Scam Letter(s) from Marina Sofronova to Jerry (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my love, Jerry.

I am grateful to you for the letter. My feelings to burn fire after your letters. My body shivers from perusal of your lines which you typed the hands. One already sensation of that I read the text written by your hand directs in me a shiver in a body. It so is wonderful to feel the native person who is in the other place of a planet. I love you. This phrase strengthens the values for me each time all more strongly and more strongly! My dear, I send you a copy of the visa which to me have made in travel agency. But I shall not receive these documents on a hand, yet I shall not make payment for air tickets. You understand me? When you can send 1025 $ on air tickets? I like to play board games. I like to play checkers and a lotto. You know these games? But I do not like to play on money. I like melodramas and thrillers. I also love historical films. And what films you like to look? I have no car and I can not drive it. I have no driving licence. But very much I wish to learn this. You will help me with this with the future? I the Christian on belief. I go to church on religious holidays. But I think, that each person should have the god in the heart, in soul. It is necessary to address frequently to the god, to talk to him. It is necessary to have in soul more than goods. Then on the ground it will be much less angry. The love will reign. To me set many questions on interview. Me asked even about my attitude to Moslem doctrine and the attitude to the international terrorism. Also me asked about my relatives. I handed over already all medical inquiries and illnesses and aids test. I have passed all this. Therefore my visa is ready. I want you. It is necessary for me to see you to feel you every day day. My love to you as - it to not extinguish eternal fire anything! I to inflame from each letter and I can not stop in explanations of my feelings! Me pulls to you as a magnet. You will paralyse my ideas. I to go in cycles only you. I cannot think neither of anything and about anybody except for you. I present the moment of our meeting and I become happy. I know, that it will take place and there is nothing this will not prevent! My love I believe in us. In us. Because together we is combinable our souls and our bodies in a single whole. Our love should blossom after our meeting. I wait for it with impatience! I love you!

I love you!
Good bye Your wife Marina!



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