Scam letter(s) from Elena Korneeva to Koen (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your interest in our client Elena Korneeva. I would like to inform you that she is interested in you too. Unfortunately, because of financial situation she is not capable to pay for our services. Could you be so kind to help Elena with correspondence's expenses? Please, inform us and your lady about your decision.
Sincerely Yours
Marina Konchalovskaya
agency "Konchak"
Letter 2

Hello dear Koen,
I am very glad to have an opportunity to write you again.
Thank you for answers on my questions, Here is my answers:
What is the best quality of your personality? Honesty and optimism What is the most intimate experience between a man and a woman? The sharing of a loving smile, the warmth of a caress, the tenderness of a soft wanting kiss, love, child What is the most important thing you search for in a friend? True caring - the willingness to sacrifice on each other behalf. What is there about you that most people would be surprised to know? That I am unhappy when I am alone. What do you dislike the most? deception What is your favorite color? Dark red, black, green What are you passionate about? family Dear Koen, the agency allowed me to write you my letter without payment. I am so sorry, but it is difficult for me to pay for our correspondence. You know, I don't like to ask, maybe because I am a modest but it would be nice if you can help me to pay for correspondence's expenses. I would like to know you much better and to continue our lettering. I will send
you my home address, if you wish, but Internet is the fastest way to communicate. I will be waiting for your letter impatiently. Marina promised to inform me about your message at once. Kiss you Yours Elena.
Letter 3

Hello, my dearest Koen,
I am so happy to hear from you again. You know my heart fills with love and warmth when I read you letters. You are such a wonderful person. I am so grateful to you that you that you are willing to help me with the translation service. You are so kind and caring. My full name is Elena Korneeva. Number of passport EK075174. Birthday 1.09.1977 Koen, I don't want to lose you and I want to continue our correspondence. I'll be praying the God to help us to overcome these difficulties and be together with you. I'll be waiting for your letter impatiently.
With love
Your Elena
Letter 4

Dear Sir,
Thank you for your interest in our client Elena Korneeva. We send you an information which includes our services and prices. On the site you can find some local agents which situated in your city with phone numbers and addresses (you can pay with their help, in this case you don't need to use any credit cards) Translation service:
* to translate one letter - 5$
* to translate 10 letters - 50$
* to translate 20 letters - 90$
* to translate 10 min of phone conversation - 4$
* scan. photo - 1$
Also we propose a subscription which includes unlimited quantity of letters
* 1 month - 140$ (include pictures and phone conversations)
* 2 month - 210$ (include pictures and phone conversations) If you wish we can to arrange English language courses for your lady:
* basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 2 month - 420$
* basic course:3 times a week,2 hours per day, lasting 1 month - 225$ Terms of payment
* if you are can not make your transfer by Internet, you can find on this site a local agent
* transfer your money via the Western Union system in USA dollars.
The address is: Western Union Ukraine, Kiev Bank Aval.
You have:
* to send your money, Elena's name as a receiver (Elena Korneeva)
* to inform Elena of the date of transfer, the money transfer control number
Sincerely Yours
agency "Konchak"
Marina Konchalovskaya
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