Scam letter(s) from Marina Strelkova to Jay (USA)

Letter 1

Hello Jay! I am really glad, that I see your letter. In this letter I want to tell about myself, my biography. As you already know, my name is Natalya, I live in very far and very beautiful country Russia. I was born and I live in a small provincial town, Borisoglebsk. I never was in other countries, saw them only on the TV and read about them in different books. But I very well know my country. Earlier I was fond of a history. And all my knowledge primary about Russia. I am thirty five years old. I was born in 1971 on February, 9th. I live with mum in a two-room apartment in the center of our city. It is very beautiful city. Our city has been based, according to historical documents in 1698 year, and so it have over 300 years behind. First it was named Pavlovsk, but soon has been renamed in honour of sacred princes Boris and Gleb. In days of Petr First was well-known, mainly, for a ship wood. And development of city was promoted by construction in 1869 Tzaritsinskaya railway. Now our city is the real industrial centre, we have here quite good educational institutions, very known in Russia pedagogical institute, medical institute and aviation school. And also many centers of cultural leisure, such as Drama theatre of a name of N.G.Chernyshevskiy, museums, huge set of temples and ancient private residences of merchant style. Architectural monuments of 19-20 centuries. Today our city Borisoglebsk second on a population in our area.It is rather far from our capital, Moscow. The nearest big city is Rostov-on-Don. In general Borisoglebsk is surrounded by huge set of the same cities as ours. For example, Povorino, Ertil, Uryupinsk and many others.The city have very beautiful river which divides it into 2 parts, and in city many beautiful places where it is possible to have a rest, stay alone with yourself, to dream, for example about something good. The city have a lot of trees, it is very green and clean. And it is a lot of woods around the city. I am sure that your city very beautiful too. I very much want to find out about your city. In general abroad, in other countries everywhere it is beautiful!!! I never visited other countries though I very much would like it. It is my blue and might-have-been dream since the childhood! Now I will tell you about myself and about my family. My father has died six years ago. It was very difficult and a turning-point of my life. I began to look different at many things. We with mum support each other and we continue to live further. It was especially hard for mum, but I have not left her and now we with her live soul in soul. Now she wishes only one that I make my life happy. My profession is a children's doctor, the pediatrist. I work in a children's polyclinic as the local doctor the pediatrist. I have higher education. I have finished medical academy, faculty of pediatrics and now I occupy the post. I always dreamed to become the doctor and besides I very much love children. In this I have combined useful and pleasant. I like to help and treat kiddies. I very strongly like these little and lovely creations. But I do not have own children. Write to me about your family please. Do you have children and how you think about them? To you, probably, it will be interesting to find out, why I have decided to write to you? In our polyclinic one nurse has got acquainted with the foreigner on the Internet, and not a long ago has married him and has left to live with him in his country. They are fine and they are simply happy. I too am very glad, that they are fine and happy. And I too have decided to try find happiness and to try to get acquainted with the man on the Internet. What if I will find my second half and create good and strong family. I also want to tell you in beginning, that I am interested only with serious relations. And if do not have serious intentions it is better for me that you will not write me more. I search good, clever, strong and adult man. The one who wants to connect his life with woman. When I have seen your profile something was trembled in me, and I have understood, that I want to get acquainted with this man!!! You can count it as a compliment, but it is truth. I have understood, that serious relations are necessary for you. I want you to ask, do you understand my English? I think, I know it not so poorly. From the beginning I studied the English language at school within several years, and then in Academy together with latin. And now I write to you from the Internet cafe because I have no computer at home, and no on work. Very much I want to learn about you as much as possible. Do you work? If yes, where? And whether your work is pleasant to you? Write about yourself everything, that you think I need to know, it will be interesting for me to learn all about you. I want to finish the first letter on this point. Also I hope in the near future to see your letter in my mail box. Good bye, yours Natalya.
