Scam letter(s) from Olga Uslugina to Rod (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello Rod.
I have seen your questionnaire on Assol and it wanted to me to you to write. My name is Maria Novikova.
In the beginning I shall tell about myself a little. To me 23 years.
I was born in Latvia. In beautiful city of Jurmala. Jurmala it is located on seacoast and it is very picturesque.
Till 6 years I lived in Latvia. My father was the militarian. Therefore our family frequently had to change a place of residing. I had to live in Latvia and Russia and also in Kazakhstan and on Ukraine. Eventually my family has decided to remain to live in Ukraine in city of Donetsk. In this city I have finished university. My speciality the children's doctor - pediatrist. I very much like my work. In many respects to me helps that I love children. In future I necessarily want to have children and happy family.
After the ending of university of me have directed to work as the pediatrist in children's hospital in city of Kramatorsk. It is small small town in the north Donetsk region. Kramatorsk it certainly provincial small town. Nevertheless recently I have quite grown roots in this city. Even has noticed some advantages of small city. For example here less than business vanity and much more affable people.
I rather simply spend free time. For example I like to lay on a sofa listening MP3Player. It is pleasant to me both modern and some classical music.
I try to conduct an active way of life. I am engaged fitness. I read much enough. In general I am rather simple in dialogue. I appreciate friendship and sincerity. I like people having good sense of humour.
I perfectly prepare for food. Especially well at me turn out Ukrainian and Italian meal. I adore to travel. Most to me are interesting extreme travel. Ecological tourism incomparably is more interesting to me than excursion over cities. Excuse me for bad English. I understand all and rather not bad I speak but with grammar at me a problem.
I think that the family is based first of all on mutual respect. I would like to find sincere and reliable the man. I appreciate good sense of humour and optimism. Quietly I treat money and I do not think it the main thing in life.
I do not like men not able to hold the given word. I do not love boasters. I do not like people which drink alcoholic drinks much.Very much I appreciate politeness and intelligence! I think that the man should be the head of the family and reliable protection for the woman.
If you not against that answer please some questions. ??? Of what you dream? I have in view of not specific goals and dream even if it never will come true.
What you appreciate in human relations and that you do not love in people? I search only for serious relations. I do not love game with human feelings. Frivolous relations are not necessary for me. If you really want to create family that write to me. This beginning of new relations will be possible.
Well, I don-t want to ask you too much questions. You may ask me about anything you wish. I'll answer all your questions. Looking forward to getting your reply.
Happy New Year!
Maria. Bye.
Letter 2

Zdravstvui,Rod. I thank for the letter. Reading your letter in one of fragments I even have reddened from confusion:))
Probably it will be better if you will call me. I have written down your phone. However I can use it only for emergency connection with you.
Call me on Saturday (January, 10) at 12.00 (Ukraine time). At you will be 21.00 (9 pm). I shall wait your bell during one hour.
My cell: + 38 050 7382152
Unfortunately I do not have phone. It is the mobile phone of my girlfriend. She gives me the phone when it is necessary for me.
However he at all does not speak English. She also not accepts unfamiliar bells. Therefore call to me only in due time. If for any reasons you can not call me that inform me and we shall transfer time of a bell.
I would like to speak with you earlier but it is hard for me to call in a working day. I have an opportunity to take the vacation in February. My vacation last 28 days. I could arrive to you. However you should know that I can arrive to you only on travel visa. I can not mention you. Otherwise the Australian authorities will suspect me of that that I want to remain in ???????? for ever. For that what to remain in your country for ever I should receive marriage visa. It is long process demanding several months. For that what to receive marriage visa we should have the fact of our meeting.
If you will want that I shall come to you. For reception travel visa it is necessary for me of 2 or 3 weeks. With my Latvian passport it is possible to receive the Australian visa quickly. You can arrive also to me. However I can not take holiday in other time. Even trip to Kiev needs time. Except for that I do not advise to go to Kramatorsk our inland transport. At us very much a high level of criminality. Except for that exists language a barrier. You know the diagram of work for February? Whether I would ask it that will know at you though any free time?
Send to me please the full name and a home address.
My data:
Maria Novikova
Donetsk region
Katerinicha 2 I wait for your answer.
Maria. Poka!
Letter 3

