Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Kirillova to Dameon (USA)

Letter 1

Hi mine lovely. How you? How your health? At me all in the order, only very much I miss on you. I very much would like to be with you, even there be time to lead some with you. Favourite, at me is very lonely and it is melancholy on soul, likely from loneliness. I very much for a long time nobody had also I very much I want to destroy the loneliness. I want to tell you, that you for me
became very close to me, I love your letters, they help me to transfer loneliness. Certainly around there are a lot of various men on any taste, but inside in heart it would be desirable the especial man, which would love me and was gentle to me. I sincerely would want, what you Was this man. I so would like to embrace you and to give you
love. Write to me I wait. Kiss you. Albina. P.s Here to you mine full data
Russia, Kazan, Amirhana street, 10 Dear I called in bank concerning reception Money, there have told, that, that I could receive money, I should know Remittance of number of the control (MTCN), and as your full address and full a The name. Dear write to me to it, it tomorrow I could enter into bank and Receive money. Tomorrow right after bank I shall write to you And to make acknowledgement. I love you, kiss you.
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