Letter 2

Well!!! I have waited, and you have answered my letter! I so am glad, that I learn about you so much new and, that we continue our acquaintance. I understand, that it is very interesting to you to learn, why I the beautiful and independent woman from Russia wish to communicate with the person from other country and even other continent. It will be difficult for me to answer this question briefly. I know, that Russia very big country and in it is a lot of cities, and huge quantity of people and the population, but to meet on the present of the worthy person, the man in full sense of this word, and, at last, the partner in life it is possible far from being to all. If the fate such people simply units, and I simply envy them white envy will smile to someone. I in the 35 years could not find for myself the worthy person yet. I cannot tell about myself, that my private life has not developed in any way. Certainly in my life there were men. But I never collided really with serious attitudes. These some novels gave me wide experience in a life. I began to understand better people and to understand them when they it is sincere also him it is possible to open the soul, the heart and that when people speak lie and to be dishonest. When it is simply hard to communicate with them and it is better than them to delete simply for ever from the life to not cause itself a pain. I hope, that you understand about what I to you I speak. I think, that in attitudes more significant role is played with understanding and respect each other. First of all I am interested with a private world of the person. His external data for me are not important. In fact it that is given to the person from above. In Russia there is such saying: « From the person of water to not drink ». I with it completely agree. First of all I like to listen to people about what they speak. I think. What is the data are is far from being the most important in our life. On much more important that the person was good, kind, lovely tender, careful, loving, with the rich sincere world. All my former attitudes with men had the sad end. Now it is hard to speak about it And I at all do not like to lift this theme from the last life, but I understand that you interests this question. In one of the former men I did not find understanding. I did not feel like protected, confident, happy near to them. Now I am in search of second half. Because I think. That somewhere she really exists. And it is not important where, in fact if to us all this will be fated to meet equally will take place. For the sake of the present love I am ready to arrive even to North Pole. If only for me there waited the man, ready for the sake of me on all in this life. I would not regret anything to lead with it all life. It would be interesting to me to learn what woman you search? How you concern to that that between us such huge distance? What women like you? At us in Russia men choose to themselves women to external attributes. They are not interested with internal qualities of the person, their mind and so on. They consider, than less woman knows, the she is cleverer the better for a joint life. They search for themselves for a beautiful doll which can be shown the friends which will be constant to be silent and serve only as an ornament. Implicitly to carry out all commands of the husband as a true and devoted dog. It will not have personal opinion and a vote. Such life at the majority of the Russian women. I have told only about one type of men. Anything on the contrary it is not necessary for anothers. They till forty years walk and live in an owl pleasure. And then simply find to itself the woman who will prepare, will give birth him to children, one them will bring up. And on simple to wait in their evenings at a window when they will be developed in an owl pleasure and will find time to come back home. But for such type of men there is no so-called house. For them it is simple a place where it is convenient for them to live. All other men for whom from a life in general it is necessary nothing, they can live all conscious life with parents, drinking with friends and to lower all money in game automatic devices. Who will like such life who will want to connect the life with such men, which it is difficult even so to name. That remains to us to women: or to be reconciled with such vital prospect and to live a life near to such monster, or to remain one, to be independent and self-sufficient. On simple to find on itself all time and means. To be engaged in career and to be in loneliness. Now it is very much distributed in our country. At first sight is the beautiful young woman, living one. I contrary to all prejudices am completely sure, that I can find such person who will grow fond of me such what is, signs of me in the family and will want to divide with me all sorrows and pleasures. I would like to learn why you have decided to get acquainted with the woman through the Internet? I want to tell that to me very pleasantly to communicate with you. You very good interlocutor. Your letters for me mean much. I heard about men of your country as they concern to women as they value with all family much. What role in their life is played with a cosiness of the family center. I would like to learn your opinion after it to an occasion. It will be interesting to me to learn your ideas. Tell to me more about yourself and that you think of all above written. On it I say good bye to you. Your sincere friend Natalya.
