Scam Letter(s) from Kristina Kamneva to Morten (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hi dear Morten
Thank you for your letter. I am really like you and want to know you better.
First, I want tell you little about me and my life. I am live in the small city near Moscow.
Name of my city is Bryansk.
I am work as teacher in the school. I am teach russian language.
I like very much to cook. I can cook very much dishes. Do you like russian dishes?
Also I like to travel. I have been in few countries. USA, Canada, UK, Australia and some countries from Europe. I have been this summer in Norway. Very nice place.
I live alone. My parents dead 2 years ago. So, you can see that I am so lonely in this life.
Therefore I am try to find man for serious relationship. I am 25 years old, so I am ready to marry.
If you have some questions I shall be happy to answer to this.
Tell me more about you. Your life, your work, your free time.
I am waiting for your letter. Sinserely yours, Kristina

Letter 2

Hi my dear Morten
How are you? I hope fine.
I am sent you letter earle, but do not receive your answer.
Hope you still interesting. Becouse I am very interesting in you.
I am happy that I am meet so nice and courageous man like you.
I will be waiting for your letter. Your Kristina

Letter 3

Hi my dear Morten
Thank you for your letter. For me it is was very pleasant.
I do not use any messenger. But we can speak without problem. My english level around 8-9, I think.
I will tell you more about me.
As you know, I am work as teacher. And of course I like childrens.
I am offen have bussines trip to other countries to meet with charitable organization.
We discuse about help for sick children. You can see
In the world many sick childrens. I tryed to help this families.
This boy Vanya have hard sickness. Him parents ask about help. I always tryed to help if somebody need in this. I like you very much. I am sure that you have kind heart. I am so happy that I am meet you on the site.
You know, internet is great. Internet helper for people to find others people from others countries.
But internet cannot give all feels and emotions. I cannot write in letter my feeling.
This possible just in real meet. Are you agree with me?
I will be wait for your letter. Your Kristina

Letter 4

Hi darling Morten
I just want to say that I am miss your letter.
Hope you will write me soon as you can.
I will be wait your letter.
Thinking of you, Kristina

Letter 5

Hi darling Morten
Thank you very much for answering my e-mail. I would like to saythat you are an unordinary man and you worth all the best. I like you very much. For me very pleased to comunication with you. It would be great to meet each other somewhere. I want tell you that soon I shall have holliday. It is will be from 1 til 15 of october. So, in this time I shall be free. Maybe we can meet. I can come to you. For me it is not the problem. As I told I have been in Norway. And I have visa valid til 11 of november. You can show me your city, your home. You are nice man. I want to spend this holliday together with you. I think, we shall good spend time. Tell me, what do you think. I will be wait your letter.
Kisses, your Kristina

Letter 6

Hi my darling Morten
It is so pity that when I am open my mailbox and do not find your letter.
Hope you shall write me soon.
I am already miss you. Gentle kiss you, Kristina

Letter 7

Hi my darling Morten
I am so glad that soon I can meet you. I am sure that we shall good spent time. You know, when I was in Norway this summer for me it is was bussines trip. So, I hade no time to see museums or shops. But now I shall visit just you. I hope you shall show me your city. Today I shall go in agency of travel and book tickets on the 8 of october with return tickets on the 15 of october. Tell me please, which airport nearest to you? Can you meet me in airport? Soon as I book tickets, I shall send you all information. I want to ask you, can I stay with you or I need rent hotel?
I am already miss you. Gentle kiss you, Kristina

Letter 8

Hi my lovely Morten. I am very glad that soon I can meet you. I am waiting our meet with impatience.
You know, today I was in agency of travel and wanted to buy tickets to Oslo. For me was surprise that tickets cost so much. From me to you and back cost 770 EURO. I have no so much money. I have taken my salary, but it is just 300 EURO and I have paid for tickets already 250 EURO. I want to ask you, can you help me to pay for tickets, I need 520 EURO. You know, when I am traveling in others countries, for me paying charitable organization. They paid directly to agency of travel. But now I shall visit just you. No one bussines meet. Just I and you. If you have some extra money, can you send it to agency of travel, please. I leave your e-mail in agency. My agent must send to you all information. I am really want to come and visit you. I am serious about our relationship and I hope you are also. I have attached a copy of my passport. Hope to hear from you soon. I send to you address agency of travel. This is very good agency. I am use they in all my trips. Travel Bryansk, 763487, Bryansk, Russia, Polkovaya 23-17, phone +7 4832 8737264, e-mail
I kiss you darling, your Kristina

Letter 9

Hi my darling Morten
It is normal price for tickets.
I want to reminder you that I live in Bryansk.
So I need go Bryansk-Moscow-Oslo-Moscow-Bryansk.
Hope to see you this weekend.
With love, Kristina

Letter 10

Hello Mr. Morten
My name is Sergey. I am main manager in agency of travel Travel Bryansk. Today I have speaken with Kristina Kamneva. She buy tickets to Oslo. But she pay just 250 euro for this tickets. Full price with tax 770 euro. She said that other money you can pay. You need to pay 520 euro. As I know Kristina Kamneva long time, I have already give tickets to her. So I hope you shall pay soon as you can. In my agency of travel we work just with cash. As you cannot come in my office, you need send money via Western Union or Money Gram. I send you flight information for Kristina Kamneva. If you have some questions, you can contact me anytime by phone +7 4832 8737264. Information for transfering money: full name Sergey Zavoloko, address Bryansk, Russia, Polkovaya 23, office 17.
With best regards, Sergey

DATE: 03 OCT 2006


SU 211 Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation
Terminal 2 09:20

Oslo Airport (OSL), Oslo, Norway 10:00


SU 212 Oslo Airport (OSL), Oslo, Norway 11:30

Sheremetyevo (SVO), Moscow, Russian Federation
Terminal 2 16:05



Letter 11

Hello Mr. Morten
You must understand, it is not my price.
This is price of my agency of travel. I cannot say: pay half price and it is ok!
It is very good price. I want to reminder that it is price Moscow - Oslo - Moscow.
And plus train Bryansk - Moscow - Bryansk.
With best regards, Sergey



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