Scam letter(s) from Julia Nepran to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1

A lot of people consider that love is very banal thing. May be they are right. But I have another attitude. I think that love is the most strong feeling in the life! It makes us strong and weak, happy and unhappy! When we fall in love, the spring comes to our life. And even the dismal day seems to us sunny and warm! I think that we are made for love and life without love is empty and vain! I hope that you share my opinion. And if you are,then I think we have a chance to experience destiny with each other! I'm careful and kind person, a little romantic, like every woman! I want to spend all my life with my beloved man. I'm very faithful and I appreciate this trait in people, because I hate lies. My daring, I want to make you happy! I hope that you'll give me this chance! Remember, I'm still waiting for you!!!
Letter 2

Hello Wayne!

If you are reading this message now it means that you are interested in me. If you answer me you won't regret about it. I am always looking for new friends, and since I am single I also look for the very special man of my life. I am serious and would really like to find the one I could share everything with and the one to grow old with.

I believe that I am kind and honest. I like sports and travel and to be with good friends. It would be even better to be with the man of my life, if I can find him. I dream about serious relations, own family and cozy house. If you too dream about it let's our dreams come true together. So you always can find me

I'm waiting for you!
Letter 3

Hello Wayne!

Thank you so much for your e-mail. I am happy to have found you on the net and very happy to receive your mail. I really appreciate everything what you write. I am not so used to this kind of contact, but "meeting" you have been a good experience. I am looking to meet new friends, to expand my horizon, and maybe, who knows, it can lead to something special. I would much appreciate to find the one, very special to share my life with.

I am kind, honest and sporty. I also like to dream, and I like to travel. I can be impatient, I am seldom angry and never for long. I try to treat people with respect and take good care of those who are close to me. I have dark blue eyes, sometimes they have a tint of grey. My hair is light brown and rather long. I like long hair, it seems that it make me more feminine. My name is Yulia. My height is 165 cm, my weight is 49 kg. I try to keep my body slim and start every morning doing some exercises. I'm 28 years old, my birth date is 6 of August, 1978.

My native town is Belovodsk, I was born there but I work in Lugansk now as a hairdresser. I live in a dormitory which belongs to the college where I studied. I can't rent a flat now as it is expensive. My parents live in Belovodsk. My father was a police officer, now he is in retirement. My mother still works at school as a teacher of Russian language and literature. I also have got an older brother Michael, he works in Russia, in Moscow as a builder.

As for my hobbies I like to read most off all. I like adventure books and detectives. I also like nature and when I have day off I try to spend it there. I would really like to know more about you. Anything is of interest for me. If you have any question I'm ready to answer it.

I hope to hear from you soon. Take good care of yourself.
Best regards,
Letter 4

Hi dear Wayne!

Thank you for your mail. It was so nice to learn more about you. You truly seems like a very interesting person. I fact you left me almost sleepless last night. I was wandering if someone like you could be for real, so nice and so interesting and such exceptionally courageous.

Again some files about me. I am not married, have no kids. I guess you would like to know anything about my hobbies. I love nature in its every wonderful creature. First of all, I like flowers - I have many different kinds of them at home and I take much care of them every day. I adore cooking and I do good in shaping (it's a kind of sport for good cooking women) to stay fit. I also like travelling, I've never been abroad but I dream to visit Paris on the Saint Valentine's Day - it would be so romantic!

Now I take some serious mood to explain you my decision to use Internet service for mate search. First of all, I don't like weak men, who do really care about their salary and money offers only. But here in Ukraine, we have complicated economics so most men here are. And because of that our men prefer to get ***** than to get another job, so that is not for me definitely. That was the reason I decided to use Internet services.

Dear, please, don't be shy to get me bored with your large (or may be even huge) letters - I would really appreciate that. Of course, I understand that on some stage of my relations with my future beloved man (I would like him to be you) I would have to move to his country and to learn foreign language. But now I don't know which one I should choose - English, German, Spanish, French or may be else. I would take some courses without a problem. Or I could teach you some Russian, if you would like me to. And now I ask you to write me back, even if you had decided to quit correspondence with me - please, inform me about that for at least.

With thoughts about you,
Letter 5

Hi my dear Wayne!

It is a little unusual for me to be writing to someone from the other side of the world, but you are not someone for me anymore, you are a person, whom I like and want to know more and more about! I am always busy with something, I suppose that we make our lives busy, but perhaps do not always focus on the things that will really make us happy; I have a good life, but sometimes I think that I will never meet my perfect soul mate by chance:)

I think it's normal from letter to letter to know each other better that's why I decided to continue telling about me. I enjoy all sorts of activities such as watching movies or television, or watching sporting events. I enjoy going out to restaurants for dinner. My favorite dream is to have a nice romantic candlelight dinner with a wonderful man but I am missing the man now. I cannot answer you what is more important - friendship or love. It depends very much.

I think you've already understand that I don't speak English and use agency to translate for us, hope that this doesn't bother you, does it? But if you think that there is any problem then just not answer to this letter, I'll try to understand, but still hope that language of love is more important.

My heart was broken in the past, I don't like to tell about this. I can say that my ex like to drink very much that's why we had lots of problems in our relations. That is why I decided to use net, I am honest in telling you this, so you know that I have been serious about this in the past, but that also from my past experience, I am cautious with my heart:) I hope that you understand, I suppose that it is no different to any relationship, things do not always work out, but we should not give up trying to find the perfect person for each of us.

Much affection to you,
Letter 6

Good day darling Wayne!

Oh, my god! It is you! I knew you would write me back! I was awaiting for your letter (oh, please, tell me you still remember that I am modest in heart, deep somewhere). Well, I can tell the same about you (I mean, you got my interest). And, my dear friend, please, surprise me again with your fast reply, I would really love that.

I think that for a successful relationship people must be best friends, and truly want to support each other, if they are only really interested in what the other person can give them, and not in the person themselves, then it will not work, because one day you will find the person whom you really love just for the person that they are. I think that attentiveness and kindness is required, and having common goals to achieve in life, it may be that one person supports the others goals more, but as long as both are truly happy with this. I think that people should not let affection dry up in their relationship, and never go to sleep with bad feelings or thoughts about each other, any problems should be talked about and then kiss and make up:) so that you will start each day feeling happy, positive and motivated about your life.

I am very happy to be continuing getting to know you. And to know that you already feel so strongly, great feelings towards me! I am also feeling similar feelings towards you. I feel that we could become so very very close, that we would be able to feel each others love so very strongly, that it would be amazing! That is one of the things I long for, to become so very close to a man in every way. I want to be so close to you, that we know everything about each other, we share everything, we feel everything together. I want to feel your heart beat next to my heart! I had forgotten about this. I have not been close to a man for a long time, and I had forgotten about feeling a heart beating, close to my own. To feel each others’ happiness and joy, in our pounding hearts, as they beat together! And to hold our emotions religiously for each other!!!

Lots of hugs and kisses to you,
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