Rod, loved...
You do not imagine as I were glad to receive from you roses!!!!!!
It is a magnificent bouquet consisting of red and white roses. I in life did not see anything similar! At us today has dropped out a lot of snow. While I carried a bouquet home it have become covered by snow a little. It was fine! Now the bouquet stands in a vase with water. I enjoy it! To me have sent invitations behind a bouquet when I was not at home. It appears in Kramatorsk there is a branch of the Kiev shop trading in colors. Probably the bouquet was for me still yesterday. In shop worried that I do not come behind a bouquet. But I has tested the big pleasure when have called from shop!
I congratulate you with day of Australia. I hope that Australia we shall lead the next day together.
I have found out on work concerning my vacation. It begins February, 25 and comes to an end March, 24. Since February, 2 I shall take the unused vacation for the last year. I think that I can receive money to the beginning of the next week. I shall plan trip to Kiev to embassy at the end of the next week.
Dear Rod. The third party in my case is the authorized bank. I shall exchange e-gold in webmoney-Ukraine. It is one of the largest banks of Ukraine. In this bank many thousand employees work. This can be trusted.
My account in e-gold-1199022(account name-Maria Novikova)
I have opened it just.
It is desirable that you have sent me of $1800 . Because I shall lose a few money at reception in bank(3%). However probably I late about it speak also you have already enlisted money for the account....
I wait for your bell on Saturday at 12.00 (9 pm on Australia). You can call to me? Very interesting day on work was. To us there came delegation of the American doctors. It was very interesting. As only I understood Americans without the translator. I love you.I want to tell that you charm and which man I ever knew the best!
Kisses, Maria.
Letter 4

My dear Rod.
I was in embassy on interview. All has passed very successfully! To me set of any questions. I answered on English. The consul has related to me very well. he all time smiled and was very kind. I at all did not expect such attitude.
I have successfully passed the first interview. To me have appointed the second interview to Monday March, 1.
I have already bought travel tours to Australia. Now I need to reserve the air ticket to Sydney. I shall do it tomorrow. Except for that I should give a guarantee of the solvency in Australia. I should give from bank the information on presence at me the necessary sum of money or traveller's cheques for the necessary sum of money. I already wrote to you what more preferably to have checks. In this case I will not have problems with tax services and customs house. I have received from you 2060 $ on account in e-gold. In bank I have received 1995 $ (minus the bank commission).
I have bought travel tours for 570 $. Except for that I have spent for road to Kiev of 75 . I shall spend for the second trip.
The air ticket costs 1200 $. Opening of a credit card in bank costs 50 $. In total it turns out 1970 $.
On the following interview I should show the consul traveller's cheques for the sum of 1680 $. This sum pays off proceeding from a minimum of 60 $ per day (28 day). In view of the commission of bank 1750 $ are necessary for me some more. On this money I shall buy traveller's cheques. I shall not spend anywhere this money. When I ??????? to Sydney that at once shall give it to you. These are that money on which I shall live in Australia. This sum can be actually less or more. But concrete proofs are necessary for embassy that I have means of subsistence during stay in Australia. I receive the four-week travel visa. I think that this time transfer money there will pass faster as you already a member e-gold.
If March, 1 I shall give all necessary documents checks that I receive the visa. I shall reserve the air ticket for March, 3.
Tomorrow I shall come back to Kramatorsk. I have already bought the ticket on a train. Most likely I shall write to you on Friday as tomorrow I shall come only in the evening. You will call to me on Sunday at 12.00?
Even it is difficult for me to present that we so soon we shall meet. To tell the truth I start to worry all more. Hardly it is more than in two weeks we shall be at last together.
Kisses, Maria.
Letter 5

