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Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:10:57 PM): hey

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:11:26 PM): how are you?

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:12:03 PM): I am dpoing good

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:12:48 PM): well, i am from Texas

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:14:30 PM): I lives in Balanco, Texas, I live in West Africa for UNICEF as providing for the children both orhpanage and also fight for the right of the kids.

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:17:41 PM): I work for the Unicef but i am still youth under training, it has been so intresting work that has broung me down here in Africa, i have been living and working fine, i feel so much for the people here with AIDS and it over millions of people inflicted with HIV/AIDS, so i am a very busy woman because i have not really start work just on experiment and training so i don't have much time to spend on here.

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:20:24 PM): I have my parent down here, I am a mix race. My parent are also Half white and black. Tell me more about yourself too. I have been here for many here now and i enjoy been here. I can't find myself going to another country than Africa, i am also here looking for a very honest, sincerity, faithful and also God's fearing man in his heart.

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:23:22 PM): I am thinking o fcoming back to the states only if i only found my soul mate.

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:25:48 PM): I am a little young woman looking for a marriage and family . I am a Pure in heart, i also believe in God in my life. I will like to meet a higherly respected man from a good and responsible family of a good home that can take good care of a woman with honesty, faithful and also trustworthy love and in all kinds of aspect of life a woman wants.

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:40:07 PM): A really want a good and responsible guy and a guy that has God's fearing in his heart and that deserve the respect of a woman. Only once in your life, I truly believe, you find someone who can completely turn your world around. You tell them things that you've never shared with another soul and they absorb everything you say and actually want to hear more.

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:57:51 PM): My dad is from Florida, Tampa, he is fully white, I lost him when i was 5years old, while my mum is from Africa black, we both live in Lakewood, Ca. We are only 2 for my dad and mum, My elder brother and also me, I am the only and last girl while my brother is also the first and only boy, i am like a miracle daughter to my family because my mum gave birth to me at a time she doesn't expect she could ever concieve again but due to the love of God and the wish and her faith in God, she has alos gave birth to me but the most painful part is that i lost my dad when i was just only 5years old, sometimes, i still cry whenever i remember him because i feel he is still alive to see his daughter and son in a happy life.

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 8:59:55 PM): I am not here for weather you are rich or poor, i don't even care about age because i think all this are what we met on earth and when we are coming to live, we brought nothing and when dying we are taking away nothing even if you are the richest man, when dying you will drop over all the richest you have on earth.

Mary Lillian (9/27/2006 9:00:38 PM): Even age i don't believe me in that because both Adult and young die at anytime so why can't we just forget about age and do what is neccessary because what i think is much more important is Love matter most.

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 7:37:58 PM): Well, i have not been married before i have been focusing on my educations and i am a woman never to depend on any man in my life because it is very risky, i also want to be a dependable woman that i can depend on myself without any man beside me,Now that i have my master in International Relations and also BSC in education, i think i can be able to work and earn a good livivng even to take care of my family without the husband's help

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 7:56:50 PM): Thank you so much for your honesty and kindness, i am very greatful, i ask this question because it has also been a little while i have been on webdate and sincei got the chance to talk to you and i am so much intrested in you.I have some people i do talk to just for friendship but when i told them i am not intrested in friendship they got angry and they keep begging to talk to me but since when i got you and i see your seruoisness and kind, i have been very serious with you and i deleted them and i also block them and the day i have your email was the last day i have been on the dating site because i do believe i have truly found you and i don't think there should be any obtacle on our way if we truely know that we found each other, the distance between us should not be a problem to us.

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 8:01:46 PM): I am only protect my pride, love, honesty, dignity, and also i wnat to be so much proud of you, i am so much a very honest person and humble.

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 8:14:03 PM): Look,I am not here wanting you for your look, you look very great to me, i chose you and i wnat you to know that all i am saying is thati am very honest to you, i will be till i die no matter what's going to cause me. I look at inside of you, alot of handsome guys but they have bad and arogant heart beating and fighting woman never wnat love but all they do wnat is sex, some will tell you they are looking fo oral sex with a wife, can you imagine that? all sort of rubbish atttitude, if i am looking at handsome, i will go wrong and i will end it up in divorcing or been a single mother, this i don't wnat in my life, i wnat a handsome in herat like you. If I am to talk of beauty, i will have any man i want but it is very wrong for me to do that.

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 8:18:21 PM): what's the essence of beauty and ending it up in lossing your dignity and your reputation? don't you know that once a woman lose or open her nakeness for the man he believe and trust in and after the man nver loves her and start beating her, no love, no caring, nothing, won't it end in divorcing? A unfaithful man who wants a woman becauseof beauty will be after sex and after getting what he wants the woman will be so much useless and unuseful to him.

