Scam Letter(s) from Galina Snopkova to Keith (England)

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Letter 1

Hello dear friend

How are you today? I hope that you are enjoying it and my letter will help you in case your mood is not perfect .I do not even know what to start with . So I want to be a source of something warm and caring in life of people around me. But it seems to me that I forgot to introduce myself.

So my name is Galina , but here all my friends and relatives call me just Galya .I am lucky because I have loving family ( I live with my parents and a sister) and I have a lot of friends .My mom always says us ,"Girls, before doing anything, take into account not only mind , but feelings and the desires of your heart too ." Maybe it is a simple women's logics , but in her case it works .They are a very happy and touching couple with my dad .I would love to meet a man with whom we could make a strong and happy for the both of us partnership too.

When I decided to start my search in Internet, I hesitated a lot, to tell the truth .But the examples of some girls who succeeded in it made me feel much more sure .And also I remembered a well known expression that it is better to feel sorry of what you have done than what you have not .But I think that I will not have to do it because I belive in positive always .So if you got interested in a 25 -years-old, green-eyed and friendly lady with lots of interests and lots of tenderness, write me.

I hope to hear from you soon, Galina

Letter 2

Hello Keith,

I thank you for the respond .Sorry for the late answer .Frankly speaking, I did not hope that you would answer me at once. Thank you for your photo. I hope you will like my photo too . This is me and my good acquaintance ( we study together). I know that Leo sign is very good, i like the people with such kind of sign. They are very strong and like power. Maybe its not the correct question but at least i want to know. Have you ever been married? Do you have your own children?

I do not even know what to start my life story with . I am an ordinary girl with ordinary feelings and wishes .I can admit that I do not have any outstanding talents .But I really do not feel unhappy about it .I am what I am .Also I need to tell you a bit about my life .I am afraid it is not so interesting for you .The matter is that I am a student now .I study management .I hope that I will become a travel manager some day .I live with my parents and a sister .We live in the east of Ukraine, in an industrial center of the country - Lugansk . It is an average city with no metro or high traffic .But it is also very convenient because I live and study at the same city.

As for my hobbies, it is impossible to enumerate all of them in one letter .I have so many interests .I want to be able to do a lot and know a lot .Most of all I adore music .I listen to it almost every day .Especially I like Rasmus, Pink, Eminem, etc .I like foreign music , but I dream of listening to a song in most international languages and understanding what they sing there .I heard that there people who know all international languages .It seems to me that they are really happy .Tell me more about your country .Do you know a lot about Ukraine? I would love to invite you to my city too .I send you my best wishes, take care, Galya

Letter 3

Dear sir,

It's a pity,but our client, Galina ,can not use the services of our agency any more .The term of her contract is over already.
Though she is very interested in you,her account is over .That's why,she can't reply your letters .We were sorry to disappoint her,but our services are equal for any client.

If you wish to continue your corresponding with Galina, we will be glad to inform you about the services of our agency .If you are not interested in the girl any more, let us know, please.

If you have any questions you may call us on the telephone:13158492835.
Please,take into account the time difference .We work from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. according Ukrainian time.

We hope for our successful cooperation.

Sincerely yours,
the manager of "Intertranslationservice"
Vladimir Tokarev



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