Letter 3

Good afternoon. Jay the my dear friend! I am very glad, that we continue to learn each other. I like to write to you and to tell the most interesting things from my life, to speak you about the favourite things and employment. As I also spoke you, that in the free time I draw patterns for toys, and then I sew amusing toys. I began to be engaged in it very much for a long time, still then when went to school. I earlier, in the childhood collected toys for myself. All shelfs in my room were to fall asleep them. Sewed from various materials, slices of fur, the deputy. When I have grown, and they were not to me so roads, and it was necessary to fill in shelfs more significant in my life things, I have decided to give them to children's home. They there were much more necessary, than me. I very much love children and, not looking that I for a long time have matured in soul I I remain the child, as well as any of us. The child lives in soul of each person. My life now entirely also is completely connected to children though I and have no own. As you know, I work as the children's doctor, and I like to help to children. Also can be, it too has somehow affected my interests. In any free time I sew these toys to bring though small pleasure to these lovely kiddies which are much deprived in this life. How you concern to children? Than you are engaged during free time from work? Whether there is at you a hobby? You prefer what music? I like music of various directions. And I think, that it is necessary to listen to her under mood. I love classical music, the music written to various films. But basically I listen to radio. At us many various radio stations. I like to fall asleep under silent quiet music which allows to relax. I like to fall asleep under music and under it to wake up. Music borrows an integral part of my life. She goes with me on a life. We have simply class radio station which refers to Relax FM. There all time slow compositions under which to fall asleep one pleasure sound. Also I very much like to go to theatre and cinema. In our city there are some theatres, but I always preferred drama theatre. Some times I visited various operas, but I have understood, that it not for me. I try to visit all prime-ministers though it is not always possible as work takes away the most part of my life. Last performance which to me managed to be seen, referred to « do not trust the eyes ». It is performance in which the man plays the woman. I was in such delight that I can literally betray the play. Game of actors was simply matchless. Tell to me, whether you visit theatres? Whether the theatre and what exactly is pleasant to you? From films I prefer either psychological dramas, or thrillers more. Certainly, I like to look and comedies, but it is difficult for me to name now that was pleasant to me most of all. I adore our Soviet films, these are eternally living comedies which the infinite set is possible to look, time and will be always cheerful. What do you prefer at cinema? What films you like to look? When you last time were at a cinema? And you saw what film? I not frequently visit cinemas, but in last film which I looked there was a screen version « Yunona and Avos ». I have been shocked by game of actors, all accent of film has been put on feelings of heroes. Those who has come were mistaken to look historical film. I read this book and consequently very much it was pleasant to me as film and in general this history about love have been removed. You know about it? It would be very interesting to me to know your opinion. Tell about the culinary preferences. I simply born cook. The truth at me not always is time to stand at a plate. But when such opportunity is given out, I simply work wonders. Most of all I prefer the European kitchen, well and certainly traditional Russian. You tried something from our kitchen? I practised many kitchens, but I give preference Russian. In fact it to me is the closest, and I have got used to see it on a table every day. Culinary abilities were transferred me from mum. She simply remarkable cook. Since the childhood she indulges us the works of art. Otherwise I cannot describe it. I too adore to prepare various pies, cakes and other sweets. I hope, you sometime will have opportunity to try it. We gather for all family holidays our female family collective and we work wonders on kitchen. I think. That to ours to the daddy once has very much carried with such wife, as my mum. It is a pity, that it now is not present with us beside. Last time in a gift on its birthday we with the sister have prepared mum a pie from three floors, and all of them were various tastes. It has turned out it is very healthy, we have surprised all and have simply pleased with the next victory over a culinary field. Whether you like to prepare? And whether frequently you are engaged in it? I think, that in family the woman but if the man has such abilities it is very good should prepare. As is healthy to have a rest sometimes from kitchen and to allow the husband to engage in a supper. What do you think in this occasion? I would like to know about you and about your life all. Each trifle is interesting to me, it is interesting to me to know, where and as you live. I want to see more than your photos. In fact except for your letters and photos I have no other way to learn you. I like to tell about myself, and I can do it indefinitely, but we cannot force to wait for all world and we cannot stop time. Now it is time to me to go and I would like to finish on it the letter. I with impatience shall wait for your answer of new photos. Yours Natalya!
