Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Ted (UK)

Letter 1

Greetings my beautiful friend Ted!
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter.
I read them with the great pleasure. In your letters you can ask me something that interest for you about me. It is my the first experience of acquaintance through the Internet, and I love this way substantially, as to me answered at once the person whom I loved. I write letters from the Internet-cafe so sometimes, I shall have was not present opportunity to answer your letters at once, I only know it sometime it can be some problems with it. Today I have gone to church, as it - a sad date me, this day my parents have died. They have died in accident. I believe, that the God exsists and being church forces me to feel better. I be really asked by a question that the country now is weather as in you. Tell to me something about a place.
My parents have trained me good enough and I am really grateful for it. I have finished Kazan the state university on a speciality of the ecologist. But however I do not influence this speciality. Tell to me more about you directly. That does you like to make in your free time that is your favourite dish and the favourite kitchen, what films you prefer, how that music does you?
My favourite dish - pelmeni, is very tasty dish from Russian kitchen which consists of forcemeat of a beef and pork with an onions and the spices which have been wrapped up in the test and prepared. Can be once, I shall be prepare pelmeni for you :)... But certainly it not unique thing I as. There are many tasty dishes here in Russia. As soon as I have visited McDonalds. I have understood, that the food there is synthetic, but I loved it very much. I would like to visit it once again. But it is nice dear to me. My favourite cinema - ?????? ??????. Concerning music, it depends on my mood, I love the Russian classical music as it is pleasant to me. The madonna, ???,
Kylie Minogue - also it is not bad.
As to my family, I have only the sister now. She is the senior of 6 years than I. And it is already married. They have the little boy, thus it has is not present time to work. And it bears all time about their son.
I also like to celebrate my birthday. I was born on 30-th of September. I wait for the birthday. It will soon come. And this time I shall be 27 already! I become more senior :)!
Also I - am valid regret, that I have no phone. I really wish to hear your voice. It - a real problem for me. Sometimes even it is difficult to find a part from mine friends or they cannot find me as I have no phone.
And it is greater, I think, that I love my work very much. You know, I think, that is very rare when people as their work. But I do. It does not disturb me in general. See it is a lot of from various and interesting people all time. I speak much. I help people, and I can feel by they grateful to me. And it does not disturb me in general, to maintain all put long and even when I have the rough client, I try to not object only it. Certainly I am tired after work, but it by way of. Also I would like to ask to you some questions.
First of all, you love color of my hair? Or you think, that it be to have is better for me my natural color? It - something as color of light.
What your favourite things as? You love house animals?
You prefer what music? What your favourite holiday?
I really like to see in films by, you celebrate holiday.
I think, that it - very much an entertainment!
What do you do to live?
What your overall objectives in a life?
You ????????????? like me.
You have already made something really worthy in your life? I mean, that each person has some purposes in its life, and I would like only, that the nobility you have reached any of your purposes?
And you love a life?
Only tell to me still the some people about you directly. I am really curious you.
Also would like to know and any information which you will send.
And also I would like to tell to you, that I love your letters very much and tomorrow I gather to the girlfriend for an anniversary. But at me now it is not a lot of money and consequently the
gift from me will be modest.
It would be desirable it to present more dear gift that then it recollected this gift and remembered me.
Advise that to me to do? What gift is better to present. Certainly it would not be desirable to give a modest gift, but it is necessary because at me on work will give not soon money.. That it can be presented. In fact this all ????
anniversary? To me so becomes not on itself. In fact it mine ??????? the girlfriend. And I do not have not enough money for a gift..
I send you the photo. Let it will remind you warmly my feelings to you.
I hope, that you will be answer my letter as soon as it is possible for you. Your friend from
Russia. Yours faithfully Anastasia.
Letter 2

Greetings Tedd! I write to you this letter. I hope that you will answer at once.
At my close girlfriend at measures the father. It has remained one.
I wish to help it. Simply at it anybody any more does not remain.
When my parents it to me have died has helped. Now I should it help.
On funeral it is necessary 623 $. I do not have such money. I think you will concern with understanding.
To me any more from whom to borrow money.
I understand that it not well to ask money. But if you were on we would wash a place you too have helped the girlfriend.
I shall wait for your answer.
The whole.... Anastasia
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