Scam letter(s) from Tatiana Miheyeva to Will (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my beloved Will!
I am glad to write to you this letter. The matter is that I have paid money in travel agency. I have come and asked them to make for me documents. I so am glad!!! I have told to make visa for 4 months. We will have a lot of time. It is all our life! To me promised to make all documents during 3-4 weeks. But, the matter is that they have told, that tickets to me also should be ordered through travel agency. I have asked them, will cost how many the air ticket. They have answered me, that it will cost from 870 $ and is higher.
I very strongly was surprised. I knew, that to be necessary for me the air ticket, but I did not think, that it will cost so dearly. Dear, that I have found out.
Will, I have received your letters. They very good you write beautifully. And I understand, that your words go from your heart. If only there were more people like you, the world would be a much better place. When we are together, we will be very happy, and I never want that feeling to end. All I've ever wanted was to fall in love, be loved, get married, and have children. Some couples do not communicate effectively, or spend enough time with each other, so they will seek attention, elsewhere. I will always remain faithful, and devoted to my family. I will ask God to look after you, and keep you safe. We will never have to worry about being alone, as long we have each other.
Kiss you!!!
Letter 2

Hello my Love Will.
I again want to tell to you, that could not phone yesterday. Understand I want to write to you at me huge desire. I wait for this moment when we shall see each other. It will be wonderful time. You spoke me about the dream. She also became my main. It is fine dream, I also wait for this moment. I know it - looks very romantically, but I know, that it will take place. Dear, you asked me about a photo of me in the childhood, and my mum. Certainly, they are at me. I shall send you it tomorrow. But understand, I cannot send you them so frequently. It is expensive here, it costs here approximately 4 $. I bring a photo, to me it scan and write down on a diskette. But it to me will not prevent to send you a photo. I shall make it. I shall bring to you them much. You will see them all. I love you!!! And it will be very pleasant for me to result to you my history. Only the photo of mum at me is not present in Ivanovo. All of them are at mum in Savino. She visits local club in Savino. Where she meets the girlfriends and familiar. They together communicate and the photo each other look. But I shall necessarily take at her a photo. Now, I want to write to you very interesting part of my letter. Dear, I have found out about the ticket. To me have told, that the start will be on September, 16.
Depart 1.30 pm Sheremetevo
Arrive 11.01 pm Nashwille
Race number ?31
Delta Air Lines
Dear, this most important for us. Yes dear, it will be on September, 16, and we shall see each other. Our dream to be carried out!!! …..
Will, now about the price it costs 1237 $. Here also the price of work agency is included. I think, that I shall wait for your answer tonight. Tonight to me should come Lena. And I shall inform to her news when I shall leave Russia.
All my best feelings - only for you!!! All my dreams - only about you my love Will!!! Bye
Yours Ludmila
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