Scam letter(s) from Olga Uslugina to Mitchell (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, Mitchell! Thanks for your answer and warm words! Dear, you asked me some questions -
First of all I would like to write about my plans and dreams. Of course, I have an approximate plan of my future life abroad. I want to have an interesting job, not necessarily that it will concern my education, for example the translator of legal documents in any law or other firm. Certainly, I must know the language very well. Therefore I should visit special rates for immigrants to adapt in a new society.
What I expect from my future husband? I think, everything :) I don't mean the scout's trip to disco every night and to wear out the seat of our pants into expensive restaurants. I mean - my future husband should want to understand my expectancies and dreams, and to try realize it, within the limits of the possible. Of course, it should be reciprocally. But if to say the truth, I haven't answers of all questions. I have a romantic dreams, I have a vague wishes, but I can't show the schedule of my future life, day by day. I'm not a band-master of this play. I play without music. It's an improvisation. I think you too.
I need in an understanding, leniency, patience. Readiness to refuse some habits and readiness to change style of a life. If I shall live abroad, I shall not be the foreigner mechanically. Because, I want to live in more safe and stable country, I want to be confident in tomorrow's day, but I do not want to change my base foundations and a inside world capitally. I have one history, one Motherland, one religion, one nationality only. And I like it very much. I will 100% Russian till my dying day. Therefore it'll change your life too, of course. And you should be ready to these changes. Certainly, there are a rules and norm of behavior and I'm not be going to oppose my rules to rules of country, where I'll live.
I want to find my soul-mate, and to live in the peace and happiness. That's all, folks. :)
OK, I'll write you about what I like and what I dislike, deal? And you'll know better - are we compatible or not. It is very difficult to write about it in one letter, even in the longest. Because my preferences can vary every day. And even my washing machine has the instruction in 10 lists, but I am the alive person all the same. OK, are you sitting comfortably? let's go... - I like an animals. Not only fluffy rabbits, not only the Persian cats with pink bows, not only men :). I love all this rage of a wildlife. All this rage of beauty and harmony. I think, the human civilization is secondary. Everything, what has been achieved by mankind is only poor and primitive copy of already created and already existing. Therefore I very much do not like, when for well-being and prosperity of this copy and a fake the beautiful original is sacrificed. If I was the public prosecutor, I would condemn a human civilization to corrective works till full correction of mistakes. Yep! - I love mossy and mouldy musical groups, such as The Beatles, Queen, Slade, Kinks and etc. I like more when creativity argues and sets on the new track the public opinion and show business, instead of follow society's tastes and flirt with momentary demand. I like the melody and clever poesy in song more than rhythm and wordy rhymed diarrhea.
- I like hippies. I like piece and flowers.
- I dislike an isolation. And I do not love leaders. Leaders think not of "person", they think of "people". They think not about "individual", they think about "global". Leaders justify a pain of the person by happiness and prosperity of mankind. But I am not "people", I am not "Russian". I'm Olga. Because the main weapon of leaders - isolation. The opportunity for people to look in the face each other is worse than death for them. - I love summer more than other seasons. And I love night more than other time of day. Therefore my favorite time - warm summer nights. You know, when everyone sleep, but you do not sleep. And only the cricket silently sings somewhere. And you know - the sun will come soon, and there will be an excellent day, but at this moment you are the owner of night. And all world in your pocket.
- I love old and naive movies about kindness and love in pure form. With the happy end. I like to watch game of old actors which have died long ago, but on my screen such alive and young again.
- I do not like when someone reads my letters, looking through my shoulder.
- I love adventures. I love long road to treasured aim through jungle, deserts and immense cosmos. On space rockets and piracy frigates when the goal of travel wane in comparison with travel. I love the long long perpetual travel, endless road's the difference? The life is a constant search of the God. The person should aye search and move; to run into an obstacles and fall to earth, but to rise from knees and to go and search further. A pacification and stability - destiny of stones.
We should go forward and to search eternally as the Gipsies of the Universe - I love when I love. And I love when somebody loves me. - And I love to live.
