Letter(s) from Julia to Eliel (Finland)

Letter 1

HEllo, dear Eliel.
I was especially glad to receive this letter from you! I like you very much and I believe that someday you'll make me happy. I'm really glad that you share my views.
Honey, unfortunately now I have some financial problems and that's why I had no money to write you! but I can't live without your messages already, you have become very important fo me and that's the reason why i went and borrowed some money to come to the Internet cafe and to write you, honey!
Darling, i do not know, when I'll be able to write you next time,I just have some financial problems now, I'll appreciate if you could send me some money for Internet and translations! i have to pay almost 100 dollars for 1 month and that's too much for me now!i don't want to loose a connection with you now, when we are so close to each other! we need to spend more time on correspondance in order to know each other better, because it's very important for our relationship! Do you agree? You are my hope!
Kiss and hold you tihgt,
P.S. Please call me today at 10-11 p.m.