Letter(s) from Julia Sazonova to Alan (UK)

Letter 1

Alan, Fairly to tell, I knew that you will write to me! I felt it! It
really brings to me pleasure, that I have received the answer to my letter!
I want to tell at once, that I also have written to two more other men.
However they yet have not written back. Probably later they will write
to me. I hope, that you not against I wrote not only to you. I could not
speak about it. You have written to me to the first and consequently I
shall concern to your letter especially closely!
My first letter to you was short. Whether I do not know I can write to
you much. I do not know, that to you to tell. Our dialogue on mutual
questions and answers will be probable. Besides I want, that you told to
me about your life!
Alan, whether I want to know you understand my purposes of our
acquaintance? I want to explain to you the purposes of my acquaintance.
To me now 27 years also are good age to create family. I search for mine
soulmate. I want to marry
For the English the man. I want to live in England and I want to have
happy family. In the England I can give more to my family and children.
For this reason I want to live and work in the England. England is the
beautiful country. I want to trust, that our purposes coincide also you
also want to be married by the man. I shall hope, that you also search
for love and happiness. I shall hope, that both of us want to live a
worthy life in love and happiness. It was about my purposes and I
probably should speak now about me. I shall write only the truth about me.
I do not think, that there is a sense to speak a lie. You agree with me?
Both of us search for love. I want, that my love was strong, pure, true
and up to the end of my life!
The Internet featureless and I shall hope only for your honesty and I
shall trust you. I in general have got used to trust people. I do not
trust the Internet however, but I heard many happy histories of other
people. Those people spoke, that found each other on distance of several
thousand miles and fell in love. Now they are happy and live together.
My work allows to use to me a computer and I found time to read about
it. I at all did not represent as many people search for love on the
Internet!!!! It is a lot of web sites which suggest to find people. I
could write independently from my computer to you. It costed to me
approximately 30 dollars to be a member and to write to you. I wanted to
open again today match.com but it spoke, that I again should pay money
and I refused service. I cannot send the letter any more and
consequently I hope, that you will write to me! Otherwise it will be
again necessary for me to pay 30 dollars!
I want to speak you so many things! Please excuse me if I cannot speak
you much today. We shall have still time to speak! Before us still it is
a lot of time to learn each other! Today I had a lot of work. We shall
soon have meeting and I should prepare the report. By the way! I have
told nothing to you about my work. I work in company " GAZTEHSERVISE ".
Our company is engaged in sale of gas to consumers. I work as the senior
head of a sales department of gas. I on this post 1,5 years! My work
pays to me good money. I have worthy residing. I work, I to get tired on
work. I receive fair money for the work. Alan, tell to me about your
work. You are pleased with your work? It is important to love the work.
Today I want to send you some pictures. Later I shall send you of more
pictures. I have also a computer of a house and there is present more
pictures. My computer of a house is not connected to the Internet and
consequently I can send you my pictures only from work. I shall take
measures to send you more than my pictures. OK? And I want to see your
pictures also!
Well, I shall wait your other letter. You probably already have more
questions on me? Write soon! Heave nice Day! Irina.

Letter 2

Greetings Alan!
I waited your letter! Today I have woken up early. I usually wake up at
6:30. I have opened in the morning a computer and processed a little. I
to be prepared for a meeting with experts. I already spoke you, that it
is necessary to execute for me the message. I yesterday worked at home
till 23:00!!! Also I today have copied some pictures, and today I shall
send you 1 more picture! Well? You really loved my pictures? We only
drank tea, and now I write to you! How your day was? How work?
You know, I have received today the letter from another the the man. It
from city New York, NEW YORK. His name Stanley. However I should tell,
that it does not want to have serious attitudes. I have written to it
and I have told, that, in what the case does not want to spend all for
nothing time. I have explained, that I search for serious attitudes.
I shall not write to it more. I promise you it. I want to ask a question
to you. What has induced you to write to me? Interest ? Curiosity?
I still hope, that you can well understand my English language. I do not
think, which is very good for speaking English, but also and it is not
so bad! It is possible for understanding anyway! I like to have an
active way of life! Sometimes I should work
Not only in our city. My work sends me sometimes on business trip. I do
not go for work trip frequently. In my work I - are helped by my
automobile. You already saw in a picture my automobile? It - the Russian
automobile rather convenient automobile!
I have come in business trip to Moscow some times, and also I have gone
to Saint Petersburg. You heard about this city?
I like to travel in the summer. I travelled across Russia, and also I
was in Hungary. In the world
There are many fine places. We in Russia also have many beautiful places!
Alan, I to you wanted to tell that as I live right now. It I think
very important for us to know about each other in the greatest possible
degree. I from sufficient big family. I have the younger sister and the
senior brother. My brother is already married. The name my brother
Andrey. My sister is more younger than I and its name Marina. She while
to study at university. I live in a separate apartment. My brother also
lives now with family in a separate apartment. However it lives in city
of Nizhni Novgorod. We are successful enough to meet only the few once a
year. It arrives to us. My parents now live close to me. They live four
together: the daddy, mum, the sister and the grandmother.
The daddy names mine Nikolay, the name mums Kristina. The name
grandmothers Aliny.
The daddy and mum now work. Mine the daddy the engineer. It works in the
building company. My mum works in hospital. She the doctor. I frequently
invite my parents on me on visiting, and also I go on visiting to
parents! The daddy and mum live together 31-years!
Alan, you from the big family? Tell to me a little about your family! Well?
I want to answer your question on the English language. The matter is
that I studied English at school and at university much enough.
But anyhow I cannot speak very well in English. I do anyhow mistakes.
Please, excuse for any inconvenience at
Understanding of my English. OK?
I also want to speak that the first why I have written to you this that
that I always was interested in England for the future.
Further I really know only the English language and I know that the
England men very much appreciate women.
You not so drink vodka as Russian men much. Also are pleased to work.
And Russian men really do not want to work and drink alcohol much.
It for me to work more many still today. I should execute good work! It
is very important! I shall wait your letter. I hope, that this good
letter for you. Sincerely yours, Irina.

