Scam Letter(s) from Anastasia Ivanova to Leonello (Venezuela)

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Letter 1

Greetings my darling,

Today I worked then, I called in embassy and I came to the girlfriend and now here, and I write you the letter.
Today in Russia remarkable weather, shines the bright sun, and warmly enough.
Also my darling when I have called in embassy, there to me have told, that to arrive to you, some papers will be necessary for me from you, and is more concrete, the copy of your passport certified by the notary, or the lawyer, also the copy of a paper about your wages, for last 2 months of your work, also a paper, about payments for light, water, gas, and so on, for last month, and also the document bank of reference, and still the letter the invitation from you will be necessary for me. These papers it will be necessary for me to give all to embassy, and in current of 6 months, all will be made also I can arrive to you for ever.

I have been upset, such information from embassy the darling and consequently I have gone to my friend, I think, that it also will be interesting to you.
My friend Inna, works in agency which is engaged in tourism, as private transportations abroad, immigration and etc.
Here, that she to me has told.
If we wish to be more quickly together it will be necessary for me to take advantage of services of my girlfriend.., at her there are communications on work and she can help us.
All her services will cost to us in 2660 $.
That here enters...
The ticket from Novosibirsk up to Moscow, then the ticket from Moscow up to you, then also the insurance, for flight by the plane, a feed in a way, cash enter also into this sum, the most interesting and important is the visa which will be given to me on half a year!!!! It is the business visa, but as Inna. Has in agency of good friends, she will help us!!! I can arrive to you, to be with you, and there at you, we shall solve problems about mine a constant residence with you. We shall go with you to embassy there, we will contact also embassy from Russia.
Also honey, the most important, that being made out through this agency, we shall be with you together in 1,5-2,5 weeks. It is very short term. It can already be in the beginning-middle of June my love!!!!
Also honey, I think, that for us it will not be a problem, but I could take the loan in bank but even if I would take the loan, me would not suffice up to 2660 $. But I cannot take the loan in bank because then I cannot give it as I shall be at you, together with you and if I shall not give against me can bring an action the application. Today I went to bank and learned it there. Therefore, honey, I have with myself cash 1200 $. I will need from you 1460 $. Also I can start to legalize papers at any moment because the agency works, only with one day off on Sunday.
My honey, I think, that you will be glad such news, I am glad, now I shall go home, and to speak these news to my grandmother, and to call to mum also, I hope, that she can come to me to see off me to you.
Also the darling, yesterday my keys were at my place, I have simply forgotten it houses and thought that I have lost it.
I have good mood.., and consequently I wish to write to you this verse:

Love is like a wave you just have to learn to ride it.
You hurt and you eventually fall,
but you learn to get up and you learn to stand tall.
Love is confusing and it could hurt so very bad
It creates laughter and joy but it may also make you mad.
When two hearts come together
You must work hard to make it last. Learn to
Cope with today and try to forgive the
When the person you love wiped your tears
When you cry
Turned out to be the person who made the
Tear fall from your eye.
Don't give up on trying
For you'll never ever see
How beautiful that wave would have been
If you believed in the sun and sea.
Love is not always easy
And it is not always true
But give it a chance
It is not all that hard to do.
When it's hard to watch your love, go and
Love somebody new.
Believe the wave is constant and you will
Ride another too.
When it hurts to look back and you're
Afraid to look ahead,
Close your eyes and listen to the wave and
Remember what it said.
" Love is like a wave, you'll never know
Which one you'll ride. Love is like a wave,
Learn to feel it and do not hide. Love is
Like a wave if you never ride it you'll
Never know. How beautiful it feels, how
Beautiful it is so.
Believe that in your heart
You could ride it all the way.
So close your eyes and listen
"What does your wave say?"

I think, that you loved it. I shall be on a line, later, now I should go home to have small rest, then to have dinner, take a bath, and then I shall go for a meeting with you in msn.

I love you and always I think of you my love!
Your Olga.



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