Scam letter(s) from Marina Antonova to Hugh (Scotland)

Letter 1

Hello, my new friend Hugh I am very glad to get your letter, and to know you. It is always interesting to meet a new friend, because it is always great to talk to interesting person, who has so many in common with me. So, for a beginning, I thing I'll tell you about me. As you have already known that my name is Marina, (that means that I am made of the sea:) ) So, I am calm, and easy-going. I have a lot of friends, and I like to meet new people, I love my life, but I wish I could share it with someone... So, that's why I am here, I hope that I will find my soulmate at last... I need someone whom I will love with all my heart, and who will answer me with the same feelings, I want to take care, and I want someone to take care of me :) Well, I was born in a small city in a western part of Ukraine, it's name is Schastie. As for the your city, yes, I have heard about Glasgow, it is your capital... You know, every stranger who comes to our city think that everybody who live there is very happy, because if you translate the name of the city in English, you'll have the name "Happiness". I like that city, but I left it for a years ago. It is small, and my mother couldn't find a job there, I was a student of a college, I was studying in Lugansk, so my mother decided to come to Lugansk and stay here. We rent a one-room flat, and trying to do our best together. Dear, I am not sure if it is interesting to you. Tell me please, what would you like to know about me, and I'll be happy to tell you everything that will be interesting to you. I hope that in your next letter you'll tell me about you, it is so interesting to know you better. Dear, I think that I have to say to you at once that I can't speak English, I know it is not very good if we want to build real family, but I will learn it, as soon as it will be possible for me, and till that time I have decided to use the translation service to help us to understand each other :)
I like to spend some time watching some movie, or having fun with my friends. But you know, there is always something missing... I am only a half... So, I need to find my another part, my love and my happiness... Well, dear, I think I'll stop for now, I hope to hear from you soon,
Your Ukrainian friend, Marina :)
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