Scam letter(s) from Marianna Kropotova to Jessey (USA)

Letter 1

Hi mine dear Jessey! How you today my lovely? I - OK. yesterday we was quite good had fun at my girlfriend. Though, I think, that if you, was there with me, - that it would be much more pleasant. And what you, Jessey, had yesterday evening? Whether you recollected me? I recollected about to you. Last time, I frequently think of you. These ideas give me it is a lot of pleasure, but also they give me a lot of excitement. I very much worry, when I present for myself that moment, when we in to the airport for the first time we shall see each other. I am afraid, that suddenly, because of confusions, you will meet not joyfully me. We write each other, that very gently we shall meet each other. But on e-mail it is simple to speak such things. And when actually, we appear the friend before the friend during the first moment there can be a uncertainty and confusion. From it our behaviour can be, what we expect. I think, that for the first time in a new place, among set of strangers- I shall test the big confusion and I can not show the initiative to to you Jessey. Also, I very much worry concerning our the first evenings together. Lovely, inform me the ideas about it. I hope, that you the first will show the initiative because I shall be very much to worry. Probably, I tested similar excitement, when for the first time in life, I reached at school on the first examination. That you you feel be relative it? As you imagine for this yourself the moment? Inform me Jessey, what weather at you is expected forthcoming month. I should choose and prepare carefully for clothes, that to look very well. I would not want to be dressed not for a climate. it is an important point - clothes for the woman. Write to me loved favourite and inform things which I asked. I reached in agency. They have told, that within the next few days my visa will be here. The embassy approved my questionnaire and Therefore I can soon arrive to you Jessey. Also they asked to pay within the next few days other money of payment of them. Therefore, lovely, try tomorrow or to send the day after tomorrow to me money 950 $, for payment of them. My information for this purpose: My first name Marianna. My last name Kropotova . street :Shestakova 17 - 15 sity : Volzhsk , Russia , 425000 Also, do not overlook after that, to inform me the information; a full name, the address and Confidential number. I promised agency to pay them these days. Also the agent wants to know, what is the time we plan To be together. It is necessary for him for reception of tickets. favourite, what is the time you can have for our meeting? I not I can be absent for a long time from my work. Inform me Jessey, how many days will be convenient for you. Approximately in a week Or it is a little more, I can arrive to you. Please, dear, plan this time for me. I have intention to take away You, these days, from all yours has put, that you belonged only to me. And for it, I promise to surround you in This time, my caress and care. I hope, that it will be a pleasant exchange for you! My kisses and embraces for you, My favourite Jessey! Yours Marianna. I wait for your messages dear!
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