Scam letter(s) from Olesya Zeitulaeva to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello and nice to meet you!
I admit at once, that did not expect to hear your answer so soon.:)
Thanks. I hope that we shall have good dialogue. For the beginning..
How are you? At me very good mood. I have received your message and in my ****** heart is knocked. This magic trembling before something not known and bewitching fine. You felt earlier once it? I know...;) Your photo very much was pleasant to me. And I hope that my pictures of you too will please. I shall hope that you will send me some more your remarkable pictures. And I shall look forward. I hope the following pictures will be vertically?;) So, I shall begin my story about myself. Though certainly will tell a photo more. If you certainly attach great importance to appearance.;)
I live in Russia. Only please be not afflicted. I understand that in your country now badly concern to Russian girls. And I ask to pay only some attention to me. You can trust me. I have ended Institute and now I work as the children's psychologist at school, and also in the center of the help. From the childhood of me attracted all that is connected to human essence. I tried to explain all acts somehow. Now I understand that sometimes our acts do not give in to any logic analysis. And these moments are finest in a life. You agree? I hope that you yet have not fallen asleep from reading. I shall not write much while. We should find out more many still about each other, I hope.:) And I do not want to hurry up to drink all honey of speeches at once. Know, that today in the sky the new star has lit up. A star of my hope about you.;) Kind night. And vigorous morning. I with impatience shall wait your answer.
Intimately, Olesya.
Letter 2

I have not received the answer from you. Certainly I understand it can be for the different reasons. But you know human reason. Always it would be desirable to find a new explanation. And it very much torments me.
Maybe in the Internet any malfunction and your letter has not come to me.
Maybe my letter has not reached to you and you think that I am not interested in you.
Maybe you are very much borrowed.
Maybe, I simply have not liked you and you do not want to write to me..
And thousand thousand explanations. But what from them the truth??
Tell to me please. Otherwise I shall awkwardly feel myself.
With impatience I wait the answer.
Sincerely, Olesya.
Letter 3

Hello my the hardly perceptible friend.
I hope that you had good day. It is a pity that I have not received the letter from you. It seems that you absolutely have forgotten me? I hope that you well feel yourself. To me has bothered to wait and I has decided to break silence. At me today very good mood. Yesterday we with girlfriends went on a disco and had very well fun. We had so much entertainments! All guys were mad from us.:)
And we danced incendiary dances and only laughed. My girlfriends very much love such parties. And always try to pull out me there. I not so like there. Because in such clubs smoke much and drink alcohol. But when I dance I overlook about all. And me it was very cheerful. And with us got acquainted different guys. And everyone he not tried to show that that that he is. I hope you you understand? All tried to look so cool..:)) But it was ridiculous. One guy even tried to dance with me. But he was *****... As many however..:)) He has approached to me.. Also has fallen in two meters from me.:)) It was so funny..
He wanted to tell before it something.. But could not. LOL
First we have laughed.. But then to me I became boring also with the girlfriend have gone home.. So there are my days.. I have thought can be valid you have no of time to write.. And I have vainly taken offence at you.. But you have not answered even me.. I do not know.. I simply write to tell Hello.. And to wish you Good day..
Olesya... from Russia.. (it seems you has stopped?) :x
Letter 4

Hello my imperceptible the man. I could not write to you yesterday because the Internet - cafe have been closed on preventive maintenance. I very much missed and worried for you. Today we with mum went in a kitchen garden and have very much got tired. But I thought only of you. And despite of weariness I have come today to cafe. And as I have been disappointed that you have not written to me absolutely anything. It so has afflicted me. You absolutely seem do not think of me. And you does not excite that I come in cafe for the sake of. I hope to receive the letter from you. But you indifferently leave me without the answer. And it very much afflicts. And even offends me. Really I absolutely mean nothing for you? You could express human respect even.. I do not speak already about courtesy with the girl. I go today home very much afflicted. And disappointed. But I hope that you have good day. In any case.. I wish you happiness.. It is a pity that you you do not hear my heart.. Also you can not to heed to my soul. Intimately, yours Olesya.
Letter 5