Letter 3

Hello Alan!
Today good day! Weather here in Russia fine! I in general the optimist
and I try to find the best in things! How about you? You the optimist or
the pessimist? I today woke up enough early. It was necessary for me to
repeat my report. Today on work I did reports to mine the boss. I also
gave the report and it was successful! I had good work of a house and
consequently I today have success on work! My colleagues admire! My boss
also is very pleased, that he has good experts! I would like to ask what
weather you have today? How are you doing?
You thought of me? j I recollected in the evening you! Fairly! I had a
lot of work, but anyhow I thought of you! I knew, that you to me will
write also to me it was very interesting to receive your other letter. I
would like to hope, that also it is interesting to you to speak with me!
It is a pity, that you do not live in my city. Otherwise I would invite
you at cinema!
I even could arrive for you on my automobile and we would go to walk!
Good ideas? But … … you not in my city! Probably you want to visit
sometime Russia?
What do you think of it?
Alan, today I go to cafe with my girlfriend. She already called to me
today and invited me to drink tea! After work we meet! In our city there
is cafe Kappuchino! Kappuchino this name! It is cafe has popularity in
our city.
Listen, whether I wanted to ask you you visited World Disney in Florida?
It is very interesting to me as far as it interestingly! I allowed to
myself the promise that I shall sometime visit World Disney! Such at me
children's dream!
Tell to me please about your last relations with the woman. I think,
what it is not so personal question? You understand, that I seriously to
concern to acquaintance to you
And consequently it interests me. You prefer long relations? What do you
do not like in the woman? What you involves in the woman? What you would
want the wife in the future? She should be educated? Clever? Beautiful!
Fair? Cheerful? I
I think, that between the man and the woman there should be a
understanding. Also there should be a trust and a physical inclination!
The man and the woman should be first of all friends. The love begins
with friendship. If friendship strong and mutual the love also will be
pure and mutual! I very much want to grow fond of the man! I want to be
from this love happy! I want to give from this love my smile to all
people! First of all my to loved! I now shall distract and in 20 minutes
I shall continue again the letter.

So I again at a computer. I should solve the problem with a delivery
service. I bought last week a leather sofa home. Tonight to me promised
to bring it home. I live on 4 floor. Our house in general 6 floors in
height. I could not lift itself this sofa and consequently there will
arrive men to help to lift a sofa! I in general like to buy home any
things! I love a cosiness and cleanliness of a house. Now it is a lot of
services in city and it demands money. I would like, that mine
The husband himself cared of the house! Very pleasantly when the man
something repairs houses.
You frequently are engaged in domestic affairs? You have flowers of a
house? I in general love flowers and at my place many colors! I love
very much roses, but I have no house of a rose.
Roses usually give!
O! I probably should send this letter now. I spent a lot of time! Write
to me! I wait your letter. Thanks, Irina.

Letter 4

Good Day!
I am again glad to read your letter! I am grateful to you for good
answers! I hope, that at you all is good! Right now I listen to a song.
It is a song in Russian! It is group MONOKINI. The song refers to “ Up
to a meeting on a star ”. It is a romantic song! It has good sense! I
have a similar voice and I like to sing this song! I sing this song of a
house. I have karaoke and I sing frequently! I want, that you liked this
song. I have a full collection of songs MONOKINI. You have Russian music
in shops of music? I would advise you to buy and listen, as it is good
music and a good voice.
I in general love music with sense. I like to think of a life under
quiet music.
In my automobile I also have music. I like to go on city and to listen
to music. In the morning on a way to work I listen to radio and together
with a good morning song I finally wake up! Alan, me all is
interestingly about you. Please, write to me as much as possible. Write
to me as your day, what you did? I am very much interested in you.
Whether I frequently ask myself there can be we? You would like me to
meet? I think, that I could find enough money for our meeting. I
probably would want to arrive in the England and to remain with you some
time. Or probably you would like to arrive to Russia? Please, tell to me
in more detail that you think of our meeting? I travelled only to visit
close Europe. I never was in the England and fairly to tell, I to be
afraid to go in other country a little. The England very far and I
should be confident, that I shall be in safety and that you will care of
It is very interesting to me to see as you you live. I read your letters
and I understand much about you and your life, but anyhow that I was
better to know each other would like to meet you. I the independent
woman. I am capable to make of the decision. Whether also I should know
seriously you would like to meet me? At me feeling, that you good the
man. You caught my interest. I the purposeful woman and if both of us
want to meet I shall think of it more seriously!
That concerning cinema I frequently to recollect "Patriot" and in
leaging role Mel Gibson! I think, that you
Saw this remarkable cinema! Recently I observed a comedy «Unbidden
visitors «and it was really amusing!
Well, I should go now. I shall think of you. I should go today in
superAlanet and buy products. Write to me soon. Remember, that I serious
in my words. It is not simple words. Thanks, Irina.

