Scam letter(s) from Marina Strelkova to David (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my loved David!
I'm fine. Day became even better after your letter. You bring pleasure during my life.
When I see your letter, it becomes very good me. Especially I like feeling which overflows me.
When I open your letter, I am overflown with interest about what you have written to me.
It is very healthy. I love your letters. Very much it is pleasant to me, as you write to me. You very sincere.
You know, I already spoke you, that my life has changed with your occurrence.
But now I want to tell, that I feel to you something the greater, than simply friendship. And it seems to me that mutually.
I wake up in good mood because I know, that today I can see your letter, find out something the greater about you.
That you to me again will be, speak by good and kind words.
You have noticed, what I do not write to you, and I speak?
I do not use a word to write, because it seems to me, that we really speak with each other.
I close eyes and I see before myself you. You look me in the face.
As it is a pity to understand sometimes, that all this my dreams and imaginations.
I think of you constantly. You always in my ideas. And all this is not simple so.
Every day I understand, that you became very dear to me. You especial.
And you with me.
I know it, because I see it between lines of your letters.
You the most remarkable, that happened in my life.
I feel changes in the life. And not only. You have noticed, what I began to speak with you in another way?
I am glad, that all this has taken place. Because I so for a long time about it dreamed.
And now all this became a reality.
I am happy, that in my life that person who understands me has appeared.
I think, that it is very important. What you it think of all?
I like to fall asleep with ideas on you. Because then I can dream about you.
And there it seems to me, that all this is real. I can look in your eyes. I can embrace you and kiss.
In my dreams all as in a fairy tale. I very much would want to transform it into a reality.
As is healthy to have such person as you.
I thought, that have lost hope. And never I can test that I test now.
I have already lost hope. But now I see, that all has changed. You have brought light and pleasure during my life.
You such remarkable person. I very much would not want to lose you.
Because it means for me now much.
I see in you the person who can understand me. On light so it is a lot of people. Also that the most remarkable.
That people can find the half anywhere. It depends on the country, not from language and color of a leather.
All business in any connection which is not visible to people. How you
think? Forgive, but I should finish the letter.
Yesterday I went in professional a photographic studio to make some professional photos.
I have made them and is fast they will be ready. As soon as I shall receive their that I shall necessarily send them to you. Ok?
Today I want to send you some old photos. On the first photo where I with the girlfriend, I for five years am younger.
On two others, I for one year more youngly than now. They have been made on the nature when we went on a camping.
I hope shortly to see your letter. I very strongly miss on you.
I dream to see your smile when you will find this letter. With love.
Your Marina.
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