Where is my Oscar for this titanic masterpiece? :)
Today I was going shopping, was buying various women's *******. Hair spray, nail varnish, and other trifles for housekeeping. Now I'm sitting on my sofa and thinking about tomorrow's working day. There are two news. Bad one and good one. Bad news - tomorrow I should go to firm again, good one - my boss was going to take annual vacation tomorrow. I pray he'll take vacation right tomorrow and I'll not see his mug during next month.
He was going to go to the Black sea, to swim and to acquire a tan. I hope he'll wring his neck in the heavy sea waves, or he'll get sunstroke. (I'm so bad, you know). :)
Mitchell, I have one request - can you write me exact city in America, which I should reach if I'll fly to guest at your home through service of our travel agency. I'll call to agency today and I'll ask full information and possibilities of such visit in near future, ok? I can take full annual vacation for such visit - four weeks. I need to know exact city of destination with airport where you can meet me, OK? I'll give your e-mail address for travel agency and they write you full information.
I should go to kitchen. I should go to cook something eatable. Show time! Kiss you, Mitchell!
Letter 2

Mitchell, hello! Thanks for your message.
Today morning the sun peeped out from behind the clouds, rain is over, weather is fine and some little birds (I think it tomtits) try to sing on my balcony. They try to discern through the window what I'm doing right now. My Sunday is usual and melancholic a little bit.
Today I try to tidy up my flat. I have the old and freakish vacuum cleaner. This scrap pile remind me some awful spy device from movie about James Bond. And my vacuum cleaner bray as the shuttle during launching. Therefore my neighbors perfectly know when I tidy up my flat. I hope they can't watch TV and chat when I clean my sweet home. :) Do you know what!? Yesterday I flooded my neighbors from flat which is under my flat! Yeah! I watched some music-show, and the washing machine was washing my raggery in my bathroom. I have no idea why, but some important rubber hose was disconnected and water overflowed the machine onto the bathroom floor, and I organized the very nice Great Noah Flood for neighbors.
I do not know why, but they were very displeased. They told me yesterday that I'm silly cow. I told them the same. One word led to! It was the real World War, you know. ha ha ha So your question concerning possible visit in July.
The point is that I can visit any Schengen country or America as the tourist only through service of tourist agency.
Because of rules of Schengen Union and America for Russian visitors. If we would plan to meet in any big city of Eastern Europe (with more easy visa mode for me) or in country with free-visa mode for me, I would need return ticket and voucher from hotel only. Therefore, if we would discuss possibility of date in non-Schengen countries you would need to send me my ticket and voucher from hotel only. If we are talking about visit of America, I'll need your direct payment to our travel agency of full package of my trip. I can ask one week of vacation in July for our first date. Also Mitchell,. I can book professional portfolio.
You are welcome. But sorry for these doubtful request - it's not cheap for me and I'll need about 150$. Therefore, if you are not afraid you can send me quickly 200$ my any Western Union bank concretely for my name and address - name - Olga Uslugina
address - 187000 Lenin street 35-78, Tosno, Leningrad region, Russia.
OK, Mitchell, I kiss you and I go to bed. Sweet dreams.
Kiss kiss kiss
Letter 3

Dear Sir,
We send information of tourist trip for Olga Uslugina (citizen of Russia Federation) to St-Francisco (USA) from St-Petersburg ("Pulkovo-II"): Airline: Aeroflot Flight: SU241
Departure: 09 July, 11:15, Sheremetevo Arpt
Arrival: 09 July, 12:10, Heathrow Airline: United Airlines Flight: UA931
Departure: 09 July, 14:45, Heathrow
Arrival: 09 July, 17:35, San Francisco Intl Arpt Duration of flight: 17h. 20m.
Bank account:
SWIFT code of bank: SABRRU2P
Name of bank: Saving Bank of the Russian (Severo-Zapadnyoffice)St-Petersburg
Number of account: 42307978255385000011
Name of account: Olga Bordovskaya Travel Agency "Esta-Tosno"
Total price of tourist trip (21 days 20 nights) -
1615 euros (1838 $ US)
Best regards.
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