Letter 5

Hello my dearest Alan!
You again today did my day very good! I went for work with especial
feeling and I waited your letter! How are you? I am fine! How at you
weather? How your native and friends? My family in the order! Last night
I the daddy came to me home. We drank tea and I spoke mine to the daddy
about you. I told, that have got acquainted with good the man and we
speak within a week on the Internet! The daddy asked what is your name?
I spoke the daddy, that you name Alan! he at once asked from what
country that the man? And I to him have told, that from the England! The
daddy spoke, that it is very far and has been a little surprised! he has
told why I before spoke nothing about it. I have told, that to all the
time, I have told also that we good friends now and we want to meet soon
sometime in the person. The daddy has asked, and whether mum knows about
it? I have told there is no also I promised the daddy, that
Today I shall come home to parents and to tell about you. I am
confident, that they will be very curious to know about you. So, tonight
I shall go home to parents and I shall tell about you! OK?
Alan, I also thought of you much. I do not know as you it to speak, but
I have to you some feelings. I do not know how to you it to describe. I
love you? I do not know.... I cannot be confident for 100 interests it.
This inclination is possible? I do not know. But I constantly think of
you. Whether to me you very interestingly think of me? Let me
To ask you a question. You think of me? Only tell to me fairly. It is
very important for me. Your life has really changed after our
acquaintance? You have to me any feelings? Oh, I shall seems to not
sleep today much. I shall think of you! I now write to you the letter
and I write it with warm feelings to you. It is a pity, that in this
letter it is impossible to place my feelings. I do not want to rush. But
I should you tell, that you are very interesting to me also I think of
you. Yes! I think of you. It has taken place very quickly. I only not so
long ago have written to you and I already have to you feelings. I do
not want to frighten you my Alan.
You write to other women except for me? Only please tell to me it
fairly. I do not write to anybody except for you. You understand about
it? Alan, I would like to be now in the England and to meet you! You
think, what the meeting in the person is necessary for England? I very
much would want to meet you in the person. So both of us could solve
many things for us! There can be my you soulmate? I want to solve it for me.
You would invite me to yourself in the England? We could better learn
each other. If you want, that I arrived to you inform me. I think, that
I can find enough of money to arrive to you. How many it will demand
money? It should not be very expensive. I visited Europe and I received
the visa. I think, that I also can receive the visa in the England
And to arrive to you. We are separated only with trip by the plane! I
probably shall find out more how it is possible to visit the England.
There can be you know as it better to make?
Today I shall speak with my mum. I shall tell to mum, that I want to go
in the England and to meet you. I am ready to change my life to the
best. I want to start to build my happiness. Be possible we can together
are very happy. I think, that my family wishes me only happiness and
they will not be against we met.
I also should think about my works. The matter is that I do not want
to lose my work. It to me well pays and if suddenly our relations will
not grow, I should live in Russia and work will be necessary for me. I
do not want to lose my work. If you really seriously to concern to me
and want to meet me I shall take a vacation on work on account of my
salary. I think, that my boss will allow to go to me in the England and
he will allow to me 1 month for this purpose. We could spend happy time
I today want to send you one more picture.This picture one of the most
favourite my pictures. I think, that you will love that picture.
I seriously examine ours with you relations on the Internet and I really
want to have with you a meeting. Write to me your ideas about our
meeting in the following letter. Know, that I shall not regret money for
our meeting and I think, that I am capable to arrive independently to you.
Final destination 3 really I observed. It is very fascinating film. So I
have the friend which works in hire DVD and I take at him films to have
an entertainment at leisure.
I shall come back now to work and to wait your letter. Yours Irina.