Letter 4

Hello Jay! Big to you thanks for your fine image, you have very much liked me. Today is very good day, I am all shining of pleasure, and all this because I am glad to you. Because, you have again answered my letter. Today I have been very busy for a long time on my work and I am very tired, but your letter has returned me to life, it gave me a drink of fresh air. My work is very interesting, but brings very small income and takes away from me many forces and time. My salary approximately 100 - 150 $. It is awful small salary, but I need to live on it somehow. I work 6 days in a week, with 9 up to 17, and in the lunch break, with 13 up to 14, I try to go in the Internet cafe which is close to my work and to look out for your letters. And sometimes I can correspond through the girlfriend, she have computer and the Internet, but it is expensive, therefore it is not always convenient to ask her. But I think, that is not a barrier for our dialogue, I will try to answer you so quickly as it possible. I want us to learn each other better and faster. I very much want to learn about you more. How your day pass through? What do you do at your free time? What kind of sports do you prefer? What is your hobby? I hope, that you will answer all my questions. I have told to my mum that I correspond with the person who lives in other country. Mum has asked me, why I write to the person who lives in other country. I have answered, that I very much disappointed in our people, and especially in men and I do not see with them absolutely any future! It is probably destiny has disposed in that way. I have not found the worthy person, the favourite person in our country and have written to you, to other country and I am very much glad. I hope that you are glad too about our acquaintance. In my life were enough unsuccessful love to understand, that I am unworthy such destiny, I very much want to be happy with the favourite person. I believe, that each person worthy it, though it I understand, that ideal people do not exist, but I deserve the greater, than I have today. I heard about people in your country a lot of good things, that they love and respect women and are ready to connect with them the life. Write to me about itself more. I will be glad to learn all about you! It is interesting to me how do you treat to animals? I adore them and I love, and is especial cats, I little crazy from they. In our home I have 3 of them, they live here as high-grade members of our family and each of them have own character. Sometimes it seems, that they are not animals, but people. When I have bad mood or weariness, cats come to lie near to you or on you and as though treat you. They take away all bad energy, and it becomes easier. In ancient Egypt the cat was considered as a sacred animal. In the free time I am engaged in flowers, indoor plants, I have a lot of it, it very well decorate our house. I very much like rare bright flowers, they cheer up. I am arranging from flowers different compositions, in one flowerpot can plant different kinds of plants and it turns out nice enough. On my work, in a polyclinic, in my cabinet it is a lot of plants. But, unfortunately not all flowers can be held in a polyclinic because they can be harmful to children as despite of the beauty are simply poisonous. But at home I can easily plant trees and shrubs in the window sills and do not be afraid for something. Do you like flowers? What is your favourite color? I also like to read different magazines about painting, artists, about a fashion, a history, about children and many other things. As I like to read foreign novels. I want to tell to you, that I am very like novel of American writer Dan Brown «Code da Vinci ». When it was published in Russia in 2003, I had nights without a break, and read and re-read this book again and again. Very interesting and historical novel!!! You probably heard about this book, it has shaken all world and has been translated to different languages of the world. After I have read this book, have rethought the life and a life of all alive as a whole. In short time it will take place screen version of that novel. I very much wait for it. So it would be desirable to see somewhat quicker of what you so for a long time dreamed!!! As I already told you, I very much like to cook. All my familiar speak, that I do it very well. Especially Russian pies, pancakes. Do you tried it sometime the true Russian batch? It is impossible to compare with something. I am sure, you will like Russian pies. In the days off, I am necessary making some batch and then I call friends on a visit. We spending time together, we sing songs by a guitar, and then we go at cinema. Sometimes we have such opportunity, to rest on the nature, on lake. We spend there the days off, we sleep in tents, we fry meat and all the night long we look at stars. At us very beautiful nature and many different lakes. I very much dream to see ocean, to visit mountains. I never was in mountains, never saw ocean and, at last, never was abroad. My favourite color is green. And my favourite season is mysterious spring. I adore different cockle-shells and ornaments from gifts of the sea, color stones and sand And gain I am dreaming. Today I am very tired and now I shall go home, there for me still waits some business. I hope to see your letter tomorrow again. I finish the letter though it became a little sad, in fact I not for long leave you. But with the big hope I wait for your prompt reply. Your new Russian friend Natalya.
