Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia Mihaylovich to Sunil (Switzerland)
Letter 1

Greetings dear Suneel!! I am glad very much to our mutual desire to get acquainted really! I want to clear at once a situation: it seems to me, that acquaintance through the Internet allows to learn{find out} all over again a private world of the person. In real life it is very difficult for me. I have read many{too many} books about love in the childhood. If I shall cease to dream, I shall go mad probably. I would like to have family and children. I have younger brother, my family will consist the father and the brother. Family very small, but amicable. We realize each other, I appreciate very much when between people there is a mutual understanding, especially, when mutual understanding carry by in years. In the letter it is difficult to open completely my character. I want to learn{find out} your character also.. You are interesting to me. I have a vacation in college from the beginning of June and till September, 1. Think!!
You can call to me. I am sure, that you that person who can trust. Number of my phone 8632-91-70-94. But you will need to learn {find out}, what figure it is necessary to type {collect} before a code of city to leave on a line of Russia. I assume, that it is figure 7. If it so, my phone 7-8632-917094. I live now with my father and my cousin. If my father will answer, you ask, that it {he} has invited me to phone. A difference in time between me and you of 2 hours. I ask you to call till 23-00 (11pm) as our family goes to sleep after 23-00.
Dear Suneel!! There are one problems.
My colloquial English language is very weak. I did not have any practice of oral dialogue with English-speaking people. The teacher is necessary for me. I translate {transport} all mail from Russian on English and from English on Russian with the help of electronic program translator Promt XT. If to you something is not clear from my letter ask through e-mail. I shall try to transfer {translate} your question and to answer. I wait for the letter.
Air kiss! Nastya
Letter 2

Hi dear Suneel!!
I really hear many flatter words in the address. But, as you understand, I shall choose only one man. I shall be frank with you (I always try to express the ideas clearly and frankly. So it is easier to find out the general{common} interests and the purposes). It is not important for me, where my future elect (it{he} can be even from Nigeria or Peru) lives. It is not important for me, how many years will be to it{him} (certainly, I would like that it{he} was healthy though it is not a condition). It is not important for me, it{he} is rich or a beggar. The following is important for me: I search not only such for the man with whom I would like to live, but also such the man without which I would not like to live! Therefore I think, that development of our attitudes{relations} probably.
Air kiss. Nastya
Letter 3

Hi Dear Suneel! I am glad to your letter!! So you take off to Southern Africa on June, 27! And you will return presumably on June, 7-8!? If I receive a remittance by the end of this week or to the beginning of the next week, I shall be the next week in Moscow. After reception of the visa I shall come back to Rostov and I shall wait for your returning to Zurich from Southern Africa. After reception of the message from you I take off to Zurich from Moscow.
I will need to buy three air tickets (Rostov - Moscow, Moscow - Rostov, Rostov - Moscow). It is 330 $. The residing at the Moscow hotel for 5 days (roughly) costs{stands} 250 $. The Swiss visa costs 70 $. The cost of tickets Moscow - Zurich 360 $ (It is the price of two air tickets to Zurich and back to Moscow. The return ticket, that is to Moscow, I shall buy with open date of a start! We shall define{determine} date of my returning to Moscow, dear Suneel! Total it is required to me: 330+250+70+360=1010 $
Total, it is required to me: 330+250+70+360=1010 $
I am now almost one in my house as father still continues to work though it {he} is the pensioner. (It is in Russia not a rarity!). My brother lives the most part of time with my aunt as she {it} has a cottage and there it is pleasant to it {him} more. I go only on rehearsal to dancing group.
I with impatience wait for the answer from you and a remittance. It will be initial item{point} for my actions!
Kiss! Yours Nastya
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