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 9:02:34 PM): I am a woman i don't believe in being with a rich man or a poor man because we came to the worng empty handed and we are going back with empty handed, i am only intrested in a woman that has a God's fearing in his heart and also responsible like you. We are all human beings, but LOVE we have for each other is the greatest because love is much powerful so due to this, i don't believe in you are older than me or i am older than you all i believe is in love because love is what matters alot in every relationship and age is nothing but a number.I am a woman of a very caring and loving, i care alot for people and i wnat you to know that i am also a woman of my words, that means whatever i say just believe it is the truth and fact about me.

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 9:56:31 PM): did you get those pictures?

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 11:01:34 PM): I am also sending you a picture of me live just to indicate how tall i am and also my body shape

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 11:37:22 PM): my families still look young

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 11:37:34 PM): My mum is 75years at this present

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 11:50:46 PM): well, day by day we get to know about each other, firstly we need to develop Trust, second is fath and thirdy is God because with these threes things they work a very majestical way, why trust is that if you want to do anything for me or anything in future, you have to trust me because if you don't trust me, you won't be able to be of help or anting to do anything either for me or to you. Secondly is Faith, like the distance in between us, if we have the faith that we will be together, no matter how far, we will be so close in heart and then God will find a possible way for us to come together because he always make a way where there's no way and he is the one that also provide financially so he is great and lastly have God, all i could say about that you know already because.....

Mary Lillian (9/28/2006 11:53:07 PM): ........"With God all things are possible" so we have to put God in front then we pray over it and ask God to give us the power and grace to do it and then he will answer our prayer and also guide us through and i also believe so much in that.

Mary Lillian (9/29/2006 9:51:19 PM): Well, I went to see my mum to day and i told her about you and everything and just few we just met and she was so much happy and filled with joy, i can't believe that it is a thing of joy when you have a daughter and you have been expecting her to bring her husband and one day she did and you never expect it and she does. It was even my mum that did the cooking today and she was happy o hear about you and everything was so full of joy even in me i felt somthing good in me that i found joy in my life.

Mary Lillian (9/29/2006 11:48:40 PM): bcause my mum told me that if you decided to come over here and then we go together that's too expensive that you might spent over 10 000 usd even it will take so long before i can come because the embassy will wnat to go into alot of prceddure before they can allow me to follow you because US now is mor strict than ever before.

Mary Lillian (9/29/2006 11:54:01 PM): yes, i am a dual citizenship but i normally use Nigerian and also US passport, it won't be a problem but it has been long i travelled and also my passport has expired so for me to come won't be much problem and moreover i work for the UNICEF and all i think i need to do is to collect transfer letter.

Mary Lillian (9/30/2006 11:18:55 PM): so honey, i got information and how much i have and ways i need to process for me to come to you

Mary Lillian (9/30/2006 11:21:11 PM): well, i was told i have to get a letter of transfer and that will cost 800 usd and the i go to the embassy and then get my money to get ticket there and i come to you

Mary Lillian (9/30/2006 11:23:20 PM): The letter of transfer means that i wnat to go back to the states for one or more reason or maybe i found someone i am intrested in

Mary Lillian (9/30/2006 11:27:42 PM): Passport is no business with getting a letter of transfer even if my passport is valid, i have to come back to renewl that of passport

Mary Lillian (9/30/2006 11:32:35 PM): you know i am only a dual citizen to the states and i also a full citizen here too so that's why

Mary Lillian (9/30/2006 11:44:44 PM): Yes, i understand you and i also help and i wil never let people spend there money anyhow, i also wnat you to know i am not a kid in travelling, i have been so many parts of Africa and also to many places. It is just like i am resigning and it is the agreement between my government here that i ahve made to them. What i am doing here is just like a school that i need to pay school fees and when i graduated then i can work with my certificates that's just the way the work or tranining i am dojng right now

Mary Lillian (10/1/2006 12:05:24 AM): yes yes. I live in one yo have mentioned which is Lagos is where we are working on now but my mum live in Abuja. Lagos is a popular city and also Abuja is the federal capital.

Mary Lillian (10/1/2006 10:31:10 PM): I am 6.2ft tall and also 75kg in weight

Mary Lillian (10/1/2006 10:40:07 PM): I am not here to use you for money, I reject such things like that but i don't know why people are being so much supid and also here playing with feelings. Honey, i wnat you to know that there's nothing we human beings do either good or bad on earth that doesn't have a repecaution or side effect to us because people that are coming online having people's money and go away, maybe later tomorrow they think of getting married and everytime they gte problems, they won't know that they have done bad somewhere by taking people's money through playing with there feelings, you know alot of things will coem to realities happening to them when they expect to rest while you that gives your hand will always be up, you might thing you have lost money but i wnat you to know that God will be blessing....

