Scam letter(s) from Maria Mironova to Giles (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my love Giles!!!!
I have come from travel agency. To me all have told full details. Here number of the account of travel agency : Correspondent bank: RAIFFEISEN ZENRALBANK OESTERREICH (RZB-AUSTRIA),
Vienna Am Stadtpark 9, P.O.Box 50, A-1011 Vienna, Austria
Acc. with correspondent bank: u 1-50.092.584/100.EUR
Beneficiary's bank: Alfa-Bank Moscow
Beneficiary's Acc.: 42301978704220000338
Beneficiary: KOROLEV DMITRY EDUARDOVICH The agent has told that money it is necessary to list in Euro. if to list in other currency that of money for the account will not act. And the agency cannot start to legalize papers. So necessarily the sum is necessary in Euro! Then you after transfer of money should send me confirmation of payment. I should unpack confirmation of payment and attribute it in agency. Then the agency will begin official registration of papers. The agent has told that it is desirable to execute this procedure faster to have time to legalize papers by June, 5-7. You were interested about date of a start. The agent of anything certain has not told yet. It has told that will find out it after the beginning of procedure of official registration of papers. But the agent has told that all will be made in time! I such happy! It are necessary to make very little! And we shall be together. We shall not come off from each other for a minute. We shall learn each other all better and better! I very much want to appear with you together. I shall become the happiest girl in the world! More precisely you will make me the happiest ******* light!!! I very much love you! Giles you the best person in the world! I love you!!! I kiss you!!! I shall wait your letter very much!!! Your Masha.
Letter 2

Hello my love Giles!!!!
I do not know what to do... I am excited very much!!! To me it is very bad... I went today to embassy of the Great Britain and Australia. I pay midday. I today practically did not sleep. I have arrived to Moscow, was placed in hotel and at once have gone to embassy. I have lead in embassy of 7 hours. I did not eat anything. Because I could not eat anything... The Embassy of the Great Britain does not give me the visa!!! They motivate with that that I go under the tourist visa instead of under the guest visa. I do not know that to me to do... To me have told that I should have on 100 Euro per every day of a presence in the Great Britain. My visa is designed for 30 days. It means that I should show 3000 Euro!!! I am simple in a shock!!! I spoke in embassy that I shall be in the Great Britain only 10 days. I spoke that I shall be in Australia the most part of time. Whether but the visa does not depend on that I there will be in the Great Britain all 30 days whether or not. To me have told that important that that I shall be in the Great Britain on June, 11 and on July, 11. I cried in embassy, I spoke that I have no such sum of money. But to me do not want to listen... In embassy speak that such requirements... I have very bad mood!!! Why all so is bad??? We have not deserved such problems... We should be necessarily together!!! I do not want because of bureaucrats in embassy to lose ours with you happiness!.. The Unique consolation it I should not give this money. I should show this money simply. Of embassy should be convinced that I have this money. And I shall receive at once the visa. Because which I made out all documents in Nizhni Novgorod are already in embassy. But it not the main thing... If I shall not show 3000 Euro that I shall not receive the visa... To me so it is bad... I in a shock!.. Lovely loved Giles!!! Prompt me that I should do... Because I do not know... I do not know where I shall take 3000 Euro... I can call parents but I am afraid that parents cannot find money during such short time. These are very big money for my parents. I love you so much my Giles!!! I love you!!! I want to be with you together!!! Lovely!!! All depends on you!!! I should show simply money... In embassy will not take cent. You should help our happiness... I feel inconveniently to ask you money. Because you gave me already once money. But I do not see other output. You should help to find to me of money. This money will not be gone anywhere. I shall not spend from this money cent. This money needs to be shown only in embassy. When will see this money in embassy that at once will give me the visa. And I shall depart to you! Also I shall give you back all money! And we shall be together!!! We become the happiest people on a planet!!! Our dream becomes a reality!!! This world is very severe. It places obstacles in our such way... Probably
Letter 3

Hello my love Giles!
That you have written thanks me!!! I am very glad! You support me difficult minutes... I showed in embassy yours invitation. To me have told that this invitation has no value. Because I have the tourist visa. I spoke in embassy that I shall have 100 Euro in day when I shall be in the Great Britain. But speak that it does not matter. I should show this money necessarily! Without this money to me will not give the visa... I tried to convince embassy in the different ways. I asked that they have called you. But they do not want even to listen to me! I do not know as still them to convince... They speak that such rules... And for me will not do exception... They speak that I necessarily should have this money! You can take somewhere this money? This money will be at you already on June, 11!.. We should do something. If would be though any hope that I can convince them. But I was in embassy of 7 hours! And I could not convince them in any way... They have told that there is no other output. That I cannot try to make anything.. .. I am obligatory should to show money!... There Is a good news. I have overlooked to tell to you about this news. Because I feel badly... I have no other ideas.. I was in embassy of Australia. I shall receive the visa without different problems. I should not show any money. I should receive tomorrow the visa in Australia. I love you! I hope that we shall overcome all difficulties... Our star will help us! And we shall find a correct way out of a situation! Write to me please that you think... I love you! Kisses!!! Your Masha.
Letter 4

