Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Mokoseeva to Terry (USA)
Letter 1

Greetings my love Terry!!!!
My love I'm fine. Terry today I went to the transport company, Olga and Ken were with me. Terry dear I knew mine about trip to you my love Terry. I can inform you, that all is good, friends Olga have told me, that they will make to me documents. My love Terry it means that soon, already very soon I can see you my love Terry. It so pleases me, that I today all day smile to people, at me very good mood because I can see the biggest love on all white light is you Terry.
To me have told, that I in the beginning should make documents (the visa, the passport for travel abroad, documents concerning insurance of health), and already later I can order tickets. I do not know, Terry to whom so carried as me. I soon can see you my love. We soon can execute all our dreams together. That that thought when dreamed about each other at sleepless night, about that that we together can make the friend for the friend. Dear Terry I am very glad, that my love has found you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think, that we can lead a lot of time together. I think, that we dear Terry shall lead all time which at us will be in our disposal. But if you want I can leave from you as soon as you will tell me. Dear, loved I need in your help!!!!! To me it is necessary 500 $ to make documents for arrival to you. Dear Terry send to me 500 $ that I could legalize papers. Then I shall give money faster, the faster I can see you, my love Terry. Simply documents will be ready in 15 days after feedback of money. I am helped it by friends Olga - Dima and Oleg. I think, whether there will be at me still such opportunity to see you my love Terry.
All quotations in the American dollars.
The visa costs about 400 $ but it will be necessary to me still money suddenly expenses. I should pass medical survey to make the passport and it some more expenses I think just to me will suffice about 100 $ and it together with the visa will cost 500 $. Dear Terry send to me this money by Tuesday or environment(Wednesday). That I could spend payment of the documents on Wednesday. If you can, you send to me them today, to me will more quietly that I can is courageous to go and pay my documents.
Dear Terry Ken to me has told, that you should know some information on me send me money.
Dear Terry I think that you have not overlooked, that Mokoseeva Elena-this my name and a surname.
The nearest bank in Kirov in which there is a system Remittances the Western Union: Industrially Building Bank Mopra Str. 113a
My dear and Terry when you to me will send loved 400-500 $, I should know number which to you will give in your bank that I could receive the money sent by you for me on my documents. My love Terry you should send me this number by e-mail. My love Terry without this number I can not receive your help for me. Ìî love Terry I constantly think you. My love Terry I have no such money. My love Terry I only hope for you. Dear Terry I hope, that your love to me same hot as mine to you and that we soon shall see each other. I have no more assistants on this white light. Well I have parents, but they too have no such money, and at Olga precisely are not present. I spoke with parents, I have told them, that we soon shall together, they constantly ask about you. They want to make sure that you good, but I constantly speak them that Terry my love and that he is the bettest in this world. Mum and daddy have wished good luck on happiness. They speak, that they like my choice. You very much like me Terry, I love you.
I think, that we soon shall together, and we shall be happy. My girlfriends on work too are very glad for me, that I all the same have found the one whom it is necessary to me. Dear Terry they speak, that happiness on the first place, and everything else then. I spoke with the director of library, she dear woman. She has told me, that too is glad for me and that I at any moment can address to her with holiday. She has told me, that it not a problem. I have thanked her. Dear Terry it means, that all for our meeting with you. Last time I think only of you my love Terry. I very much I wait for our meeting Terry. only you to me should help my love Terry. You will show me the native land. You will show me, where do you live, you will show me all. My love I believe, it will be very good time. I very much want to see you.
Olga and Ken trust, that we shall be together, they speak, that we are created the friend for the friend.
They wish good luck us happiness and successes in all our undertakings. Loved Terry we shall be together???? I very much want it and I believe, that we shall be together with you. Terry I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
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