Letter 6

My Alan,
How are you! Today I have difficult day on work. I very much got tired
already. Still it is necessary for me to go home and I should spend some
time to reach my house. I should put also my automobile in garage. I
want, that somewhat quicker again was weekend!
Yesterday I as well as spoke, I went home to parents. I talked to my
family about you. Now all my family knows about you. I spoke them about
you. You know, it was very interesting to my sister also she also asked
about you. Mum asked how old are you, whether and I the daddy has asked
you have children. I answered their questions and we discussed you last
night. I spoke my family, that you the good person. After a supper we
spoke about you only with my mum. You are probable only can guess, that
at mum and at the daughter
There can be secrets and nobody understands better the daughter as own
mother. Mum however warned me that I to not rush to enter with you
relations. I was itself I realize. I have told, that you kind the man
and decent. If we had with you relations it would be probably necessary
for you to speak with mine the daddy! he also very good
The person. he to care very much of our family. My brother also helps
parents sometimes. Everyone wish for me only happiness. I have told to
mum, that I want to go in the England and to look as you live. Whether
mum asked you invited me in the England. I have told, that you would be
very glad, if we met you and had some time together.
Dearest Alan, I also very much wanted, that you arrived to me to Russia.
I very much would like to acquaint you with my family.
I should you tell, that it will be probable to visit dearly the England.
Here in our city the average salary of the worker of 250-300 dollars in
a month. I do approximately 500-550 dollars a month and it
Good money for our city. Anyhow, I think, that I can I shall
independently arrive in the England. Tell to me, you want, that I
arrived in the England the first? I want to see as you live, your
country. If all will be good, I should move in the England and
consequently I should visit the first you. After that we can go together
to Russia. I think, that it is a good idea. You are ready to meet me? We
could know each other better. I shall not prevent very much to you if I
arrive? Where I would remain? It is expensive to live in the England? I
ask about the foodstuffs and about hotel?
Probably I can remain in yours the house? Write to me about it. OK? I
very seriously to speak with you. You lit my interest and I want to meet
you. We already adult people. I already enough time work also I think,
that I can afford this trip. A question now in you. You want it? If you
want, that I arrived to you then I shall choose for me the most
convenient time. I should solve questions on work before. Besides I
should be prepared independently and to prepare my family, that I shall
be absent some time. I also should find out more information on travel.
It seems, you that the man which I for a long time searched. You kind
and gentle. You loyal and fair the man. I am confident, that you the man
of your word and you can be for me the good partner in a life. I think,
that at us all will be good. If we solve, that our relations should not
proceed, I shall come back back home and we shall be as friends.
I really would like to arrive very much to you soon. You would like it also?
Well, I shall finish now the letter. I trust you and I to trust, that
you are serious to me to concern. I wait your letter tomorrow. Warm
kisses, yours Irina.

PS I also very much hope that you like a photo of my parents which I to
you sent.

Letter 7

Alan, I am pleased, that you want to meet me in the person and that you
invite me in England. I really very much want to see your country and
your way of life. I should see it my eyes, and I think, that we with you
shall have happy time together. We now very good friends and I should
tell, that our friendship can grow in love. You are valid very important
are for me. In my life now there is a good friend and it you. I am
always true to my friends and I never to betray. Besides I very much
hope, that we with you shall like each other! I really want, that
between us there was a love and warm feelings. I want, that between us
there was also a trust and understanding. I respect you very much, and I
love you as the man! You that type of the man which I would like for the
husband. I think, that there where do you live, this very good place to
live and have family.
You thought of me today? Tell to me please as you examine your future?
What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your
future want? You would like that your future wife was up to the end of
your life?
I want to marry only once and to be happy.
What you today did especial? My day today usual. Yesterday I lay down
enough late and I thought of you. In the morning I called to my mum and
we tonight shall speak by again to phone. Also to me my girlfriend
called. By the way a name of my girlfriend Kseniya. She also was on work
and I asked what plans have on this weekend. I think, that we would go
with parents in our garden near to city. We have a few grounds and the
small house. I like to remain there in the summer. I invited Kseniya to
me home.
My Alan, I very much want you to meet as soon as possible. I really to
look at things and I think, that is necessary to prepare for this well.
As you understand, I should speak all over again with mine the boss and
also with my parents. I think, that all will be good and then I should
define time when I shall be prepared for a meeting. I already travelled
earlier to Europe and I know to make travel to other country it is
necessary to be well ready. I think that I am ready to meet you, but I
am not ready to go yet to England. So, if you agree, that I arrived to
you then I shall start to prepare for this! OK? First I shall speak with
my boss and family and then I shall go in travel agency. I am already
familiar with some rules for visiting, but I think, that for trip in
England it is a little variously. I shall inform you later as I will
have all things for preparation to arrive to you. OK? Inform me also
when you would want, that I arrived. OK? I understand, that you also
work, but I think, that if you cannot take a short vacation anyhow it
will not prevent us. I could remain with you a house while you on work
and then in the evening we could be one and we would talk much!
I shall not prevent you to work! I want on the contrary you to inspire.
I would kiss you every day when you come home and I would embrace you!
You would kiss me? We also could go to walk! I do not want, that you
spent for me many money. Money are difficult and consequently we could
be simply at home and I would prepare for you for a supper! Also I can
help you with work for a house and I can do the order! I already dream
of our meeting.
I think, that I can call to you very soon. I think, that now time to
speak by with you to phone. Let me to call to you. OK? We should speak
with you before I arrive to you! I want to hope, that you will love my
voice. I ask you that you have written to me once again your domestic
phone number, number cell and probably number of your work. So we can
better coordinate our time. I have always got used to take all things
correctly and I think, that we shall soon speak with you.
Well, I then shall start to take some steps to our meeting. I shall do
all considered and is correct, that we met somewhat quicker. OK? I
should take all things one. But I would like, that you wrote to me every
day and also to inspire me!
I think, that our meeting is necessary for both of us!
I send my kisses to you! Also speak your friends and family Hello from
I also want to speak that I have no number mobile phone, only number of
my parents so please be patient also I I can soon speak by with you to
Write to me soon! I shall think of you and to dream of our meeting. Only
yours, Irina.