Mary Lillian (10/1/2006 10:43:52 PM): in many fold that you don't expect and while people having peoples' money will be suffering, it might not be now but when the times comes they will have forgotten where it comes from like the WRATH OF GOD, so don't be upset about your past or by women on here saying theuy love you and play away with your feelings, don't you know it is not proper to play with feeling because it is so much hurting to the soul because even God created feelings into us and make us to love one another and not making us to play feelings, so just believe in everything you do. Even if you help someone, don't expect that same person to pay you back for what you have help him/her because it is only God that can pay you back and no man but everything we do either good or bad is written down in heaven.

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 9:54:09 PM): Well, i pray to God for things to work out between us and i have started seeing signs and wonders but the devil is trying to bring out some difficulty into us but we have to struggle hard to break the wall of distances in between us

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 9:59:42 PM): because i have been to my working place today and tell them that i am resinging from there work and they ask me why and i told them that, i find my soul mate and i am getting married soon and everyone where so suprise and they ask how come so soon i wnat to leave and then i sk that all i knwo is that i wnat to leave and they told me to get money to get a transfer letter as soon as possible and it cost 800 usd and after that then i go direct with my flight money to the embassy then i get ticket direct from the embassy with my airline money there then i come straight down to your nearest airport

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:18:32 PM): 800 usd is what i need and also the flight cost is also what i need and also the flight is not as expensive as you get it over there

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:23:17 PM): the best safe method that's very good and now secure that i also find out at the embassy is western union and also the airline i found out is in 2 ways

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:24:16 PM): the first one cost 2500 usd and when i gtet to you they will return back 1500 usd to us and the other one cost 2000 usd but if i get there they won't return back anything to me

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:31:02 PM): honey, for right at the moment first i just need 800 usd

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:31:34 PM): secondly, you have to chose one in the airline

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:34:41 PM): first, if we order airline of 2500 usd we will be refund back 1500 usd

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:35:22 PM): another option is that if we buy airline worth of 1850 usd, we eon't be refund back anything

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:37:55 PM): well, for me i will prefer the one of 2500 usd so that when i get to you, i will gte back 1500 usd because we could use 1500 usd for better things

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:41:08 PM): because if we buy the one of 1850 usd it is just of no use for us to wasting that kind of money, like i told you i won't ever try to let waste any money at all, i know how to manage capital for people, even I don't know why people get a Frist Class order, i believe it is because they are too rich and that's why and tey don't have any other things to use money for

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:46:24 PM): there was a time when UNICEF gave us first class o fly to another city for work, i told them to get me economy class and then they could not and i get it and i get the return balance, at first they thought i wanted to ahve the rest money in my pocket but i told them that i am giving this remaining money to the people who needs alrms and i did

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:47:23 PM): don't you know that they will pray for me rather than spending moeny for people that will just appreciate that you spend money and can only appreciate you when you have rather than people that will give you a blessing and the blessing will be forevere?

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:52:37 PM): so honey, western union is better and at the end of the day we can have some money for better things, I wnat to really assure you to have no doubt and if you are reayd i am coming this week

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 10:55:48 PM): My love, since we are now and understand what we want, we should let the love in between us get it fade away because if we can't meet each other or times goes on, the distance will let thing fade even love will fade away so that's whywe need to do things and pray to God in all times and see what happens

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 11:01:03 PM): My full name is Mary Lillian Faluyi but honey, one little problem, you know the money is much and i won't want us to get the money into risk because here bad people all around, no one knows who is watching each other and you know i still stay under my elder brother and he is my guidian so i will like to use his information to do because it will be more secure and more safety for me and him to go together to the western union with the confrmation and have the money together and immediately he can take me to the embassy to get all documnet required and get neccessary document and then i hope before friday or sauturday morning you can pick me up at the airport

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 11:03:47 PM): i mean my brother information and also i will email you my birth certificate and also my school ID card

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 11:04:01 PM): can you give me just 10mins before you go to bed ?

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 11:04:07 PM): so i can do that very fast

Mary Lillian (10/2/2006 11:04:28 PM): i just ahve to warm the scanner and scan it and also write the information

Letter 1

Honey, this is my brother information on my behalf and also my birth certificate, it is also getting to know more about each other.

Name.............. Gbenga Faluyi

Address........... 4, Ifelodun street, Lagos, Nigeria. City................. Ejigbo State............... Lagos Country........... Nigeria Zipcode............ 23401.

Your Heart....




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