Scam letter(s) from Veronica Sozonova to Jack (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, My name is Veronika. I the beautiful young girl. I work as the instructor on navigation. I looked your questionnaire and at once have thought, that we can create with you a good pair. If you are interested, please write to me on mine e-mail: I Shall be glad to your fast reply. You have very much liked me! Yours faithfully! Veronika.
Letter 2

Good day *****-Cat! How are there? I now on work and at me am a few free time to write to you. I shall continue the story about myself and about the hobbies.
I very much like to prepare for various dishes and in general I love is tasty to eat. I prefer the French kitchen, but to me to have to go in for sports, to support a good figure. My growth of 175 centimeters. My weight of 60 kgs. I have finished institute of physical culture and sports. I the candidate for the master of sports on sweeming. I very much love flowers and consequently at me many various colors in an apartment. My favourite flowers it is orchids. Me invited to work in the agency is modelling, but I have refused, as my work is pleasant to me more. First of all I to appreciate this diligence and purposefulness in the person. I do not love when people speak not the truth. For me the difference in the age of has no value, main that it was pleasant to communicate with the person and it was not boring. Write to me everything, that you want to speak about yourself, only is sincere. If you have a secret you can not write about it, but I very curious. Please write to me as it is possible frequently. Oh now I need to go to work as my director now should come. I shall wait very much your letter and if that is possible also your kisses while simply through Internet.
Many, Many, Many Hugs and Kisses. Veronika.
Letter 3

Smart! Its me Veronika. Excuse me, that I to not answer you at once. In the first at me was a lot of work. In the second on a server where my electronic box malfunctions were were. All right, it is very pleasant for me, that you have written to me. I am glad, that have found you in Internet. You that which man I to want for serious attitudes! It is a little about itself: to me of 28 years. I have not been married and to not have children. I live in city Cheboksary.
I was born in city Yoshkar-ola. several months ago I to move to city Cheboksary for constant a residence and works. I now work as the instructor on navigation in committee on physical training and tourism. My work very much is pleasant to me, as to me brings pleasure dialogue with people. I now to live one in an one-room apartment. I unfortunately do not have parents. I was the afterthought in family and my parents have died several years ago. They have died almost during one time with a difference in one year. Him was hardly more than 65 years. To mum 65, and the daddy of 67 years. Let's not be about sad. I to want, that you too spoke more about yourself and about the family. I shall write to you in the following letter more about myself. Today I think what to speak enough, to not tire you with the story. It will be not interesting, if I in the first letter shall speak all about myself, as do not remain what secret to draw your attention. You really very much have liked me. I specially to do this photo to place her in Internet, to find to myself the man. I am very glad, that I to find you!!!!!!! I for the first time to search for the attitude in INternet, but I am very happy. Only please write to me today the answer! OK! I very much wait for your letter! I wish good day! Kiss!!! Veronika.
Letter 4

Greetings loved. Excuse that did not write. Yesterday I have got under a strong rain with a thunder-storm. I have strongly got wet and badly myself I feel. I hope tomorrow shall feel like better. Tomorrow I shall write more. Kiss!!! Veronika
Letter 5

David! How are you? Today I to feel myself better. Today very good weather in the street and I after work shall go on a beach. I think of you recently much. I do not know, that with me happened, but it seems to me, that I start to concern to you more than to the person with whom recently has got acquainted. I every day wait for your letter. I do not joke and I write to you sincerely. I very much to want to learn you it is as much as possible and to have in the near future with you a meeting. I hope, that you will want to learn me more. Now I should go to work. I shall write tomorrow longer letter and to speak more about myself. OK? I wait for your kisses. Hugs and Kisses! Yours Veronika.
Letter 6

My matchless!
How yours week end??? Excuse me, that the last couple of days to write short letters, but I am valid myself badly felt. Now I am Fine!!! I now finish the work, but all over again I shall write to you this letter! Today again hot also it is necessary all the day long sweeming in the river and to accept solar beams on a beach. But all over again I to want to speak a little is more about the city and about myself in particular.
I live in city Cheboksary. It is capital of republic Chuvashia. It is the average sizes city. It is located on coast of Volga of the river. It is no far from my city cities Kazan and Yoshkar-Ola are located. These are capitals of the next republics. Cheboksary very beautiful city. As it is located on coast of Volga. In my city it is a lot of vegetation and trees. I love this city though to move to live there recently and next republic Mari-el. I never was outside Russia earlier, but now I to work in committee of physical training and tourism and it opens many opportunities for me to have ability to visit other countries. If all will be good also we we shall know each other enough and you to want the further development of our attitudes I shall visit you at the end of this summer. I already for myself have solved all. That you which man I so long to search. I met men, but all of them appeared drunkards or idlers. At us you will seldom meet in Russia the hardworking person. More likely all good men of Russia already for a long time are married. I too very much to want to marry. The God can has sent you. Probably we can create family in the future...
I do not know, that to me occurs, but you really a fuse in my heart for this short time interval. I never had children and have not been married, but it seems to me that to have family it very perfectly. I to want from only children, my future husband will want how many. If it will not want children we shall live without children. Dividing all love on itself. I am sure, that I shall be the good woman for you.
Now excuse, I to speak revelations too much. Also excuse me for my bad English. I to not use the program of text translation. I try to write to you. I shall go now on a beach. Tomorrow I shall write to you the home address as soon as I learn as correctly it to write! OK? I wish good week end. Please do not forget me. I think of you all free time. I hope, what it is mutual? Kisses in your lips! Yours Veronika.
Letter 7

