Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Kanashova to Carlos (USA)
Letter 1

Good morning, my Carlos!
I was dreaming of you last night. I was missing for you. You really made me crazy. I love you more and more day by day. I think I'll start melting here without seeing you soon. Several days ago I had become interested in one question - how would it be possible to go to you and to stay with you if we find it a good idea. I'm really exciting to see you, to say hello to you and to touch you for the first time. I had so many dreams about you that you cannot even imagine. I was already thinking about my job perspectives here and decided that I will lose nothing if move to you. Moreover, my parents will not resist this idea. You have become my life dream.
Well, as to the issue of travelling abroad. Russian government is concerned about "brain flows" from Russia. Therefore they had employed unofficial restrictions for the persons with good professional abilities to move abroad. I have known this from one reliable Tourist Agency here. These restrictions are applied when they see during the interview for getting an immigration visa that you are no longer intending to stay in Russia. However, I was advised a good loophole. This is to make an ordinary tourist visa, and upon arrival to you make the immigration documents in your local immigration agency. Unfortunately there is no other way for me to be with you.
I had compared this procedure with the usual immigration procedure and concluded that the first one was even much faster than the latter. Applying to tourist visa takes one or two weeks. Then it is ready and I buy plane tickets and fly to you. On the other hand, application for the immigration visa takes several years here in Russia unless you pay a lot of money (they say about several thousand US dollars) in the very beginning. This seems to be an official immigration bribe. I cannot understand our laws.
Therefore, you and me have no other way. And I did explore the way we need to follow. I took a booklet in the Tourist Agency where everything regarding tourist visits is described. I'll just translate in brief it to you now. We need to pay for 1) passport, 2) visa, 3) airplane tickets. We can pay for airplane tickets few days or a week later upon receipt the first three items.
However, they advise to pay everything at once because it is a bit cheaper. They call it a package deal.
Concerning prices (I'll calculate in US dollars for your convenience) 1) passport - 30 USD
2) visa - 292 USD
We will be required to pay for the round-trip ticket. I think you understand why. This is because the visa is a tourist one. As a requirement tourist visa is issued only when a person is intending to fly back to Russia. Therefore, they ask for round-trip tickets and will not let you leave the country if the ticket is a one-way. But even here there is no problem. The round-trip ticket is returnable. This means that I can use only the half of it and the airplane company will refund me the unused part of the ticket as soon as I get to you. Before talking to a travel agent I had a sneaking suspicion about the reliability of this process. But he showed me that a lot of young ladies from Russia had followed this way and there were no problems with the governmental policies. Their Tourist Agency did not have any refusals for the persons possessing tourist visas in leaving Russia. What do you think about this?
I know only one thing - I'll be happy to be with you. Do you want also to see me soon?
I have to tell you one thing I was bearing in mind for already several days. It is hard to tell this but I know that you will understand me. I wanted to tell you that even being a qualified specialist in the filed here in Russia my income is relatively low to afford with my own forces the trip to you. I'll be able to take care of expenses for travel within Russia to get to the international airport in Moscow. I'll have to take care also about my parents before departure to make sure that they have everything to stay in good health. I hope you understand me now. And I wish to be with you. Your help regarding passport, visa and tickets - the hardest part for me - will be highly appreciated in our family. This is the data about the nearest Western Union in my city: GAZPROMBANK
YELETS , 399770 My full name is Elena Kanashova.
I hope this message contained all practical information for us. Let me look one more time in the booklet... Yes, I didn't miss anything. It is hardly imaginable how we meet each other. But I'm sure this dream will come true.
I'm used to be optimistic. I believe that there are many goods in life. I'll be waiting for your reply, my dream.
Love you very much!!!
I'm anxious to be with you.
Your woman Elena
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