Scam Letter(s) from Anna Timoschenko to Allen (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my new friend.
I'm glad so much to receive your answer again! It's very interesting for me to read your messages, from them we are learning more about ourself. I speak in English slightly and hope that dialogue with you will help me to improve it. How your health? I hope you are restored well. I have received your photos. It was interesting to me. I liked to see it. Today I want to tell about myself more, about my family and I hope, that it will help you more to learn about me. As you already know my family: she is mum, daddy and my sister. My mum's name Svetlana, daddy Igor, and sister Irina. At us a small apartment, but cosy. Our family very amicable. In free time from work I like to go in for sports. I give preference of aerobics and to pool. I also like to ski in the forest. Do You like to go in for sports? I very much like to travel. I like find out a lot of new. I dream sometime to visit the different countries of the world, in Europe, Australia and others. But while I did not leave Russia. These are my treasured dreams. As I at leisure like to read, listen to music and to look movies. In reading I prefer detectives and historic stories. I love romantic music. My loved movies are melodrama and a comedy. What do you like to do at leisure? I want that you to learn me very well and for this purpose I shall tell to you about my life. In life to me very much did not carry with men. They betrayed me, it is bad to concern to me. It is very long history and I shall tell to you about it little bit later. Therefore I nevertheless to decide to find the husband abroad. And I decide to resort to the help of the Internet. I have girlfriend she already found husband through the Internet in England one year ago. She is very happy. And she has agreed to help me. My dream is to meet man that unique and loved, which can do me happy. Probably it you!!! But it while early to assert. We need to learn each other better. Probably even we can meet sometime. But in my opinion for the beginning it is necessary to write each other more and to learn much in letters. I want to know about you all that you want and may to tell to me. I dream to like and be loved. I want to have family. I want to find the happiness. Also I want to tell that I have consulted with my parents about the account my acquaintances with you through the Internet, they have estimated it as positively because they care about my future life of course. My parents would want that I have a happy life, and would want that I will find my man. Still I want to tell to you about my work slightly. I love the work. I already wrote to you, that I work in the big shop and I sell sportswear. We sell very good and qualitative clothes. Our buyers are pleased to come into our shop. I always try to help them in their choice and I like to do their happy. I very much love my work. But I only receive for it very little salary. I earn 5700 roubles in one month (it makes 193 American dollars). But even this salary is considered at us quite good. It is equal to the average salary the country. At us in general pay a little and a lot of poor. I like to prepare for food. My loved meal is a Fried chicken, rice, fresh vegetables. I very much like Russian food. I like to prepare dishes of the various countries. What do you like to eat? With impatience I wait for your answer. Bye-bye...



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