Scam letter(s) from Olga Krasotka to Gary (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Gary.
As at you an affair as your mood, from your letter I see that all wonderfully. Today at us beautiful weather behind a window, shines the sun, warmly and chilly. Now I on work, just receive your letter. I am very happy that ours with you feelings are mutual. To me it is not trusted at all that our feelings are true! I did not trust when thought that it not probably to grow fond of the person reading only his letters, but it happened. Today I went to travel agency and have have found out that is necessary for me for trip to you! The visa and the passport for travel abroad is necessary for me. All package of documents will cost for me in 556 $ (USA dollar's)Into this package enters: the Visa, the passport for travel abroad, the insurance (it on a case if with me something happen to me will treat in your hospitals.) I understand that it is very big money, but I think that the god will not allow that that we with you so simply parting and could not meet. After I shall make documents I can take holiday and arrive to you. I with impatience wait for that moment when I can see you!!! I hope that you too. You are the biggest gift that the destiny has given not. And my heart will not sustain if I shall lose you. Write to me when you can help me with money. Good-bye my loved, I very much love you and I wait for our fast meeting.
Kiss and hugs!
Yours Olga!
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