Letter 8

Alan, how are you? You missed me? You looked forward my letter? I
hastened to write to you as soon as possible. I could not wait that
moment while I shall not be near to a computer somewhat quicker to see
your letter and to write to you.
You know, I already started to take some steps to our meeting. I have
decided, that first of all I shall speak with my parents. My mum very
well understands me and consequently I all over again have told to mum
that I want to travel in England to have a meeting in the person with
you. Mum closely listened to me, and she asked about my plans. I have
told to mum, that for me it is necessary to create family. I have told
also, that I want to be happy, and she understood my desire to live in
England. I have explained, that in England higher standard of living I
can have the best life. After some silence mum has told, that I already
adult woman, and I have the right to build itself my life and to make of
the decision. I should build itself my happiness together with the
beloved. For my mum the most important that I was happy. Also mum asked
to forget about our family never. Mum has told, that very much me loves,
and she cannot go through, if with me there is something bad. I have
told, that I shall do only correct things. I, certainly, very much love
my family, mum, the daddy, the brother and the sister and I shall never
overlook. I have told, that if I shall have an opportunity I always
shall arrive on a visit and also I shall help.
Anyhow, I for the present in Russia and I reflect on all things. I
really want to build my life, and I am confident, that I do correct
things. Then we have gone to speak with the daddy, and also I have told
all to the sister. Mine the daddy as the engineer on construction always
respects well planned actions. It respects accuracy and confidence and
consequently it has told to me, that all over again I should meet you in
the person in England and see your way of life, your house, your
country. I really agree, that only after that I can draw conclusions on
a real life in England together with you. I should understand my
feelings. Both of us should understand all things between us. Correctly?
The daddy, certainly, very much worries about me. Anyhow, England it is
far, but I have told, that you will care of me. Anyhow, my parents have
approved my choice and they have told, that will not be against I
visited England for some time and visited you. I was very glad, because
I wanted to hear these words from parents! I should have support of my
parents. They already adult people and they have lived a long life, and
they understand many things better me. So, I have met with approval of
my parents! I even showed them your pictures! I printed it on the
printer on work! They have told, that you on a kind very good and
beautiful the man. You solidly look, and the daddy will invite also you
to Russia if between us things will go well, and we shall continue
attitudes. I promised, that when I shall arrive in England I shall
immediately call to my parents and also to leave the address of my
location. Now I can go easy in agency of travel and to find out all
details, to go in England. I think, that it will borrow time to finish
all documents. When I travelled to Europe, it was required about 4 weeks
to receive the passport and then 3 weeks, to receive the visa. Now my
passport already expired, and I should do the new passport. I had the
passport before, and now it will be faster to receive the passport. If
all things go well I think, that in 4 weeks I can have all documents
ready! For this time I shall have time to solve all things on work with
mine the boss. I shall work some time to have additional money for my
trip. Then I shall take a vacation! I shall speak soon with mine the
boss about it. Tomorrow I plan to go in agency of travel, and I shall
write to you all details as soon as I find out.
I very much trust you also I hope, that you will not deceive me, and you
will care of me. When I shall arrive in England you probably should meet
me. I should know the airport closest to you that I arrived as it is
possible closer to you! I very much dream of you! I want somewhat
quicker that day of our meeting was.
I want, that our feelings developed also we had serious attitudes. You
know, we already for a long time speak with you and I have not told at
all to you my surname! I shall tell to you about it right now. My full
name Irina. I also want to know as much as possible the personal
information on you. OK?
I really hope, that you loved all my pictures. I am confident, that you
in a reality will love more my appearance. Pictures deform a reality a
little and I think, that in a life I more beautiful! You also very
beautiful and we shall be beautiful pair together! You will allow me to
name you LOVED Alan? I also would want, that you named me LOVED Irina!
I already wrote down your phone number to me in a notebook and I shall
call very soon to you. I promise you it!
For me it is important to speak by with you to phone and as soon as I
shall know when I shall call to you,
I shall warn you beforehand of it. OK? Also I tried to send you sms from
a site which you have specified. You received?
This letter demanded from me the whole 2 hours to write! I shall go now
and I wait your letters. Bye my loved Alan. Heave nice day. Yours
forever, Irina.

