Scam letter(s) from Vera Novoselova to Donato (UK)

Letter 1

My dear Donato!
I really love you and want to be with you! Last days I tried to find money to fly to you, I tried to lend money from every man I know.
My dear Donato, I felt shame to ask money but I asked them because my love to you very strong and I know I am guilty that I am not with you now. My sweet Donato, I have found only 310 USD. It is all I could find.
Forgive me please. I still need money to fly, I need 815 USD else to add to your money. I don't know where to find them.
I have no one to ask else. My love Donato! Please help me, you know I love you and I try hard to do arrive to you but I simply have not opportunities to find money.
Please know that when I arrive I will return to you this 2000 USD.
My Donato, I feel upset with it, but if you really love me please trust me one another time and help. You aren't right if you think that I need your money! I want to be with you, I want to
be yours, I am still with you because I love you. I have never loved someone as you, I have found the great man! Please don't leave me by thoughts that I need your money!
I need you!!! Only you, your smile, your warm, your great heart.
Do you understand how hard to live me now without your kind words and trust?
I sit here and imagine that I could be there with you for a long time already.
And these thoughts hurt me much. Why our relations should end by your leaving me?
I would like us to meet and continue our relations as husband and wife!
Do you want to leave me? Please don't tell me that. I want you, I love you, my Donato.
Please don't be angry with me, I feel you are angry. Write soon.
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