Romance scam letter(s) from Nadezhda Abramchenko to Robert (USA)
Letter 1

Robert I understand your situation about the money. I don't know what to say. I fell so uncomfortable about my letter where I asked you to send money. And I am sorry that I made you to feel ill at ease.
Don't worry. I will think something.
I didn't want to mean that you must pay all expenses for my coming.
I just thought you can help me. You see this situation with " bird's flu " made me to ask you for help. I am afraid that I can't find money in time. I should search money for one, and it can be unsuccessful.
I don't want to complain of something but I just want you to understand me right way. Robert I have enough income to live here. My salary is not well, but it is enough to pay expenses for living, buy food and some clothes. It is enough to live inside the Russia, but when I want to
come somewhere outside it is impossible for me. Most Russian people can't afford to travel because it is expensive. It is the reason why I haven't traveled anywhere in my life. I hoped for your help but if you can't do it I understand. I know that in this life I must rely only on myself. I am not afraid to overcome difficulty. Today I tried to take the loan from another bank. But they rejected to me because I have no any property like flat or car.
My uncle has found for me 400 $. He loves me and will make all for my happiness.
I can't miss the chance to come to the USA. I know it is one-time chance for my life. All my plans and hopes are frustrating. But I want they come true. I want to start new life with you. I want to start my business. We will have beautiful life together. I can't believe that my life and my future depends from the money. It is so miserable.
Robert I learned you can buy the ticket for me? I am sorry it would be useless for me. See Alexey explained me everything. Our travel is organized by the government. They reserved the special flight for us and it must have been funded by local hospitals. There would be about 20 doctors that will fly to the USA for this exchange programm.
This $950 is not the payment for flight only. It includes my residence and food in Moscow for two days, airfare and residence in New York and transportation to final hospital where I will stay for work. You can't just buy the ticket for me because I will need additional money for other things. I must pay them here in cash to fly to the USA with other doctors. I can't fly separately.
I consulted with Alexey about how you can get the money to me. He said we have short time so we must do it quickly. He advised me that we should use western union. You must hear about it? He said they have many agents everywhere in the world. He used to receive transfers from overseas throu western union for our trade union and that works really good.
I shall study in what bank there is an agent of the western union. I shall inform to you.
Today Alexey flies in Egypt. I have remained one with my problem.
All information is in Moscow. Now I have only my passport. I should arrive to Moscow with money.
As soon as I shall arrive to Moscow, I shall inform information:
flight, an arrival time in New York, hotel,city in which I shall work.
I should leave to Moscow on April, 9. My plane on April, 12.
Till April, 14 I shall be trained with the American experts in New York. They once again will check up our professional suitability.
April, 17 I should arrive to a place of work. I shall have 3 free days.
I can To carry out it with you (If you want it)
Please understand me right way. I just want to show you real situation about me. To be honest I thought about it when I decided to write to you first time. But I hoped that money will not be the issue. I still don't think it was wrong decision to write you.
I already have 400 $. It is already a lot. I shall not stop on it I shall search further. I know, which I shall well earn in the future. Money will not be a problem for us. And I would like to be happy with you. I just miss you and I want to meet you. I ask about the help to OUR future. You
will find this sum faster than I.
I will never hurt you or cheat you Robert, please, think of it. Our life is too short to lose this chance.
Always your Nadya.
Today my birthday. Thanks for a congratulation. It is very pleasant for me.
I would like to be this day with you.
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