Letter 9

Greetings my loved Alan,
I waited very much your letter. Today we have a lot of sun! It will be
rather warm and fast even more warmly. How - weather in you? How mood?
When I shall be
To arrive to you, you will have good weather?
Today the important day on our meeting. I spoke with mine the boss about
a vacation. I have explained our situation. My boss the good person. It
Close listened to me and asked some questions. For example, how during
long time I shall stay? Also it asked my plans concerning the future. Mine
The boss very much respects me as the person and as the colleague. It
knows, which I can always accuse of responsible problems. It trusts,
That I the clever woman, and I shall take all things correctly. The boss
agrees with me, that I should build a private life. It will not be
Collide it, and it will be give kindly to me a vacation during any time.
It understands, that if I should come back to Russia, and
Our attitudes will not grow, I shall demand work. It will always take
for me a place of work. I was, so is pleased to this! So, my parents are
not present
Against our meeting, my boss also. I now am silent about it. You also
want to meet me, and you wait, when I shall arrive. It seems, all things
To go to us towards and it is very pleasant for me, that all so occur. I
think, that this good beginning to our serious attitudes.
Except for that I feel, that I really correct things. I have to you many
feelings. I want to love you, and I want, that between us of feeling of
love in
Properly dews.
I very seriously think of you, I trust you. Also I think, which it - the
big success to meet the good person on the Internet. I am confident, it
The life you also very kind, is fair also loyal the person. Except for
that I believe, that you the gentle and cautious person.
Probably already today forward by the evening or tomorrow early in the
morning I shall enter travel agency. I already was there earlier and I
To know, where it is located. I should move to the city center on my
automobile to not lose a lot of time. I want to learn as soon as
possible all
The necessary information and all rules to visit England. I learn also
cost tickets to England. Here in our city we have
The airport. Tell please, what airport closest to you? It should be the
international airport. I shall check up about cost of tickets. You should
To meet me on your automobile, or I should take a taxi? How it will be
more convenient for you? It will be more convenient for me, and it
Pleasant if you meet me at the airport! You can write my name on a paper
and so I can faster find you though I think, that I study you and
Without it! I already have for you a few gift. It - a gift. My parents
will send also to you of a few gift from heart. I am confident, that I
shall take with me directly many things! I shall take a dress and to put
on every evening! This beautiful dress and I ordered it under the personnel
Inquiry in studio. It it is very beautiful!
Tomorrow I can inform you more information concerning our meeting. I
even can already tell more precisely when I can arrive to you! You can be
Ready to our meeting also! You are excited to meet me?
Well, speak all GREETINGS from me. I shall write to you tomorrow. I love
With hope, Irina.

Letter 10

My Alan, I LOVE YOU!
My parents and friends spoke you HELLO! Mum already asked as us with you
affairs with a meeting. I have explained to mum, that everything is all
right. On work of problems with a vacation will not be, and my boss has
told, that in any day I can go on a vacation.
Today I went in agency of travel. It is located in our city and the
WORLD refers to! They render set of services. I have addressed to lady
with questions and she has kindly answered me all my questions. I have
explained, that I want to visit England and the first question which she
asked me: you were in England before? I have told was not present. You
have the passport? I have told YES! But my passport had restriction and
now it is necessary for me to prolong the passport. Also she asked my
marital status, my earnings, whether I have children, and set of other
questions. I kindly answered each question. I also have explained, that
before I went to near abroad. After that lady has told to me, that then
you will not have a problem with visiting England. She has explained to
me about a policy of the European countries and also England. Each
country to care of people which arrive.
They choose from candidates on reception of the visa and do not give the
visa to all. Material stability is very important. Also the social
status and the purpose of arrival in England.
Also to me allowed a site of embassy England. I already considered all
details. Here the prices for various visas, terms of registration, the
list of necessary documents are submitted. It is a pity, that in Russian
and you cannot understand it. Lady has explained to me, that I should go
to Moscow for reception of the visa. I never was in England before and
consequently my personal presence at embassy with payment of consular
gathering is necessary. I can arrive in England approximately 3 months
or these are 100 days.
Also I should tell, that if I shall send all documents through agency in
my city then I should pay much more money. Besides I should go to Moscow
anyhow and personally be present at embassy. You understand about it? I
looked on that site schedules of work and checked cost of the visa.
These are 70 dollars. I should you tell, that it is rather complex and
long process to receive the visa. To me have told, that I have more
opportunities to receive the visa. By the way, I should receive the visa
of the tourist because it is fast enough and is more cheaper. Besides I
believe, that for us now there is no necessity to receive the visa of
the bride because it is our first meeting. You agree with me? So, in
embassy if I shall prove, that I come back back they will allow the visa
without a problem. Here in Russia I have good work, my apartment, the
automobile and proves all this, that I shall come back anyhow. Therefore
I can safely go to Moscow and receive my visa!
I have a lot of information for this purpose, except for that I
travelled earlier. I know also that it will demand from me time, my
forces and money. I have time, I have forces!
I the strong woman and I also have money for this purpose. I should tell
also, that I could save approximately 700 dollars for this purpose. I
would have more, but I have paid taxes and also I helped to pay to
parents training of my sister. I approximately counted my expenses. I
should go to Moscow by train. I should pay also for the visa, for the
passport, for many other documents. Also I should live in Moscow in
hotel some time and pay for residing and for transport. I think, that I
700 dollars will be spent for this purpose only. I read on the Internet,
that it will be necessary for me to show the ticket back to Russia.
Without it to me will not allow the visa.
It has a little afflicted me, because tickets will demand many money. I
have wanted to arrive to you and I do not refuse it. I am ready to spend
for this purpose my working hours, money and my forces. Because I know,
that I want to meet you. I want to be with you. Both of us want it. For
this reason I wanted to speak with you about division with me parts of
expenses. I want you to ask, that you bought for me tickets aboard the
plane. It roundtrip ticket. I think, that it will be fair, because I
also to spend many my money and forces and time. You agree with me? I
ask you that you bought for me tickets from Moscow up to your closest
airport. I already accepted all things here. I am ready to go to Moscow
and to start to take all things. Now if you will help me with tickets I
can go tomorrow already to Moscow. By the plane I very quickly reach
Moscow. Tell to me, you will help me with tickets?
You have money for this purpose now? I very much hope, that you will
help me. Between us there is a trust and feelings. Both of us want to
meet. Also for me it will prove gravity of your intentions. Please, you
should not me refuse.
We do correct things and I am confident, that we shall be happy
together. I wait tomorrow your answer and if you have money and to me
will buy tickets I shall go to Moscow. Write to me it. Excuse me, that I
ask you about the help. I think, that it is fair. You know my earnings
and you should represent, that for me it is many money. I do not regret
money and I shall do all for our meeting. But I should have your support
also. We should be one command and then we shall be happy.
I wait your letter and with hope, that you help me also I shall go to
Moscow soon.
I love you. I wait our meeting. I want to see you and to kiss. Write
soon, yours forever, Irina.