Lovely and honey! Could not write yesterday as I had to go in business trip from my work in other city Kazan. I should judge competitions on navigation among invalids. Very much it was pleasant to me, that people with complex destiny and physical defects aspire to live a high-grade life and still achieve not bad results in sports. I to arrive back only today during the lunchtime. I very much missing without you. You missed my letter? Only answer fairly! I very much to want to see you in a reality. Next week I shall give you the telephone number as to stand the first in turn on receptions of telephone number. I already to stand in a queue 2 months. I do not understand bureaucracy of officials of Russia. But I nevertheless hope, that in the near future my country will grow both in on economic parameters, and in the social attitude. By the way I promised to give you the home address. My full data: Veronika Sozonova. My address: Russia. The Chuvash republic. City: Cheboksary. Street: Nikolaeva. Home: 45. An apartment: 34. Phone it will be fast. Now I should go to work. I shall write tomorrow. I send you the new photo! Very much I wait for the letter. Love! Veronika.
Letter 8

" My sweet love! I shall be possible so you to name? I hope, what you not against? OK? Today I do not need to go for my work as I made a business trip on work and to me gave free day. I already spoke with the director concerning my holiday from work and that I to want to go in other country to have a rest. It long disagreed, but nevertheless has allowed to go to me in holiday in August as now it is a lot of work. I shall be very glad to visit you. I shall be as it is possible to learn all soon. I know, that I shall be capable to surprise you with the culinary abilities and features of Russian kitchen. You to love is tasty to eat? Also I do good massage. I think, that we need to wait only for my holiday in August. I shall have a rest today on a beach, and I shall go then to play a pool. You are able to play a pool? Yesterday we about mine the girlfriend had not the big rest in the evening. We with it together studied and 8 years did not see. We did with it the fried goose in mushroom sauce (of ceps). All has turned out is very tasty. Also we have a little ***** some red dry grape wine. I seldom to take alcohol, only on holidays and only good wine and in not a plenty. My girlfriend has remained is pleased. By the way I have made a photo for you. It was accepted by my girlfriend. She photographed me. On a photo I, just drink, that, grape wine. The truth in an apartment the photo is very hot also has turned out little bit frank, but I think, that the photo from it is not become worse. Now I shall go in a sports hall, and then on a beach to accept solar beams. I wait for the letter. Love! Veronika ".
P.S. I have allocated all letter (" "). As I wanted to show it the direct reference to you. As in the real reference to you. OK? Many Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 9

Love, At me good news today. I since August, 1 will have a holiday from work and I shall have an opportunity to visit you. It for me the big happiness to see you in a reality. To me some is necessary for the information. Please write to me the airport in your city where you can meet me. Today I have already written the application for reception of the visa. I make all on the work. She will be ready through July, 26. Tomorrow I shall pay the passport for travel abroad and the visa. Tickets will be paid aboard the plane by committee on physical training and sports. There I work. I very much to want, that you have met me at the airport and to have an opportunity to kiss you. Tomorrow I shall write to you in more detail. I wait for your letter as it is possible soon! Love! Veronika.
Letter 10

Hello sweetheart! Now at me the dinner also is present a free time to write to you. I already began to legalize my papers to visit you. Tickets to me will order next week. I shall be capable to be at you on a visit 14 days then I should return to Russia. For this time we can discuss much and if we shall want to marry in the future we also shall discuss it. I shall be capable to arrive to you by August, 1. I hope, what you will have a good weather at this time? I also have not a big request. Very much I hope, that you will help me! Please send me 140 American dollars. As at us payment is accepted or in dollars, also it is possible in euro. It is necessary, that in brief term to legalize my papers plus medical insurance. I shall do the everything else itself. Tickets I will be paid on a place of my work. Certainly I to ask this money you on loan. I shall give them to you in the middle of August. OK? I give to you the address of branch western union as it is the fastest way of transfer of money. name of bank: VNESHTORGBANK. Ivanova street. 80 A. Cheboksary. Russia. 428018. Also my data will be necessary for you. I write to you them once again. My full data: Veronika Sozonova. My address: 428000. Russia. The Chuvash republic. City: Cheboksary. Street: Nikolaeva. Home: 45. An apartment: 34. Tomorrow will be weekend and western union will not work. If you can send money today or to Monday. I should pay all next week that there were no problems with reception of my documents and that I have had time to receive in time tickets aboard the plane. Please write to me as it is possible soon! Very much I wait for the letter. Love! Yours Veronika.
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