

Letter 1

hello baby. i like your pictures and i thoughts let's meet us. what do you think about Paris? kisses
Letter 2

hello baby. i enjoy your pics and i am sure we will have wonderful time in Paris. so let's meet in March? about 20? wait for your answer. kisses and hugss
Letter 3

hello my hot boy. you are so hot! yes, i am dreaming of you., so let's go to Paris. my trip will cost about 1200$. is that ok for you? waiting for your answer. your hot Natalia. french kisses
Letter 4

Hello my darling, i am ready to go. please send me the amount for my trip which is 1200$ and i will pay the trip and i will come to Paris. here my passport details:
Ukraine, kharkov
krasnoznamennaya 18, ap.33
natalia Kantseva
send the money by western union and give me the code transfer. kisses
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