Dear Rod...
Ok. I shall wait your bell on Saturday from 11.45 am. It is very a pity that you have lost my letter. Generally the letter is kept not in a computer and on a post server. I think you it know:-)). I repeatedly send to you the letter and I write new.
Whether there is at me money? Certainly is. $ 400:-)). My salary about 200 $. To me at all not force to have similar money for trip. Not in a reproach to you it will be told but in our country it is not accepted to divide charges with the woman. Unimportantly where it in cafe or still somewhere. I think it correctly. Though you are possible will not agree with me. I precisely understand all complexity of a situation. I for example would not send anybody money. Because the Internet not the best place for acquaintance. Yes, there is a correspondence and telephone conversations. There Is a trust which arises during dialogue. But there is a weight scamer. Therefore I write it that silly explanations.These are the big money. However it not that money for the sake of which is possible to go on a crime. However when you will learn me better you will understand that it is inadmissible for me.
In a word I do not know. I can tell one only. If we during many letters shall find out financial relations that to us better to stop correspondence. Because we upon anything shall not agree and both of us will have in soul a bad memoirs .
I am unconditional I shall be to spend the money. There is a weight of charges. For example consular gathering in embassy. Also trip to Kiev for 600 miles demands money. At last I should have any clothes what to arrive to you. But I can not have more than I have. It not in my forces. I can not afford now any manipulations with the house. First it was - improvident for my part. On it is necessary it is a lot of time. It is impossible to sell or put in **** the house quickly. Yes I should have preliminary tour. A problem not in the Australian customs house. To Australia in the beginning it is necessary to get:-)). The problem in the Australian embassy which gives out the visa. I should have the bases for trip. Travel tour this basis.
I do not want you to hurry. This critical decision. You should think well. If we shall start process that to stop anything it is impossible. But I also do not want to enter long finding - out of financial relations. It is capable to destroy any feelings. I can wait up to the end of this week. After that I need to make the decision on a vacation.
I hope that you understand me.
I have pictures. It seemed to me that you want to see my amateur pictures. I can send them to you not earlier the end of the next week. Pictures are at mum in Donetsk. I shall bring them therefrom and I shall send you. Now I can send only studio pictures which is at me in Kramatorsk. I hope that I have not disappointed also has not offended you with this letter. Simply I think that we should create sincere relations and speak that we think. Write to me.
Kisses, Maria.
Letter 6

My dear Rod...
I too worry when I have no the letter from you. Australia so it is far from Ukraine seems to me sometimes that this country does not exist actually:-))
No, I do not have mobile phone. At me the phone was. I wanted to replace it with another but I had difficulties. In result I have sold the phone and have not bought new. To tell the truth this the phone not especially is necessary for me. When I was necessary for me call from the phone of the girlfriend. Much worse without the phone in an apartment. It is really inconvenient! In Ukraine not in all apartments is house the phone. Probably to you is ridiculous to read it but in Ukraine it is a reality. We for a long time search for an apartment with the phone but it not so is simple. However if you want to call to me that we can do it when we shall want. It not a problem! I always can take the phone. Only it is necessary to agree beforehand. We can speak in this weekend. I precisely I do not know in what time. But most likely in too time that for the first time. I should receive only travel visa. In previous letters I have explained to you why it so. For that what be the sponsor under the guest visa it would be necessary to correspond to a lot of conditions. It is necessary to be my relative or a member of Federal parliament of Australia or other body of the government. Except for that very big monetary pledge is necessary. It from 5 up to 10 thousand Australian dollars. This pledge will be is in embassy during my stay in Australia. Except for it it is necessary to pay all my charges in ??????????. I think that it is a unreal way. Is much more real to receive travel visa. I should have the air ticket there and back and travel tour. A problem in that that I can not mention your name in embassy at reception travel visa in any way. The embassy will consider that I want to remain in Australia for ever. For this reason all documents should be for my name. I thought earlier that it is possible to receive the air ticket by mail. However now I know that it to do it is impossible. The air ticket should be acquired in Ukraine, Russia or Latvia for my name. It is impossible to order the air ticket for me at the airport. A problem same. All should be only from my name.
The same concerns to travel tour. I should buy it in travel agency. As to financial maintenance. Now it is not necessary any guarantees and money for this purpose. The size of cash security is defined in embassy. All depends on each concrete case. Usually the sum is defined proceeding from the minimal sum necessary for residing at days. Now I of nothing can tell about it.
I should pass the first interview in embassy. Then I will have information on it. After the first interview I shall have week for preparation for the second interview. If the embassy will have additional questions that they can to increase term of reception of the visa by one week. That is I shall receive the visa not two and three weeks.
The air ticket is necessary for me. The air ticket from Kiev up to Sydney with change in Singapore price 1200 $.
Except for that for me it is necessary travel tour on Australia. Its price $ 550. In total I was necessary 1750 $. I understand that it is big enough money. I only can tell that in a condition to return this money after sale of a house of my grandmother. In the summer I shall enter possession of the inheritance. She has left to me the house. Its provisional price of 18000 $. This house is not necessary for me as it is in Russia. Except for that I would like to have some money in Australia.
If I was necessary can give for you scan a copy c????? the Latvian passport. If that is necessary I can send you mail notarially certified documents on the house. In any case of other guarantees except for my words at me is not present. It is unpleasant to me to speak about money. But in this case money to solve the problem my arrival are necessary. I yet do not know as better to send money. Probably it Western Union or bank transfer. I should receive more detailed information in bank. Interview in embassy can be appointed to Monday or Tuesday or Friday. I preliminary should enter the name on reception. It can be made by the phone. In other words if I shall have time that I can have interview 26 or January, 27. If I shall not have time to buy the air ticket and travel tour that I ?????? interview January, 30 or 2 or February, 3. I shall receive the four-week visa. To middle of February I should receive the visa. I can be in Australia up to middle of March. If all will be good (I on it I hope!) that we can begin reception of the marriage visa. By the end of this year I can receive the marriage visa.
Write that you think of all it. I during this week shall receive all necessary information in bank. If to you my documents on the house that are necessary for me some time is necessary. I should go to Donetsk what to send documents through FedEx.
Unfortunately the letter has turned out dry and business. I shall try so to not do more:-)). Simply now it is necessary to solve all questions with the visa.
I very much want you to see. Inside me is very much good feeling. Soon we can meet. I will be sure that to us very interestingly together. I can not explain it but I believe the intuition...
I gentle kisses you, Maria.
Letter 7

