Romance scam letter(s) from Marina Caliujnaya to Todd (USA)
Letter 1

hello, my darling Todd!
Thank you for the sweet letter, you know, how pleasant it's to come to the Internet cafe and get something from you: your thoughts, your care and your love....I feel, how much you need me and this pleasant feeling inspires me and makes me feel great waiting to the next letter from you!!! Darling, the only thing that makes me sad is the cost of these Internet and translation services:( That is the reason for my long silence! Did I tell you i have some serious problems with my back and I needed to take course of massages, it's very expensive and you know, that my salary is very low, so I cannot afford a lot of things now! I also need some pills, but cannot buy them right now:( Darling, what bothers me a lot, is that I cannot write you very often now, our correspondence is very important for me and I don't want such a long delays, I really miss you and think about you all the time, and I even feel guilty that because of some problems I cannot write you, but I don't know what to do...The only one person I can reply on now is you.. Honey, except this, my life is ok! I work everyday and sometimes I need so much to distract myself, you know recently I realized, that I haven't been to the cinema for a long time now! And I love movies:) I've heard that there will be premier of famous novel of Patrick Suskind "Parfumer"! Have you heard about it? Oh, I remember I was amazed by this story an even reread it twice!How great it would be if I can go to see it!! but of course now I should think more about how to solve the problems I have and not to spend money on such things... Honey, I miss you very much and think about you all the time Hope that I will be able to write you very soon
Letter 2

Hi darling Todd!
I'm very sorry for my long silence, but I am having some problems tight now, so I was not able to contact you earlier! But despite all this silence, I was really missing you and there was not single day that I was not thinking about you! Honey, I have some time now to write you and I will be very glad to know what is going in your life? did something new happen in your life? How is your work? I also hope, that you haven't found any other girlfriend for you! I know, that I was silent for a long time, but I am in a really difficult situation right now, if you are interested I would tell you in my next letter! I send you my sweetest kiss and wait for your news
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