Hello again.
You have remained indifferent to my request. I really very much miss and I worry without you. The most opposite that ideas about you do not leave me alone. Always I hope that here now I shall come and I shall receive your letter. And you to me you will explain all. And I with a smile shall understand that I vainly worried. Ah, it is awful! To be in constant doubt. Really you at all do not understand me. Or you play with me? You like to see as I am tormented and am tormented? If it is valid so.. That I am disappointed with you.
Good-bye. And Good luck.
Letter 6

Hello again.
I have not received any your letter. And afflicted I go home.
I hope you have good day. Take care.
Sincerely, Olesya.
Letter 7

Hello again my distant friend!
Keith, how you slept this night? Ah, it is so romantic to represent that you now somewhere so far. And I here. But due to achievements of a science we can communicate and take pleasure. It so is fine. I hope that my English is clear to you. To me it is awkward that I cannot to communicate freely with you in your beautiful language. But I shall try that our dialogue became more clear and interesting. Keith, I am very glad that you liked my pictures. It has been made this summer on river Volga. I very much like to be there. And you have places where you like to reflect about a life? I while hope to receive your pictures. I hope you you will send me it soon? I shall look forward. It so is sad that your nephew was wounded in Iraq. It so is sad that war again torments our world. I am sad when I think of it. I hope that now your nephew well feels? Keith, tell to me please more about you. I already spoke you that I work as the children's psychologist. And I very much love my work. Children it probably precious that are in this world. But the person so is easy for injuring in the childhood. And consequently the help of the psychologist is very necessary. Keith, this heavy occupation. Represent as sometimes it happens to work hardly with difficult teenagers. But I do not regret that have chosen it. The Bible teaches us: " Be good also it will return to you ". I hope that once I shall have own family and love. Dreams - dreams..:) And you dream about something? You had once desire to wave a magic stick as the magician and to execute something? You a leo on the zodiac? And I libra.:) You fire! And air is necessary for fire.;)) Keith, it would be interesting to me to find out more about you. And I with impatience shall wait your new letters and your questions. I with pleasure shall tell that interests you. However now I should go to sleep. And I wish you light of stars.
Letter 8

Hello my Keith.
I very much hope that at you all good. I worry about you and I think always. You never leave my ideas.. And soul... It so is strange.. We in fact so know each other a little.. However.. Keith, if at you will be free two - three minutes. Write to me please some words. I have chosen you from many men. I thought that we with you can become closer. You think I were mistaken? I now shall close it and with impatience I shall wait your letter. I very much miss you.
Intimately, yours Olesya.
Letter 9

I do not know why you have not written to me again the letter. Already how many days have passed? Today I very much worried that you miss my letter. On Saturday I went at date of a birth of my aunt. I could not write to you. I hoped to make it on Sunday. But we had thunder-storm and a downpour. In cafe the Internet has gone down also I was very excited. But when today I come in cafe I have seen that you have not written to me any letter. Why? Really you do not think at all of me? Probably I was mistaken in you. I still has splinters of hope.. And patiences.. With impatience I wait your letter. Sincerely upset yours Olesya..
Letter 10

Hello my Keith.
To me it is sad that you hasten to trust all that write in the Internet.
I saw that that you spoke. It is a site: romancescamm ? It so is awful.
But why you at once have believed that I deceive you? I know as my photos have got on this site. Keith, I search for my love. Therefore I have got acquainted with some guys. With you including. But one man was very rough and importunate. He always spoke only about *** and asked my **** photos. I have said good-bye to him and have told that he did not write to me already. But he has called me scammer and I promised to declare in the Internet that scammer. I not give to his words of the large value. But now I understand that he has made it.
But, Keith why you trust this? In fact so I can send to this site of a photo of any girl and accuse her. If she it is simple to me it is not pleasant. You understand? Keith, I understand that it will be difficult for you to trust me now and you probably not begin any more write to me. But I cannot leave that you thought of me poorly. Not ALL Russian girls bad. But bad people seem in the world many. And I am compelled to suffer from it. Good-bye my, Keith.
Good-bye and farewell...
I shall miss you.
Sincerely, Olesya.
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