Letter(s) from Olga Mahova to Ralph (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello, I am very glad that you have answered mine message! I wanted to send the letter at once to several people, I very long looked at profiles, but I liked only you, and I have sent the letter only to you, I think that I have made correctly. I at once want to inform you that I search for serious attitudes, to me spoke that, some people in the Internet get acquainted with girls only for reception of naked photos, it is the truth? I for the first time use services of the Internet, and I was difficult for trusting in it. I do not want it! I want find person with which can to live all life, and if you want only naked photos of me I ask you to not answer my letter. But I think that, I not was mistaken in you! I shall tell a little about myself.
To me of 27 years, also it will be very soon April, 20 at me birthday,
and to me will be 28 years. I was born and live now in Sayanogorsk,it the not big but beautiful Russian city it is far from Moscow. I have no brother or sister. I have mother I love she very very much. My mum is best person for me in the world. I live in one apartment with my mum. I finished medical university, and now I work in hospital, on a speciality I the oculist in hospital for children it the work take all my free time. I think very important to find a in life, work from which you receive pleasure. Some people work only for reception of money, and they do not love work, I receive not many money, but I love the work I is very happy that I can to help to recover to children. At leisure I like to go to the park, or at cinema. I like reading books about love. Sometimes I observe TV, or I prepare something tasty. What dish you love most of all? I very much want to learn more concerning you: What work you do make? What music you like to listen to? What causes in you a smile, or boredom? for me inside world of man is more important that how he is looks. I think that very important, well to learn each other, it will help to develop our attitudes, you agree with me? I understand that you want to know more about me, but I know English it is not so good. It is very hard for me to write is much for one letter. I shall write more about me in the following letter. I send you the photo I hope that you it is pleasant. I shall wait for the letter, tell to me more about myself, Ok? Your Olga