Letter(s) from Evgenia Zenina to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Hello. Do you believe in miracles? Let me ask you this. There are over 5 billion people on the face of this earth. What are the chances of two people feeling almost the exact same way about love and caring. Not to mention that they live on opposite sides of the world, speak different languages, and that they have come together at a time when they are both reaching out, dreaming and hoping and wishing and praying for, and then to open their eyes to find that one person who may have one or two of the qualities they seek. Then the better they get to know each other the more they realize that everything they seek is what that person they are talking to or writing to has. and as for me, yes, I do believe in miracles. And I know that the chances of this happening are zero, none, or impossible. How can two persons so different, yet so much alike, find each other against odds like these. I believe it is one of God's miracles that has brought us together.i think we need to take a chance, don't we?if you believe in miracles, go this way zemlyanika80@mail.ru

Still believing Eugenia.

Letter 2

hello, Keith

nice to hear from you again! thank you for the interest in me, maybe it is our chance now? thank you for your letter and also for telling me about your family. i liked your photo.as you know my name is Eugenia, maybe my name sounds a bit strange for you, but it is common here in Ukraine where i live. or maybe i got used to it for 24 years, during which i have been called like this!:) i was born in July, so my star sign is Leo, and so i am like a fair, very impulsive and hot and ready for everything new. now i am working as a saleswoman in the supermarket, but i am still studying correspondingly to be an economist. well, i know that there is little information, but i didn't actually hoped to find a letter from you today, so i am a bit in a stuck what to write?:) i will try to think it over and tell you more if you want of course!

so, what i am searching for. Trust and mutual respect are most important for me a. Without trust you will never have unconditional love. I look for a man with a loving, genuine, kind heart and a passion for his partner, his children, his friends and home. A man that is very affectionate, loves to laugh and will always be a little boy at heart. A man who looks for the good in people and in life who will support me at any time and in any situation, good and bad.. i am looking for my Leo!!! is it you? i hope so, really. please, tell me what is important for you? understanding? sex? affection? i really appreciate your point of view.

what are my aims using internet? you know it is hard for me, because i don't know it well, i am a new-comer here. so it is finding that one special man I cannot live without and the man who will hurry home to be with me each day. A man I can share everything with, cry with and laugh with. a man who does the little things to make me feel special and loved. my desire is to find a special man with common interests that will share my passion for music, sports, laughter and love. A special man I can connect with, mind body and soul!

i really hope to hear from you soon.

Letter 3

Hello, dear Keith

nice to hear from you again. thank you for answering my questions, i repeat again, your point of view is very important for me. and i also hope that you like my photo that i send to you! i liked your points of view to the marriage, i really support you in this matter.

i want to tell you some about my family. i live with my parents, and little brother. My parents are engineers, they work at the plant, and my little brother, his name is Sasha,goes to school. My father is also an honest, reliable, caring man, I hope I have inherited these things from him, as well as my mothers’ friendliness and spirituality. luckily we get a lot of time to spend together outside of work. i like animals, and they also like me!:) i have two cats, you know, the "bald' once, i mean they have really little fur on them, they are called "sphinx". i hope you don't have allergy for cats!

unfortunately, i don't know English, i know it is a shame!so i have to use a translation agency to translate our correspondence and send our letters. my friend talked me into doing it, and can you imagine, now she is visiting her future husband in the UK!i do really hope that language barrier will not prevent our relationships! Well, something I have learnt from my past relationship is that nothing is guaranteed! Love and affection is something you have to work on all the time. A life in couple is not always easy and friction-free. Let me put it like this; A marriage is like a garden with two gardens and children are then the flowers or the trees in this garden. Both the gardeners, man and woman, are responsible for keeping this garden in good harmony and shape. It will indisputably grow weeds in a relationship and it depends very much on the gardeners and how they are going to deal with the weeds and other upcoming problems. Sometimes it will be cold and even freezing, have you the strength and the patience to wait until the next spring? A fertile soil is the prerequisite to get wonderful flowers and strong trees, isn't it?

i hope to hear from you soon.
A kiss for you,

Letter 4

Thank you so much your letter made my day so much brighter, Keith. I enjoy hearing from you . Write me as long a letter as you want. I will never tire of reading it. i hope everything is alright with your kitchen and pipe?:) My dear I left work earlier than normal today just so I could get the translation office and write you this letter. I wish you were here with me now, to wait for you coming back from job, your sparkling eyes and your sweet smile would be a piece of heaven here on earth. For me it is so strange having never met you and being able to talk to you so freely, To have feelings for you even though we have not met.i hope soon we will. There is something different about you. Maybe its the attention and care you show to me. Something makes you special, I see it in your letters. Maybe its just that we are sole mates and we are meant to be together. I'm not sure and I don't care. I am just happy that I have found you and that you feel the same way about me. You give me hope that maybe true love has finally found me. But you are right in saying that only when we meet will we know for sure. Will the chemistry be there, will we desire each other and never want to be apart?

today my day was quite usual. i had my work, so boring. what did you do today? i want to know it, i want to "follow" you through the day. you know, today in the morning my cat jumped on the table and broke my favourite cup. i was so used to it, and i couldn't enjoy my morning coffee without it, and i thought my day would be sad and unsuccessful. but now i read your letter, and i see it is just a trifle thing, and i am smiling, because i have you!

And I should tell you that I don't usually express my feelings so openly. I will probably seam a little more reserved when we meet And when we meet I will be a little shy at first and a little quiet I always am when I first meet someone. But I warm up and my personality comes through. Wow I am just going on and on I should close for now so you will get this letter. Know that you are in my thoughts my love and I miss you I give you a sweet and passionate kiss goodnight

Yours Eugenia.

Letter 5

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Dear Sir

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