Scam letter(s) from Elena Farcas to Keith (England)

Letter 1

hi, im helen thanks wright me ,i will like now about you, what do you duet, i live in romania , 23 yeras, i will send pictuire whit me ,take care helen
Letter 2

hi, **** are you, thanks e-mail me ,i stady in turism i will like comm vsisit you in uk ans spend nice time togheter, please send me telphone i will cal you love elena
Letter 3

hi, im adrian brother too elena shi hapy meet you and want com next week in uktoo meet you, can you send picture whit you and whit adres home , and nice too meet you adrian and elena
Letter 4

hi thanks e-mail me , i live alone in romania i work in yextil , for me it ok it not important age important if you like me , i will like too stay whit you of course is my plesure , i will like com next week becouse i will be in holidays for 3 week , i have save sam money 250 euro but too com dere i need moore 100euro , im sorry i will like ask you help and i wil give money whje i com dere ok, love elena
Letter 5

hello my dear , hi **** are you, i live in romania city sivbiu, i ahve phone number from my brother adrian you can call him too 0040-745-330239 , my ful adres is vasile aaron , nr 12, apartament.2 sibiu -550297 -romania ,and my full anme is farcas elena , the air tiket cost about 400 euro , and i need only 150 euro , can yous end me by western union, , like i tell you i eill give money when i com in uk , i will stay 3 months whit you if you want ok, take care love elena
Letter 6

hi thanks for picturei like, i will be happycomm too you what you thgink , but i need 150 euro too com too you what you thisnk can you help me, love adrian
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