Letter 11

I have for you good news. I can I shall call to you tomorrow after a
dinner on our time.
I shall have some free time and I shall go and call to you approximately
in 14:00-15:00. Pay attention,
That at you in England it will be obvious 11:00-12:00. Please, hold your
phone beside to an ear and wait
My bell. OK? For me it is very important to hear your voice by phone.

Letter 12

Mine Alan, I am pleased to receive your letter. Even more I am pleased,
that you understand me.
I think, that between us there should be a trust and understanding. Now
I am completely ready to go to Moscow. It is good, that you will be
capable to help me with tickets. Now our meeting will take place really
soon. I already called today in station, and I ordered to tickets up to
Moscow on Monday.
Tonight after work I shall go to my parents, and then we shall have a
supper. I shall go to Moscow. I have already taken a vacation on work,
and tomorrow
I shall not work more. My parents carry out me to Moscow. I should
collect also some things for Moscow.
I love you, and I know, that you very much wait for me!!! As soon as I
shall arrive to Moscow, I immediately shall find the Internet - cafe and
to inform
you, that I have arrived to Moscow. I so am pleased, that all things
come nearer. It means, it soon we shall together! I so want to arrive to
you more soon and to connect our hearts! I promise, that I shall take
all things correctly when I shall arrive to Moscow.
We shall take together happy family and me to hasten to our happiness!
Wait for me, my love!!! I shall hasten to our happiness. Our love to be
only in our hands. I shall hold our love and to care!!! I should tell,
that I now understand, that between us there is a trust. I sincerely
understand, which you want, that I have arrived to you. I the strong
woman and my love to you shall help me!!!! I on a correct way
fortunately and me shall struggle for happiness with you!
It is very important for me to feel your support. I have been solved on
the remote travel to meet you. I want it, you have written to me every
day detailed letters. I want to feel you which you want, that I have
arrived, also you very much wait for me. I do not think, which I shall
be during long time in Moscow. Probably 5-6 days. I do not know
precisely, but I every day shall write to you and to inform concerning
all have put. Well?
I yesterday was very happy to speak by with you to phone. I all the day
long have been excited,
To hear your voice! When we spoke with you I felt that you a beside and
my heart was to warm.
It is a pity, that we could not speak with you during long time, but
even this short time was It is very important for me. I could hear your
voice and feel your breath. I hope can soon arrive to you
And then we shall be together a lot of time!
Well, I shall not write very much today. I shall be going to go for
Moscow. We on a correct way.
After my letter it will be already probable from Moscow. Write to me
also. With love for ever, yours Irina.

Letter 13

Greetings my loved Alan,
How are you doing? I have so many news to you! I took already many
things. I reached Moscow. The way from my city up to Moscow was only 6-7
hours. I yesterday late at night arrived to Moscow. From station I took
a taxi and wanted to go in hotel but the taxi driver to me has suggested
to remove a room as it more more cheaply. It will cost to me
approximately 50 dollars. I was seen off on the train by the daddy and
mum. The sister was at home. I took with myself some things to Moscow,
but I did not take many things. I think, that I can take all things here
quickly and then I shall go home and to wait for a house while all
things are not carried out.
Now you should read closely. I today went by 10.00 in embassy and I
wrote the application on that to me allowed the visa of the tourist.
Also I applied my pictures for this purpose. They asked also about a
place of my work, on posts. I took the certificate of the property on my
apartment as well on the automobile. They also have now data on my
earnings. Lady who accepts documents has told, that now I the candidate
on reception of the visa. By the experience she has told, that I have
more chances to receive the visa. She already to me allowed probability
of 90 percen, that I shall receive the visa. Lady has explained to me,
that will transfer documents to experts on work with clients now. Also
it will be necessary for me to speak with psychologists and to pass
medical examination. I got acquainted in more detail today with rules.
It is very important, that I had tickets to England and back to Russia.
I should have the ticket of trip there and back. This obligatory
condition on reception of the visa. I have told, that I already about it
know and also I have told, that for me will order tickets from England.
Lady in embassy has told to me that I did not speak about it aloud. She
has explained to me, that I receive the visa of the tourist and
consequently I should take all things independently. At reception of the
visa of the tourist I should not have any guarantors. I should prove
personally my serious intentions for visiting with a view of tourism.
Also I should prove my material stability. The embassy to care of it. It
is expedient. I go as the tourist and I should have a stable financial
position to have an opportunity to live in England. These are very
complex rules and I should submit to this because I want to arrive to
you. So, today I have written all applications and also I gave all data
on me. Following my step, is purchase of tickets. You understand about
it? You also should understand, that I should buy tickets for cash money
from my name here in Russia. I should bring tickets in embassy as soon
as possible and also receipts that tickets were bought by me personally.
You understand? I shall prove this my material stability and embassy
will be confident, that I shall be capable to go back to Russia. I
should speak nothing to them about you because I go as the tourist. Now
I should as it is possible to buy tickets soon. It is good, that you
have money for tickets. You should send me of money for tickets to
Russia and I shall buy tickets here. I shall go now in the airport and
to find out cost of tickets. You checked cost of tickets? If all will be
under the plan approximately in 2-3 weeks I can arrive to you! You
understand about it? Approximately on October, 18 it can be day of our
meeting! This day I shall consider my tickets! Mine Alan, I shall
require from you the help. Tomorrow I shall find out, how many money is
necessary for me. I shall consider the tickets cheapest and convenient
for me. Well? I do not want, that had the big charge. I shall inform to
you tomorrow how many money to you it will be necessary to send me and
also I shall allow to you then the information on tickets that you could
meet me! I am confident, that we shall take all things soon! We shall
soon meet. By the way, I thought of that as I can I shall receive your
money here. I have no bank account and probably we should use the
western union? I used it earlier and it is fast, convenient and
reliable. We should be confident safety of money and consequently it is
a good way.
Well, I shall come back now. I want to eat already! I got tired today
and I want to take rest. In Moscow it is a little colder. Here it is
very beautiful also. I live in a room on 4 floor and many houses are
visible to me!
Write to me soon! I love you! I do all things only for us and our
happiness. Do not overlook about me. I need in you. Yours forever love,