My dear Rod...
Excuse that has doubted of you. Simply we so it is far and difficult to know nothing. Number of the third party is not necessary for you. Probably you have not correctly understood. The Circuit transfers such. You send money to my account-1199022(Maria Novikova) . Then I send money to the account of this third party:-)))). The third the person is necessary for me but not to you:-))) .??? the third party is exchange office. I send money to their account. After that they inform me the confidential password and I receive money in bank.
If money are already accessible to you on yours to the account that you can send me money to my account.
If all ???? number of the account of exchange office that I this number is necessary for you can find. But then money will be sent not to me and in exchange office. Thus you will present them the money:-)).
I have understood that you does not work. I shall try again but I shall send also to you letters on another e-mail.
In ours Internet - club the same is a virus. Now it is forbidden to copy files. I understand that you could not phone to me. In Ukraine has fallen in price communication and lines now are overloaded.
But speak that in some days all will be adjusted. Today my plans have changed not at my will. I tomorrow am compelled to go in business trip. It on work. I go to Kiev. Unexpectedly to me have offered to go on conference on problems of the childhood and motherhood. There there will be doctors from all Ukraine and also some European countries. I would not want to go but it almost the order.
I shall be in Kiev till Monday. On Tuesday I arrive to Kramatorsk. Probably I shall find Internet - club in Kiev. I shall try but I do not promise as I do not know the schedule in Kiev. In any case I think that I can write to you the short letter from Kiev. I hope that by the end of this week I shall have money to the to the account in e-gold. Then I shall take a part of a vacation the next week. Certainly it is possible to transfer a bell on the following weekend. But it too long to wait! Probably we can phone per working days. If not that will turn out is possible to phone in next weekend.
I shall try to write to you from Kiev. But if I shall not write to you till Monday that it because have failed. Know that I shall miss on you...
Kisses, Maria.
Letter 8

My dear Rod.
I shall wait your call.
Today I am already free and walked over Kiev a little. I was in ?ievo-Pechora laurels. This fantastic show! Tonight I want to be in time in a wax museum.
When you will send to me money? I in Kiev. It is easier to me to receive it here. Why you do not send to me money? I have informed you the all information. In what a problem?At you all is good? Kisses, Maria.
Letter 9

Rod, you have on account US dollars?
Then simply type my number in the account and press "send". E-gold multiple currency system and allows to send many currencies or gold. I do not understand in what a problem.
Excuse but not having received money by a weekend I shall cancel the vacation. I have too tightened process. I should speak something to the chief. To me does not approach Western Union. I explained you why. I know that you can pay superfluous $1300 (+ $1800). However I am not ready to agree to it. It is not discussed.
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