hello my loved Giles!!!
I think that it is necessary to prove that I have money instead of that that you have money. Therefore I should show money. I think that they will not break the rules. For it they can be punished. This my opinion. In embassy to me have told that the Russian legislation forbids to let out girls from Russia without presentation of money. Because there were cases earlier when girls leaved and did not come back... Then there came to Russia the notice on death or on that that girls forced to become prostitutes. I do not believe in it and I think that it is delirium. But in embassy so speak. And this initiative goes from the government of Russia. Therefore it is necessary to show money that were are sure that the girl can to contain itself. And as it is the law that will not break it in embassy... Therefore I think it is necessary to show money. So we shall not have a problem... You can find tomorrow money? You will have this money back in three days. And we shall not have a problem. I love you very much!!!!!!! Therefore I do not want to lose you! I want to see you as soon as possible!!! I cannot go through if we cannot meet... I love you!!! Kiss!!! Your Masha.
Letter 5

Hello my big love Giles!!! My lovely Giles!!!
I miss you very much! I live with ideas on a meeting with you! I so regret that we have problems. But I think we can solve these problems. Because we should be together necessarily! I love you!!! Now I went in Western Union. I have found place Western Union near to the hotel. Western Union is in bank Style Bank. The address of bank: BOLSHAYA KOMMUNISTICHESKAYA, 28 MOSCOW, 109004. Phone is 7 095 9122167. I have learned that for sending money my full name and the address is necessary. My full name it Maria Mironova. The address: Russia, Nizhni Novgorod, Ulitca Dargomizskogo, 18-11. I have learned in bank that I could receive money I should know a code from 10 figures. You learn this code at sending money. I hope at you all it will turn out! Because our meeting depends on it!! And our life and destiny depends on it!! I love you!!! Kiss-kiss-kiss!!! Your and only yours Masha.
Letter 6

Giles! My Giles!!! I in horror!! I in a shock!! I do not know that to me to do!.. Today early in the morning I have risen and have gone behind money! I was on the top of the world with happiness!!! I with such impatience approached to bank. Probably I was too happy and did not notice anybody around. In bank almost there were no people. There were only a few strange men which stood about item of delivery of money. But I have not paid attention to it. I was happy .. I have received money. It was the huge sum of money. I did not see never in a life such quantity of money. I have put them in a handbag. I have noticed that these people have followed me. But I have not paid to this attention. I hurried up very much! I hastened in embassy faster to make all affairs!.. And to receive the visa as soon as possible .. Because I love you! And I wanted to make all faster that we had no problems! I have gone in the brief way. I have gone faster through a court yard .. I hastened very much and did not notice anything .. But I have noticed then that some men come nearer to me. Here I have felt fear .. I began to be afraid. Because they have come nearer to me .. I has run very quickly. Because me the fear has seized! These people have run for me! I ran on court yard. I did not know where I run because I do not know Moscow. I have run in a court yard and they have caught me. I began to shout!! But they have closed to me a mouth. I could not shout. I beat off from them. I bit and scratched! But one of men has struck me. I have fallen to the ground .. my head still I hurt ... feel badly .. they have pulled out my handbag. They have told that will find me and will **** if I shall go to police. Gangsters have shaken out my handbag on the ground. They have taken only money. Criminals have taken not only your money but also my money too have taken! I have remained absolutely without money!!! Criminals have left my documents and tickets .. they have escaped .. I there was all in a *****. My lip is broken up to blood. I wanted to save money for a taxi ... But all has turned out on the contrary .. I I did not know what to do .. has gone at once in police .. In police rendered me first aid. The police started search of these people. I was attacked by three men. The policeman showed me different photos of criminals. But I have not learned who it the police was .. Now searches for criminals.. I hope that the police will find them! I have remembered signs of gangsters. I have learned that it operates the organized gang of criminals. They wait for people at banks and then pursue and take away money. Frequently it happens that they **** people. I scare now .. I in a shock still .. Really we have deserved it? NO!!! We have not deserved it .. we should be happy! I have stayed some hours per polices. I could not come in myself .. talked to the psychologist .. the Psychologist have calmed me and I have ***** a soothing medicine. Now I understand that occurs. But I have not come up to the end to myself .. I have left in police all data. They have told that I should be happy that I have remained is alive .. But I am not happy because of it.. I am very strongly upset!!.. My dream was stolen at me by gangsters. They have taken away not money and have taken away our DREAM!!!! But I shall not surrender! I should not surrender!!! Because I love you!!!! But I think that yet all is lost! From police I called to neighbours. They have called to my parents to phone. I have told all situation. They are very much upset. They have told that they feel like very inconveniently before you. I have asked parents that they have borrowed money from somebody. It is very huge sum for my parents! My parents will earn this money only for a year. But I have no other output. I asked them very much!!! Because I love you very much!!!! I cannot live without you!!! I do not want that my dream was broken .. Parents have told that will try to find this money. They have asked that I have called little bit later. They search now money. I should make all today to have time .. I should be in time necessarily! I shall not surrender! I love you! I sit now in tears .. All people look at me now .. You think likely that I deceive you .. you do not trust me likely .. because the facts speak against me. You can think that have taken money to yourself .. But I hope that do not think so .. you should trust me! Because I love you!!! I can give to you proofs. I do not want that you doubted of my love. I go on this step for the sake of our love! I shall scan now here in Internet - cafe the ticket Moscow - London. I shall send to you with this letter the ticket. I hope that you believe me. I love you!!! Now I shall go to police. I shall call to Nizhni Novgorod. I shall try to make all as soon as possible. I shall soon come to Internet - cafe. Your Masha... I love you!!!
Letter 7