Letter 14

My loved Alan,
I only to come back from the airport. I to execute it - it is a lot of
time, it
To reach the airport. I observed various dates of flight. The prices for
In many respects depend on a class of the plane and from which I shall
fly to what time.
I want to tell, that I to consider the cheapest tickets onboard the plane.
I considered many companies and tried to choose most of all
The best tickets. I should tell, which cost from tickets also
Includes taxes and tax collections of taxes of taxes of the airports.
One ticket will take the onboard plane from me
304 euros. It - not so the high price in comparison with 1960 euros
On higher class. There there are tickets and more dear. For example
It - 4200 euros!!! But such expensive places in the plane are not
necessary for me.
I shall fly in the cheapest class, if only only this plane
Has connected our hearts!!! Mine Alan, in other words I demand
In 610 euros for my tickets. Into this price enters both the insurance
and gathering of the airports and taxes.
Actually my visa is not yet ready. And it is necessary to arrive for me
to my city to wait the visa but only after I I show
Tickets of travel to embassy. I want to explain once again to you, that
I should buy tickets directly here in Russia.
I should prove it my material stability. For me it would be better, if
you have bought for me tickets, but it
It is IMPOSSIBLE in our case because I receive the visa of the tourist,
and I should show in embassy of the receipt on payment from my name.
You understand it? Please, trust me all heart. I promise you, that I
shall take all things correctly. I shall arrive to you as I promise. I
very much
I want to arrive to you. I want to have with you the best life, and I
shall not refuse it. We should trust each other.
As soon as I buy tickets, I shall inform to you information concerning
tickets, that you could meet me. Then I to bear tickets in embassy
And then it is necessary to wait only when my documents and the visa are
ready. And we shall wait our meeting! I promised in embassy, that I
shall soon bring tickets. I very much believe, that you and I hope for
your help. Please, take all things with a parcel of money as it probably
is fast. I shall not bring your trust,
We shall be happy. 610 euros were to me and it will be enough for tickets.
It would be very good, if you have sent me of money as it is probably
fast, that process of reception of the visa has been advanced.
I plan my flight of you on October, 2. Alan, you understand,
It can be day of our meeting!!! I so want that it more soon to arrive!
I would like to arrive to you as it is probably fast, but anyhow I
should wait.
I do many things here. It is very difficult for me, I did not think,
that to me will be so one here.
I want, that you have sent me letters frequently. So I shall feel your
Please write words of love and tenderness to me more. Well? It very much
You have ordered to me in heart, and I also trust you my heart. I shall
not bring to you.
I shall take all things correctly here.
I love you all heart! By the way, I should give you the address of bank
in city
Moscow where I can receive your money. It is the address of office of
the western union, therefore you should find in you directly western union.
MOSCOW, 123100
Name Irina
Surname Kochergina
I also should know number of a remittance. They - 10 numbers MTCN. Well?
We already have made much for our meeting. I shall be lifted up to the
end, and we shall receive our happiness!
I shall wait your letter soon!
I also want to speak that 600 euros are really overestimated prices, but
cost includes gathering the airport, the insurance and taxes. Also
really there is a cost less, but these tickets are reserved for 3
months. It is very long term. You agree with me?
And certainly I very well understand you what really dangerously to send
money to that whom yet did not see. But I thought that you completely
trust me. Also I heard many histories when men invite women and they
then force to trade in a body. These histories also are not similar to
me, but I completely trust you and I want to be together near to you
always. Well I very much hope that you understand me and completely
trust me.
My heart will break, but I know, it soon we shall together. With love,
yours Irina.