Letter(s) from Diana Konstantinova to Ilias (Greece)

Letter 1

Hello, dear Ilias!
Thank to you large for your letters and money for the visa. Ilias, I went today in a travel company. You be, at Me will fail to arrive on your birthday. I shall take away mine The passport with the visa only on June 29. Certainly, it would be possible to open the visa and On June 30. But I was afraid it to do(make). I am afraid to not have time(be in time) to buy the ticket Or still something to not have time(be in time). June 29 I shall take away my passport, and I shall come only on July 7. Because flight, convenient for me, in Athenes from Odessas only on environments(Wednesdays). I hope that you are not angry. I hurried you, And at last moment was frightened that I shall not have time. But on July 7 I am sure That I all in time shall do. But I have thought up with what I a gift I shall bring to you.
And we with you shall note your birthday when I shall come. Ilias, you not Be angry on me? Write that is not present. Well?
Also I learned(found out) cost of the ticket in Athenes from Odessa. It is 380 $. It in Both ends both in Athenes and in Odessa. I shall come for 2 weeks. I wait with impatience your answer. Kisses. Diana.