Letter(s) from Valentina Sharikova to Tom (USA)

Letter 1

Dear Tom!!! My sweet Tom!!! My dearest Tom!!!
It is dirty lie and a dirty deceit!!! It is provocation!!! Those people which have made it should be punished!!!
I shall explain, but I do not know if this correct explanation!
You saw Tom that it is the dirty girl from other place!!! These deceivers used wash pictures!!!
It is awful!!! It is a shock for me!!!
I cried all the night long!!! I in horror Tom!!! They have stolen wash pictures!!!
When I was in Kirov that I had all pictures on a disk (all pictures have been made by my sister - she the cousine)!
I wished to go to agency to make a print these pictures but she has told to me to not go there because there there are bad people their name scammers seems, but I should was do a print and has gone there.
They have taken away all wash pictures and have told to come tomorrow. But I did not know Tom!!! As I could know!!!
They used wash pictures to like other people in the Internet and to ask money.
It is impossible!!!
Such cannot simply happen to me Tom!!!
I do not trust!!! I should go and kill all of them. They have killed mine reputation Tom!!!
I do not wish to live!!!
Forgive Tom, you should not meet the girl with bad reputation, I now anybody!!!
I love you Tom and I shall love all wash a life!!! But wash a life will be short now!!!
I shall send you of money back (forgive but I can only 380 dollars because the others had the charge) and I shall go to kill all over again them and then myself. I have no life now Tom, wash honour is the most important in wash a life! Mum will receive mine big to mountain if learns!!!


The latest kiss in wash a life!!! Mariya