Letter 5

Hello my dear friend Jay! I was waiting for your letter and, at last, I have received it. It is very glad, that you have answered my questions. Today I am happy as I never was. When I receive your letter, I all shining with happiness. The world seems to me absolutely different than before I met you. I even began to breathe in another way. And everyone around notice, that I have very much changed. And all this only because of you!!! I have very much liked you, and I have understood, that you the serious person. We have much in common and it seems to me, that we want same. Whole days I think only of you when I, at last, can receive your letter. Write to me, please, big letters, so it is pleasant for me to receive from you letters and to learn about you more and more. I am so overflown with emotions, that all thoughts are confused in my head, and I do not know, how collect them. I want to inform you my address: Russia The city of Borisoglebsk, street Solovjeva, The house 11, Apartment 4 Index 397160 My full name and surname Natalya Kiseleva. Also I ask you to send me your photo in your following letter. Write your address too that I could send you something from Russia. Also I do not want you to send me something via regular mail. Our country is very poor and people can steal something you may want to send. Sendings and letters frequently vanish on our mail in Russia. People search in them for something valuable, money or something else. And furthermore, if letters are sent from abroad, they very strongly draw attention. I ask you do not send anything, neither letters, nor cards, or I will be very sadly to find out that your message to me was gone and has fallen in greedy another's and curious hands. By the way, I want to tell you that I heard that it is possible to call in other countries from a public telephone booth! I very much want to hear your voice!!! We with mum do not have a phone in our apartment. We have for a long time put on a waiting list and waited, that we will have it. At that time daddy was alive. But now I heard, that it costs very dearly and even if we will be reached with turn we cannot pay such large sum. But I would like to talk to you, and I necessarily will go and I find out, how it is possible to make a international call. Also I ask you to write in the following letter your phone number on which I can call you. You, probably, even cannot present how it expensive to live in Russia. For comparison I can tell you, for example, bread costs 10 roubles, these are 25 cents. And average earnings of the Russian person makes from the lowest 50 $ up to 300 $, these are such scanty sums on it is not possible to live in ours not easy time. Therefore many people seeks for more work. Many people are arranged for the second and third work somehow to provide the family. The government constantly try to put a stick in wheels. And not so long ago have passed one law, for those who combines the work can receive only 50 for combined jobs. I do not understand, for what they act with people in that way. It is not fair to act like this, in fact if the person And other people, such as my mum, for example, hold not big garden and a kitchen garden in a city boundaries and plant there all vegetables and fruits which grow on our ground and under our climatic conditions. My mum likes to plants there vegetables, berries. We have not to buy many products in shop and consequently we save on it. Also mum and me make set of preparations for the winter. We salt cucumbers and tomatoes, we do salads and all this we roll up in banks. And berries turn out in fine compotes and jam. My mum very much wants to have grandsons, but, unfortunately, I cannot please them with it at present. I cannot build the family without second half - without the husband. I very much hope, that you that person whom I for a long time have searched. You trust in God? Our family - Christians. We go to church on the days off and on the big religious holidays. I can go there in any day when it is ******* soul, to ask the god of a pardon and a health for all my relatives. I wish you good health and successes in all your business. And you talk with God? About what? Write about it. I finish the letter on it and I start to miss you! Write me soon! I kiss you gently!!! Yours Natalya.
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