Giles.. Now I should go again in police. Today Saturday but I should go all the same. The police has forced to sign me a subscription about not departure... Because the Russian law provides it. Suffering from a crime examines also and to visiting of police as well as suspected... Such severe Russian law. I do not know I can whether or not arrive to Australia. I want it very much! Because I love you! It is my dream to be with you. I think we have not deserved all these obstacles. The destiny plays with us a malicious joke... I feel badly because of it... I love you! We should be together necessarily! Even if we cannot be together now in Australia that we shall be then together! Though I do not lose hope that we shall be together in Australia. Though I do not know where I shall take the ticket... But I hope that I can make it. And I hope that the police will release me. I shall write to you tomorrow. I shall be in police... I want to give to you proofs that I do not deceive you. Because you think so likely. I shall scan now in Internet - cafe the Russian passport. I shall send to you it with this letter. Only I **** on this passport:) because photos on the passport turn out always bad... I try to joke but of me it is impossible... Because I feel awfully... I love you very much! We should be necessarily together!!! I love you! I hope that you trust me. Because love this main thing. I see that you love me. And I love you even more strongly!! Your and only yours Masha. Kiss! I love you!!
Letter 8

My Giles! I have come now from police. I have called home... I have not so good news... I feel very badly... My parents spoke with one person. It has told that will give money only under the big percent. And it has no such big sum. It can give 1500 Euro. My parents can send money within 2-3 hours... I do not know what to do... I pay now from burning. Our dream should be carried out!! We have today last day... I do not know where I shall take 1500 more Euro... I feel inconveniently if you will send once again money... It likely the big money for you.. I have put you already in an inconvenient financial position... But the love is more important than any money. Money there is anything in comparison with love... What shall we do?? I love you!!! I want to be with you very much!!! Your Masha.
Letter 9

My darling Giles! I have received your letter. It seems the good decision for our problem. But there was one day up to a start. Whether also I do not know I can have time to exchange the ticket. The tomorrow's ticket I think already will be gone. I hope that I can take the new ticket. I did not go once again behind the visa to embassy of Australia. I have so much problems for these two days!! I am exhausted... I am confused completely... My forces are on an outcome... But I try to struggle with this severe world... Because I love you! I should be together with you... Also what to do I do not know... I am afraid that of nothing to turn out with tickets. Because we have so much obstacles... I shall not be surprised if again something happen... Now I am not sure in anything... The Only thing in what I am sure this that that I love you!!! The only thing that we can make now it to receive the visa in embassy of the Great Britain. And for this purpose I should have 3000 Euro. And I have only 1500 Euro. A desperate problem... You have no money.. .. I have no opportunity to take money somewhere... Why all so is bad?? Why?? It so is bad... And why you cannot pay off with a credit card? Why Western Union will not accept a credit card? You have few money to a credit card? If it so that you can 1500 Euro put these tomorrow back on a credit card... Because I shall be this time very cautious... What will you tell? I sit still in Internet - cafe... I hope that my Internet card will not end... I wait your answer faster! I love you!!!Your Masha.
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