Scam letter(s) from Veronica Sozonova to Rob (Canada)

Letter 1

Hi my love Rob!!! You have not lost me??? I to study all concerning my arrival to you. I am writing you from Moscow and now I am sitting in the internet cafe. I prepared a medical insurance for travel to you and to fill in a form fro getting visa. Yesterday in the evening I went on excursion to the Kremlin and on the Red area. It very much captivates. Here it is a lot of to people and all of them somewhere hasten. I have not got used to such rate of a life. At us quieter and measured city. I have lodged in hotel, but there very expensive prices and most likely I will need after to leave hotel tomorrow. Moscow very dear city. Here expensive even food stuffs. I in general am afraid to go by the underground. I also have not so good news. I am very much afflicted, but it is necessary, all to do as is possible soon. To me gave approval on reception of the visa. She will be let out and given to me on hands next week, but before I should show tickets aboard the plane there and back. I am afflicted with that the Committee on tourism where I work. has helped me with the ticket only one way, it has allocated to me only the certain sum of money to one ticket. I did not know, that it is necessary to show in embassy return tickets as a guarantee of my returning back to Russia. I am very a shame to me, that to bring you, but I too did not know. Ok my dear I hope that you understand my situation: I understand that I create a subsidiary problems for you, but other output at me is not present.
It is necessary for me 380 $ to capture full cost of two tickets. It also will help me to prolong hotel accommodation as I should be in Moscow till Friday. On Friday I on reception in embassy also need to be showed return tickets. Please hurry up because we have no many time. if you can send 380$ today or tomorrow. Next Monday is a deadline. I am missing of you here and every evening I thinking about us and our meeting. Now I am going to go to the hotel and first of all I will eat because I am very tired today and very hungry. You can send money to me through system Western Union or Money Gramm in your bank in any bank of Moscow. Just in case I give to you the address of branch western union in the city of Moscow: ALFA BANK: street: Varvarka, 3. Moscow. 103012.
Russia. I will be waiting for your reply soon. I love you my honey! Veronika.
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